Best Mix and Match Home Furnishings for Every Room

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Have you struggled to define your design style? Thankfully, you don’t have to! Create your own style with these simple mix and match home furnishings for every room.

Have you struggled to define your design style? You don't have to! Create your own style with these simple mix and match home furnishings for every room.

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Home Furnishings To Mix & Match

One of the key values in my book, Designing a Life: From House to Haven, is that you DO NOT have to define a design style to create a beautifully cohesive home.

Home design should be fluid, evolving with your personal tastes, and filled with home furnishings that you love. However, that freedom can sometimes be a stumbling block to those who prefer a strict set of design rules to follow to achieve a specific look.

Vintage farmhouse decor styled living room.

So, today I’m excited to share a simplified way to look at designing your home. I’ve curated timeless home furnishings and accents that pair well together no matter your design tastes.

Design Mood Boards

These mood boards are designed to help you determine which design style you personally gravitate towards.

Once you’ve figured out the overarching theme you’re drawn to, you can mix and match from the other design styles to create your own curated style.

Cottage Farmhouse

Cottage Farmhouse Design Style

Mid Century Modern

Mid Century Modern Design Style

Modern Farmhouse

Farmhouse Style Decor
Modern Farmhouse Style Home Furnishings

Modern Rustic Country

Modern Rustic Country Style Home Furnishings

Casual Industrial Cottage

Casual Industrial Cottage Style Home Furnishings

Home Furnishings to Lay A Foundation

These mood boards are in no way exhaustive of every design style. However, they lay a great foundation for pieces that work together seamlessly.

Additionally, they allow the freedom to add in more distinctive design style accents like bohemian, chic, modern, and luxury styles.

The next step in designing your home with these simple home furnishings is to choose several pieces that can ground your overall design. After that, you can add in and mix and match beautiful accents.

Shop the Looks

I hope that approaching your home design in this manner helps you take that first step in decorating your haven. I’ve fully laid out an easy 10 step process to haven making in my book if you’re interested in a more detailed how-to!

Now, you can shop these looks via the images below. Simply click on the image you desire to shop online. Have fun and enjoy creating your haven!

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Mix and Match Home Furnishings

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