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Happy Spring my Friends!

I can’t personally say that I am enjoying budding gardens, warm sun and the great outdoors. I do, after all, live in Michigan. But the birds are singing and that is a sure sign of what is to come in the next few weeks (or months, depending on what good ol’ #puremichigan decides to do…)!

Today I wanted to jump back into my photography series where I’ve been giving you a little background into my prints I sell in my Etsy shop. If you haven’t read the past few posts in the series, make sure to check out the history behind Tux the Cow and Window to the Farm!

And keep reading for a huge FLASH SALE in my shop!! Woot woot!

A small sampling_grace in my space etsyshop

Today I want to highlight my Letterboard Collection. Letter boards are popping up all over Instagram and Pinterest. The vintage feel, the clean lines, the simplicity. *Contented Sigh.* All things that people are jiving with right now. So that is why I wanted to offer up some prints that follow this fun trend!


It all started with the above image. I was playing around, styling up a flat lay for an Instagram post, and I thought, “This is fun! I should make this into a print!” And so I did! (P.S. See those little white tabs still attached to the bottom of the letters? They really bother me. Like. A lot. Why didn’t I cut those off before? We will never know…)


Ok, back on track. Plus… I really like sayings and signs. So I was excited to combine my two loves: photography and words…and flowers. Ok, that’s three loves. 😉

It was so much fun to come up with some short phrases to include and style it up with some fresh spring florals. And I am really excited to offer up an option to customize your print with a saying of your own! A couple customs I’ve done are below.


There are so many options for this and I can’t wait to see what others will come up with! Customs are the best and it gives me great joy to make something that fits you perfectly! (Insert cheers and floating balloons.)


To see the full collection, check out my Etsy shop! And to celebrate the beginning of spring, I’m offering a Flash Sale to my followers! Use code FLASHSALE at checkout for 30% off your entire order through March 25! (Offer valid on all prints in the shop.) I’d love to hear your feedback! And if you have any ideas of some sayings you’d like to see make sure to leave a comment below!

Be blessed friends!


{When in doubt, add flowers.}



  1. My favorite new saying..can’t take credit for it but i love it. it goes…If you can’t find happiness in the ugliness, your not going to find it in the beauty either.

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