Big Boy Room Makeover

Hey Friends!

I’m ready for the big reveal! If you didn’t catch my last post {here} I am sharing my son’s big boy bedroom makeover with you today! I started the process by making a list of goals. Here’s a quick recap:


  • His room was ALWAYS messy (queue the knowing nods of moms everywhere).
  • His small bedroom looked even smaller because of dark furniture.
  • He was outgrowing the themed elements of his room (because Lightning McQueen, tractors, and Ninja Turtles are only a passing phase.)


  1. Organize the chaos.
  2. Lighten up the dark accents.
  3. Simplify the “themed” elements of the room.

I already shared with you how I solved problem #2 with Rustoleum Chalk Paint (and a full review of that product can be found in my last post {here}). So with today’s post I want to share the full reveal and how I solved problems #1 and #3.

Get ready for it. Here’s the before. (Cover your eyes. Or don’t. Because then you can’t see how desperately I needed to fix this problem.)

Before Photo Big Boy Room


Now here’s where I’m just going to stop myself. I know full well that cleaning all this junk  up (I mean….precious treasures) would solve problem #1. It is, after all, a complete mess. So I’m just going to say that his room could have been much nicer looking if I’d ONLY organized better instead of doing everything else I did. Organization does make a world of difference so if you are looking to make your space more inviting and less chaotic, then I would highly recommend simplifying, clearing out the clutter and trash, and investing in a good organization system. If nothing else, it is simple enough to stack things when you’re in a pinch. 😉

Here are a few more before photos for the full effect.

Before Side- Big Boy Room


Before Table- Big Boy Room


Before- Big Boy Room


Ok, now let’s get down to it. Solutions!



  • Remove extra un-necessary surfaces to collect clutter.

He did not need two side tables. So I simply added one to the garage sale pile and left the larger desk to serve as both a homework station and nightstand. I also removed the wall shelf above his desk because it visually cut the wall making it appear to be a smaller area. Plus, he has an entire wall dedicated to his Lego creations and one more shelf just meant that he wasn’t forced to choose his favorites to display, thus adding to the clutter.

After Wide Shot- Big Boy Room


  • Make better use of wall space.

Next, I chose to display his bulky treasures, like these guitars and lasoo, which were always taking up valuable storage space in his closet. This allowed me to add storage to his closet for smaller items by collecting things in baskets on his shelving system. Plus, he can now easily plunk on his guitars without knocking everything over getting them out of the closet! Score!

IG Photo Beddys Bed


  • Get Beddy’s bedding!

This step was instrumental in organizing my son’s room. As you can see from the before photo, his bed was never made and he is a blanket hoarder. Seriously, the child never has less than three blankets laying all over his room and the novelty of making his bed wore off around the time that he figured out 25 cents isn’t very much chore money. So Beddy’s bedding was my solution!

Their bedding system works like a sleeping bag making it 100% easy peasy for my 6 year old to make his bed. Simply zip the sides down on either side, climb in and cover up for the night, and then zip it back up in the morning! The entire comforter fits like a fitted sheet ensuring that it won’t end up on the floor each morning. And, since I do love that my son loves a cozy blanket, we also went with the buffalo check bed mate for those cold winter nights.

He has had this bedding for several weeks now and I can honestly say that he loves making his bed now. He thinks he’s so cool to zip it up and be done. 🙂 My daughter even wants one because she wants to be cool like her big brother. Momma win!

If you’re interested, check out the Beddy’s products {here}. Owen has the Game On Gray comforter and Check Mate Blanket.

IG Photo


  • Develop a system that works for your child.

My last step in the organizing process was to develop a system where he can keep his treasures without causing mommy to go crazy. My son LOVES art and every single project he does is his masterpiece. I don’t want to stifle that! But, let’s be honest. They aren’t all masterpieces. (Like that beautiful picture he drew on the back of the restaurant placemat that we had to bring home. With food stains on it.)

So we struck a deal! He gets to keep one masterpiece a week in his room. After the week is over he decides if it gets tossed or saved in our memory box. We shall see how this one goes. But I want to make him a part of keeping his living space tidy. Hopefully his future wife will appreciate this. 😉


After Lego Shelf- Big Boy Room



SOLUTION: Streamline and simplify.

By making his decor more generic, removing the “baby” decor (As he called it. Apparently Lightning McQueen is now for babies…), and sticking with his lasting interests I was able to create a space that will hopefully grow with him for years to come.

He has had a great interest in planes for quite some time and my husband helps foster that with an interest of his own. So the plane decor stays because it means something to him and is more than just decor. It is a bonding experience for father and son. (PLUS, aren’t those vintage glider wings AMAZING? I can’t say I’m sad to keep that unique element. 😉 )

After- Big Boy Room


So there you have it folks! I also did a few other things in this space that I’ll quickly catalog:

  • Added some black elements to help ground and tie in the decor.
    • Spray painted the curtain rods black
    • Buffalo check pillow accents (which we already had)
    • Black globe to go with the around the world plane theme
  • Simplified the curtain situation. The other gray curtain were too long and frumpy for a boy’s bedroom. After a failed attempt to make my own roman shade 😦 I went with these blackout curtains from Amazon {here}. They are only $10 a panel so I’m counting that as a win.
  • I painted all of the furniture {sources in my last post HERE} and also sanded and re-stained his Lego display shelf to lighten it up but keep the wood element.

So, let’s have some before and after shots shall we?





So what do you think? What is your strategy for keeping kid’s rooms feeling cleaned up and put together?

IG Photo Guitars

Be blessed my friends!


{Children are likely to live up to what you believe of them.  — Lady Bird Johnson}

Parenting: Strapping in for the Long Haul

Hi All-

All 10 of you who have read any of my posts. Which are most likely 9 from my husband and 1 from my mother. But that’s ok! I’m in it for the long haul. Which brings me to today’s post.

I’m thinking this blog will typically include things about home decor and gardening and DIY projects, and other such fun and pretty things. But every now and then I will get all sappy and pontificate about the musings of my heart. Today is such a day.

I don’t know if you are a Bible believer, but I am. And today I was reading in Acts about Paul’s journey. If you know nothing about Paul, you should know that he endured MANY trials to preach Jesus’ gospel. He had such a heart for people who didn’t know the Way. Without getting all “Christiany” on you, just know that I have deep respect for Paul. He started out persecuting Christians before he himself became one and was chosen by God to do some great things for the Kingdom. Talk about God showing some major Grace.

Anyway, back to the story. I was reading in Acts 23 and Paul is standing trial and being persecuted by the Jews. A people who he once considered his own. And they are threatening all kinds of horrible things, including death. And after Paul laid out his case and things started to get heated he was removed for his own safety and put in the barracks. And Acts 23: 11 reads, “The following night the Lord stood by him and said, ‘Take courage, for as you have testified to the facts about me in Jerusalem, so you must testify also in Rome.‘”

Now, I just have to say, at first glance I just read right over that. I thought, “Oh good! God is giving him encouragement. How nice.” But then I did a double take. It doesn’t say that God said, “Take comfort.” It says take COURAGE. As in, strap in Paul, you aren’t going to die today, but I’ve got a lot more coming your way. And he did. He was in prison for two more years. He went through more trials. He endured a shipwreck. And on and on the list goes. But you know what else it says? It says that God stood by him. He wasn’t abandoning him. But He knew what was in store and was telling Paul to do what he needed to do to get ready for more trials.


A typical parenting moment.

So on to my own little personal revelation I wanted to share. Today was a rough day in my little world as a parent. And I read that passage and just thought, oh crap. You know how you think that as the kids will get older life will get easier? Well I haven’t found that to be true yet. Do I get more sleep without an infant? Yes. Do I worry less or have less to instruct and guide them in? Heck no! Only more so far and they are only 2 and 5. I don’t even want to think about the teenage years. *Sigh*

Now I know that parenting is nothing like what Paul endured. Though every now and then I’m sure we all feel like we are on trial or in a shipwreck. But God’s words still apply. He stands by us and says, “Take courage. And don’t forget, there WILL be more hard times to come.” It is both a promise and a warning. Don’t get complacent. Don’t think it will get easier. It will be hard. It will get harder. But it is also beautiful and lovely and fun. And something that most of us would never trade. But God will stand by us the whole time if we let Him. I guess that is up to us.


Oh much better. My little loves.

So that is my encouragement to you today. When you feel like you are going crazy. When your attitude contributes more to the problem than solving it. When you are 100% positive that they haven’t heard anything you’ve tried to teach them. Just press on. Lean into God. And take courage.

Encouragement in parenting

Learning Grace from the Hubby

Last night I witnessed some major Grace, with a capital G. As usual, the kiddos were taking FOREVER to eat their dinner. Par for the course, dinner was peppered with snippets of adult conversation often interrupted with “keep eating” and “stop saying fart” (because we have a five year old boy who has lovingly taught his little sister the magic of bodily functions). Such joyous dinner conversation.

Dinner for us tends to be either rushed or too leisurely. We are often hurrying off to one thing or another like most American families with kids in sports mixed with school and church events. Not to mention good ol’ fun stuff. So when we have a night with nothing to do dinner stretches on…and on…and on. Until finally 45 minutes into it the kids have eaten two bites and composed a symphony of inappropriate noises amongst their giggles.

Anyway, after our lengthy dinner of repetitive “eat your dinner” commands I escaped to the bedroom for a few minutes. As I busied myself I overheard my husband cleaning up dishes and laughing with the kids. All the while, he kept repeating, “finish your dinner”, “stop (fill in the blank)”, “don’t do that”, “I said finish your dinner”….etc. You who are parents know the drill.

But the surprising thing was I realized that he was calm and laughing along with their silly antics the whole time. He didn’t raise his voice. He gave a few reasonable threats. But he sounded like he was having fun just being with the kids. And I realized that he is SO much better at showing the kids grace than I am. At least, he is during the dinner hour.

Typically, I am at my wits end by the so-called witching hour and dinner tends to become just another chore. My friends, this should not be so! So my charge to myself this week is to show grace to the kiddos during dinner time especially. After all, they are both under 5. And the eggs had a weird flavor. So, you know. I don’t blame them too much in retrospect.

James 4:6 {But he gives us more grace. That is why Scripture says: “God opposes the proud but shows favor to the humble and oppressed.”}