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Effortless Front Door Decor Styled for Fall

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Seasonal front door decor is the simplest way to welcome guests to your home and add curb appeal. Today I’ll be sharing 3 simple tips for how to effortlessly style your front door decor for fall!

Seasonal front door decor is the simplest way to welcome guests to your home. Learn 3 tips for how to effortlessly style your front door decor for fall.

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Joining me today are some amazing bloggers sharing their own outdoor spaces designed for fall as part of the Seasonal Simplicity tour hosted by Krista at The Happy Housie! Be sure to visit their homes in the links at the end of this post.

Front Door Decor Styled for Fall

Personally, I’ve always LOVED huge covered front porches. If I could design my own home, a large front porch would be my first must-have. However, our current home has a small front porch and so I’m practicing contentment. 😉

Pile of pumpkins

I do think that this is a great example of using what you have to work with! Just because I don’t have a large front porch with sweeping steps and beautiful wood work doesn’t mean I can’t still make a statement. So that’s what I want to share today!

Work with What You’ve Got

My first tip for styling your front porch is to use what you’ve got. Do you have one step like I do? Use the height difference to your advantage.

Do you have a long(ish) walkway up to your front door? Line the walkway. Are you a master gardener? Play to your strengths with fall plants.

Front porch decorated for fall

My “statement maker” is my double front doors. Those doors actually sold the house for me! When we first walked the house I didn’t like anything about it. Except the land, and those front doors.

front door decor ideas

Last fall, my porch decor had some similar elements, but I chose to add an outdoor wreath to each door. The double wreaths were beautiful, but they covered the glass more than I wanted. So this year I decided to let the doors speak for themselves and I love how much light comes in without wreaths!

Use Unexpected Vessels

My second tip is to use unexpected vessels as part of your fall porch decor. I found this large basket for $2 at an estate sale this fall. It was covered in cobwebs and mouse poo so I left it outside until I could clean it up.

Basket filled with pumpkins

I saw it sitting on the front porch and thought, “That might be cool to stack pumpkins in.” And voilà. Pumpkin stacked basket. I love the warmth and texture it adds.

Small front porch decorated for fall
Shop This Look

On the opposite side, I used an old metal canister to create a weed bouquet. Quite literally, these are weeds from my garden and woods. I’m not known for my gardening skills (in fact, I wrote a post on 5 gardening mistakes to avoid to prove it), but I can definitely grow weeds.

Fall mums

But who says you have to pick prize winning flowers? I love the whimsical nature of this weed bouquet. Bonus points for the fact that it cost me zero dollars and I can replace it daily if desired.

Fortunately, I can also grow pumpkins! These flat white ones came straight from my garden and I love that I have the memories of gardening with my kids right here to welcome our guests to our home. Seeing my kids’ eyes light up when they saw “their pumpkins” on display is so rewarding.

Pile Up those Pumpkins

Of course, my last tip for effortless front door decor styled for fall is to add pumpkins (and mums…but those are optional in my book. Mums like to be watered…).

Pumpkins stack

I love a pretty pumpkin. There are so many varieties, colors, shapes and sizes. Mastering the art of the pumpkin stack can be accomplished by a toddler so, rest assured, this will be effortless.

Front porch decor

There aren’t any hard and fast rules to pumpkin stacking, but I do have a few tips.

  1. Choose several flat pumpkins if you want to stack more than 2. You need a solid base for three high.
  2. Break off the stems if they don’t stack level.
  3. Vary the color and size and work your way from largest on the bottom to smallest on the top.
  4. Use steps to vary height if you have them!
Pile of pumpkins at the front door

You can also place them in unexpected places. I planted mums in my favorite metal garden container but the plant was dwarfed by the size of my planter. Rather than wait for it to grow in, I added some cute mini pumpkins!

Why Decorate a Small Porch?

Sometimes people ask me why I choose to decorate a porch that is small at all. My answer, because I enjoy it. 🙂 That’s all a part of haven making, my friends! These homes are ours to create! To enjoy! To make into our own.

Front door decor styled for fall

If I lived in the city, I would also say that it adds beautiful curb appeal! That really doesn’t matter at all for me since we live in the middle of 38 acres. However, decorating my front porch for the seasons makes me smile, and that is all that matters!

I hope that you’ve enjoyed this simple tour of my front door decor. Fall has always been my favorite season for styling porch decor.

You can see more from me daily by following me on Instagram or becoming a blog subscriber! Thank you so much for stopping by today and make sure to enjoy the rest of these beautiful outdoor spaces!

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