Hearth & Hand Winter Line Favorites

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Shop my top picks from the new Hearth and Hand Winter Line! This line has been one of my favorites from the start and these new arrivals don’t disappoint.

And just in time for those Christmas gift cards you received to Target!

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Hearth & Hand Winter Line

One of the top questions I received this month from my Instagram community is, “How do we decorate for winter without it feeling bland?”

And this new winter line from Hearth & Hand is a great answer! I love, love, love the pieces in this new line. Each season I think I can’t love what they produce anymore, and then they come out with something else that wows me.

Hearth and hand winter favorites

This season, they’ve introduced furniture to their line. I love the sleek modern farmhouse style with lots of beautiful wood tones.

The price point is a mixed bag. In my opinion, a couple of the items are overpriced. However, there are plenty that fall into a Target price point as well.

This is their introductory line so I’m excited to see what comes out in the spring.

Modern farmhouse furniture line.

I am also loving the handmade look of some of their pottery pieces. And the addition of brass into their decor staples is a great way to warm up a room for winter.

Handmade pottery style decor.

I think that the items that wowed me the most this season are their collection of faux plants. I cannot wait to see these in person to verify how legit they look, but if they are anything like past faux plants from Hearth & Hand, then they are sure to look realistic.

Modern farmhouse style decor and home accents.

I am absolutely loving the soothing color palette of this collection as well. Soft pinks, grey, blues and pops of mustard and coral all blend together seamlessly.

I love how they always coordinate their collections so that you can’t go wrong. Their pillows, blankets, bath towels and dining room linens are a great example of that!

Modern farmhouse pillows.

My Top Picks

Honestly, it’s hard for me to narrow down my favorites from this collection. If I could, I’d buy a lot more than I do because their pieces are so beautiful.

But, here are my top picks and the ones I’m ordering today! (Don’t you LOVE online ordering the day after Christmas? There is no way I’m heading to a Target today. Ha!)

  1. Oversized Wooden Tray
  2. Fig Tree
  3. Pottery
  4. Candle Holder
  5. Brass Hooks
  6. Bench

Here are more of my favorites! Like I said, if all I got were Target gift cards for Christmas, this is where they would be put to use!

Click the affiliate images below to shop directly!

You can see the entire collection {here}.

Have fun as you prepare your home for the winter season! Stay tuned for more inspiration for how to keep it cozy all winter long!

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Shop my top picks from the new Hearth and Hand Winter Line! This line has been one of my favorites from the start and these new arrivals don't disappoint.


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