Spring Home Tour

Happy Spring!

Well, almost. πŸ˜‰ I’m definitely ready for it! And my house looks springy so I’m excited to share it with you, along with some other amazing bloggers’ spring home tours! Β That’s right! We have a spring home tour blog hop happening! If you are here from Cali Girl in a Southern World, thanks for hopping over!

After you’re finished perusing my post please make sure to check out my sweet friends for some more spring inspiration! And if you want to see the evolution of my home throughout the seasons, you can read back to my Fall Home Tour and Winter Home Tour as well.spring-home-tour-living-room-2017-graceinmyspace-com

Let’s talk for just a moment about what I do for my spring decor. Hardly anything. There, I said it. I’m a sparse spring decorator. And it’s not necessarily because I don’t love springy things. It’s just because after our LONG Michigan winters I am looking to shed decor just like I shed layers of clothing. Rather than pack more into my home I relish taking it all and packing it into the basement. Instead, I add more greenery! (I know, shocker, right?)

(You can find this print in my Etsy shop.)

But green = SPRING! New life, new growth, new possibilities! No, I’m not going to break into song; though visions of the movie Enchanted are swirling in my mind right now. But seriously, plants are the way to go. Especially if they are FAKE. πŸ˜‰ (Fake, but look real. There’s my caveat.) Because I cannot, for the life of me, grow real plants indoors. I have two real plants in my home. One has died and been brought back to life multiple times and the other was deemed an unkillable plant and that’s the only reason I took a chance on it. C’est la vie.

So here we go. A little tour of my spring home. Let’s start in the dining room. Mostly because that is the most springy room in my house in my opinion. I love the way my new Letterboard Print brings a pop of pink to an otherwise neutral space.


And let’s just talk about my centerpiece. It’s simple. It’s classic. It’s completely removable. That is by far the most important thing to me with a 6 and 3 year old that use our dining room table for EVERYTHING.


Now let’s journey into the kitchen. As I’ve said before, my kitchen decor is sparse. Because a kitchen is made for cooking. So just a few touches here and there give a little life to an otherwise utilitarian space.


Now for the heart of the home. The living spaces. Our living room serves as family room, fort building room, media room, dance party lounge and sick ward. If there was ever a room to do it all, it is this one. The majority of our space is taken up by huge couches and the decor is kept to the shelves so the littles can’t bust a move and a vase at the same time. πŸ˜‰ Light and bright is my spring go-to for this space!


(P.S. If you like those white vases on the top shelf, I did a little tutorial on how to revamp outdated decor here.)

Our entryway is off of the living room and serves as a nice gallery space for some of my favorite wall decor. Those galvanized buckets go a long way by being able to easily switch out the florals for the season.


(You can purchase my Tux the Cow print here.)

And last, but not least, our master bedroom. A simple switch of our duvet cover to a crisp white is all this space needed. A serene oasis that I never spend time in. HA! This serves as a room to SLEEP. So I rarely do anything to it. But that is ok with me!




And there you have it. I take lots of decor out and replace it with subtle greens and florals. Until I can get the real thing growing outdoors, I bring it inside! What do you do for your spring decor? If you want to see more details of my own home, make sure to follow me on Instagram where I post daily!

Make sure to check out my sweet friends’ homes as well! There is so much beauty and inspiration among them. Head to Sarah’s home next if you’re following the blog hop at 1915 House!


{In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt. – Margaret Atwood}

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29 thoughts on “Spring Home Tour

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  2. Sarah says:

    Sarah, your home is gorgeous! I love your pops of greenery and the simplicity you share. LOVE. I need to know where you got your faux (I assume they’re faux?) fiddleleaf figs! I’ve been looking for them for what feels like forever! I’m afraid I’d kill a real one so faux is the way to go – will you share your source? πŸ˜€


  3. Meeghan says:

    Sarah, your home tour is stunning! I adore all of your simple spring touches. They are just enough to refresh and welcome the season, but not feel cluttered. It has been such a pleasure to collaborate with you. Thank you for your continued inspiration!


  4. Kelly says:

    Sarah your home is so bright and pretty! I love how you keep it simple yet welcoming. I noticed we have the same chandelier over our kitchen tables! Love it! I also want the topiaries you have above your fireplace! SO pretty!


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