A Creature of Beauty

Hi Friends!

I know it has been FOREVER since I last blogged. I’ve found myself caught up in so many things lately. Which is probably a good thing. But can also be bad. So it goes and such is life, right? But I wanted to pop on and say hello! And let you know that I’ve discovered a new creature of beauty.

Well. I suppose discovered is a strong word. I’ve always known they existed. I’ve even admired them from afar. But I’ve never appreciated them. What am I blabbing about? Horses. I’m sure that you can appreciate the beauty of horses. They are a much loved animal by so many.

I’ll be honest. They still slightly terrify me. There is so much power in them. So much strength. So much vulnerability and stubbornness- all at the same time. But that’s a lot like us, isn’t it? I can see why so many humans bond so well with horses. And that was why I was excited to capture some shots of them recently at a friend’s ranch.

Grace In-2

These gorgeous horses have so much beauty to them. I couldn’t resist trying to showcase it. I don’t know if I truly did them justice, but I am appreciating them in my own home now. Hop over to Instagram if you’d like to see them displayed ALL over my house. 😉

If you’re interested in viewing all of them I have some listed in my shop for sale as well. Who else is in love with these majestic beauties?

Be blessed this weekend friends!


{I’ve often said there’s nothing better for the inside of a man than the outside of a horse.- Ronald Reagan}

Letterboard It

Happy Spring my Friends!

I can’t personally say that I am enjoying budding gardens, warm sun and the great outdoors. I do, after all, live in Michigan. But the birds are singing and that is a sure sign of what is to come in the next few weeks (or months, depending on what good ol’ #puremichigan decides to do…)!

Today I wanted to jump back into my photography series where I’ve been giving you a little background into my prints I sell in my Etsy shop. If you haven’t read the past few posts in the series, make sure to check out the history behind Tux the Cow and Window to the Farm!

And keep reading for a huge FLASH SALE in my shop!! Woot woot!

A small sampling_grace in my space etsyshop

Today I want to highlight my Letterboard Collection. Letter boards are popping up all over Instagram and Pinterest. The vintage feel, the clean lines, the simplicity. *Contented Sigh.* All things that people are jiving with right now. So that is why I wanted to offer up some prints that follow this fun trend!


It all started with the above image. I was playing around, styling up a flat lay for an Instagram post, and I thought, “This is fun! I should make this into a print!” And so I did! (P.S. See those little white tabs still attached to the bottom of the letters? They really bother me. Like. A lot. Why didn’t I cut those off before? We will never know…)


Ok, back on track. Plus… I really like sayings and signs. So I was excited to combine my two loves: photography and words…and flowers. Ok, that’s three loves. 😉

It was so much fun to come up with some short phrases to include and style it up with some fresh spring florals. And I am really excited to offer up an option to customize your print with a saying of your own! A couple customs I’ve done are below.


There are so many options for this and I can’t wait to see what others will come up with! Customs are the best and it gives me great joy to make something that fits you perfectly! (Insert cheers and floating balloons.)


To see the full collection, check out my Etsy shop! And to celebrate the beginning of spring, I’m offering a Flash Sale to my followers! Use code FLASHSALE at checkout for 30% off your entire order through March 25! (Offer valid on all prints in the shop.) I’d love to hear your feedback! And if you have any ideas of some sayings you’d like to see make sure to leave a comment below!

Be blessed friends!


{When in doubt, add flowers.}


Tux the Cow

Happy Monday!

So here’s a little story about a family who treated their cattle like pets. {Insert cow emoji… ;)} I’m in the middle of a little series I’m doing on some of my prints in my new photography shop and Tux the Cow is up next.

First off, Tux is not my cow. Sad day because he is super cute. He actually belongs to the owners of the house my parents used to own (you can read more about that in my previous post) and they were gracious enough to allow me to photograph Tux. So now that little detail is out there I want to tell you about why Tux means something to me.


While my parents lived on the farm we had cattle. Black Angus cattle. (Which are not nearly as cute as Tux. Shhh….Don’t tell my Dad I said that.) Our herd varied in size from over 30 to somewhere in the teens. It was a hobby farm. A hobby that was actually a lot of work. But it brought that element of “living off the land” to our otherwise citified family.

Our cattle had names. Each one of them. Buddy. Sweet Pea. Bruno. Babies were born with such excitement from my own kids and my nephews. The bull was a BIG ol’ softy and there were very few of them that we were ever nervous around. Because they were indeed pets.

My dad would call them in to feed with a hearty, “Come Now!” and they would all trot in to the barnyard in a single file line. The babies would charge the tractor until they learned better and my kids would giggle away. They would get to feed them corn and treats and hay.


Tux the Cow

It was something special to go to the Farm and take part in the work it offered. It taught my kids a lot and melded us as a family. So when my parents sold the Farm we all knew that it would be the cows and the land that we would miss the most. Not because we absolutely loved chipping away ice from their water trough in the winter or getting stuck knee deep in the muck of the barnyard (just ask my mom about that one…). They were work for my parents to be sure. But because of the memories that surrounded them. The wonder in the grandkids’ eyes and the pure delight when calling them in with their mini “come now” call themselves and having them follow.

So Tux here is in remembrance of the time on the Farm and everything our little herd meant. I hope you enjoy him.

(And, side note, I named him Tux because of his debonair attitude. He was a bit aloof and couldn’t have cared less that I was in his face with a camera. 🙂 So his stuffy demeanor earned him his name.)

Be blessed today friends,


P.S. Don’t forget I have a THANKS15 discount code out for the shop through 1/26 for 15% off!

{Always close the gate. – Dad}

Window to the Farm

Hey friends!

I wanted to pop on and say THANK YOU for your support as I launch my photography shop! I’ve been so encouraged by the outpouring of support. I thought I would do a small series giving the story behind a few of my favorite prints. (And offer my readers a bit of a discount as a thank you for following along!)

First up, I wanted to share the story of Window to the Farm.


Window to the Farm

This barn sits on a Civil War homestead where I lived with my parents while I was in college. The acreage was part of a lot that was given to a solider as part of his payment for serving his country during the war. This little hobby farm brought so much joy to my parents’ lives, as well as mine.

When we first moved to the farm this barn was in rough shape. Spider webs housed every corner. The floor boards were dangerously brittle. The stalls were filled with junk from previous owners. The barnyard was rancid with years of unkept muck and manure. But that window. That window greeted the sun daily and brought beautiful light into a dark and dingy space.

Do you ever wonder what history is held in the walls of an old structure? How many animals did this barn shelter in cold Michigan winters? How many men walked its floors throwing hay bales one on top of the other? How many children lovingly watched as their parents made a living using the tools a barn provides? Is there really gold buried in its walls (as the story goes)?

I know that just in my time on the farm this barn housed bridal showers, then weddings, then baby showers. It provided my own children with hours of entertainment exploring nooks and crannies and discovering square nails, rusted cans, and old bottles. In their minds, buried treasure. It continued on with its practical purposes providing warmth for cattle and cats alike.

But in the end, it has always just been beautiful to me. It is something so simple, so worn, so plain, so utilitarian. But then there is that window. A little beauty in the midst of the daily grind. Something to bring light into a space meant for work. It may sound sappy or idealistic, but couldn’t we all use a little light in the darkness? A ray of hope even?

So there you have it. There is a little bit of me in my photos and I hope you enjoy them. I know I am certainly grateful for the daily reminder Window to the Farm brings in my own home.

If you are interested in purchasing any photos, visit my Shop page and use the discount code THANKS15 to receive 15% off your purchase through January 26. My way of saying thank you for following along on this journey.


Have a blessed day my friends,


{The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.- John 1:5}

A little bit of this, a little bit of that…

Hello Friends!

I was grateful for a break from life over the holidays. I did just about nothing. Well…except completely revamp my house for Christmas and then bring it all back to the basics afterward. But that is just fun, so I don’t count it as work. My next post will be some full view photos of my home with my brand spanking new camera lense my hubby bought me for Christmas. So be very excited. 😉

But today I wanted to share a little side bar! I’ve loved photography for quite some time now and have decided to open a little shop right here on Grace In My Space with some of my winter prints. My focus will be on landscapes, interesting architecture, and farmhouse style…including a cute cow or two. At least for now. Until I find something else that I love to capture. Because that is how it goes. My attention may be that of a goldfish.

But I wanted my lovely readers to be the first to know that my prints are available for purchase if you love them and they can be found on my Shop page. If you don’t love them, then don’t buy them. (You can see that I was born for sales…)

But if you do, I’d love to see how you style them in your own home either via contacting me here on my blog or by tagging me on Instagram! And now, drumroll please….

A little preview of my two faves for your viewing pleasure.


{Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.} – Dorothea Lange