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Classic Home Design and Decor Ideas

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Timeless and classic home design is my favorite interior design style. There is something so soothing about neutrals, classic pieces, and traditional decor with a modern twist.

So, I was so excited when my favorite interior design firm, Studio McGee, came out with an affordable line with Target! I’ve rounded up my favorite home decor staples from the new Studio McGee line for you!

Timeless and classic home design is my favorite interior design style. I rounded up my favorite home decor staples from the new Studio McGee line at Target.

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Classic Home Design Favorites

Studio McGee has long been one of my favorite sources of home design and decor inspiration. Their style is up-to-date without being trendy. Their timeless design is a great source of inspiration as I also seek to make changes to my home that will stand the test of time.

I’ve loved their original home decor shop as well, however, it’s always been a bit out of my normal budget. While I certainly think there is a time and place for investment pieces, I tend to focus those dollars onto larger furniture items rather than lamps or trinkets.

Timeless and Classic Home Design Favorites

So, when I saw that they were coming out with a line at Target, alongside another of my favorite brands, Threshold, I was SO EXCITED!

Affordable & Timeless

This line is a great combination of two of my favorite characteristics for home decor. The pieces are timeless and classic while being affordable!

I am particularly excited about some of the items that have that old world European feel to them. There are a few beautiful planters, a super cute wooden bench, and beautiful neutral accents that I love.

Classic home decor items.

I also love all the textured items they have. This line does a beautiful job of incorporating classic home design with some of the modern day trends we see. A few additions of modern concrete, some modernized rattan and caning, and vintage rugs are all examples of staying up to date while keeping it timeless.

My Favorites | Threshold- Studio McGee Line

So, without further ado! Here are my favorites. I will be purchasing these items as they are items I’ve actually been looking for but haven’t yet found for an affordable price. I love that this line ticked a lot of the boxes for me!

I’m also thinking about these gorgeous mirrors for our master bath remodel down the road!

You can shop the full line here.

Here are some of my other favorites. Simply click the image to shop directly.

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  1. Although the line looks very nice, out of the eight I clicked on all but one was unavailable. I’ve noticed this with other Target searches in the past. Sigh!

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