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Hi My Friends!

Today I wanted to update you on a little switch-er-ooo I made with my chandeliers! I bought a new modern farmhouse chandelier for my entryway. And wouldn’t ya know it? I liked it better in the dining room. I know. The hubby gave me the “I don’t like this plan but I love you so I’ll do it anyway” look. You know the look. He’s just so darn good at electrical wiring that I just had to keep his skills fresh. 😉

So what was supposed to be one wiring job turned into two! And I am so pleased that I did. I mean, that HE did. (All the props go to the hubby.) My new chandelier looks so lovely with my newly refinished dining room table, which you can read about in my tutorial here. I feel like it completes the modern farmhouse style I was going for. So let’s take a look, shall we?

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Entryway Chandelier Before

Let me just start by saying there was nothing wrong with my previous chandelier. It was an old DIY project where I spray painted the previously brass metal a fresh pewter. But I was looking for more of a statement for the first thing my guests see when they walk in. (Sorry for the random photo. I forgot to take the before photo and just as Aaron was about to take it down I screamed like a mad woman, “WAIT!! I didn’t get the before!” Yes. Real life folks.

Updating My Entryway with a modern farmhouse chandelier.

Modern Farmhouse Entryway

And here is the AFTER my friends! This wood beaded chandelier was previously in my dining room. I still love it but am so glad I switched it to this space. It fits better and is more to scale here in my narrow entryway than it was in my large dining room.

A modern farmhouse entryway update! Wood beaded chandelier installation.

Wood beaded chandelier adds a special touch for a modern farmhouse entryway.

What do you think? I think it really updates the space and feels more cohesive with the style I’m going for. And now for the encore! My brand new (previously slated for the entryway…thank you hubby) dining room chandelier!

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A modern farmhouse chandelier makes the space in this dining room.

Isn’t she pretty? Yes, I do call inanimate objects he and she from time to time. Just depends on how pretty they are. 😉

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Modern Farmhouse Lighting Under $200

And now my friends, I wanted to share with you some options in case you like the modern farmhouse style and are looking to update your lighting. I searched and searched. And searched some more, for my new chandelier. But everything was so stinking expensive. I didn’t want to shell out $500 for a new chandelier. So I was SOOOOO excited to find my new chandelier on sale for $127. Score! But along the way I did find several other beauties that were on the cheaper side. So I’ve rounded them all up for you. Click the corresponding links below!

Shopping for a modern farmhouse chandelier? I've rounded up 7 chandeliers under $200 for you.

  1. Wood and Iron Threshold Chandelier
  2. Modern Globe Pendant
  3. Copper Pendant
  4. Globe Wood and Iron Chandelier
  5. Wood Bead Farmhouse Chandelier
  6. White Wood Bead Chandelier
  7. Scrolling Iron Farmhouse Chandelier

Anyone else have any other super fantastic lighting sources? I’d love to hear! Leave me a comment below. And up next, I’ve got an itch for some copper lighting after seeing this pendant (#3) above! I was lucky enough to come across some copper outdoor lights at an auction. Score!! So my updated outdoor lighting will be coming soon. For now, have a fantastic day my friends!

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