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Top 10 Home Styling Posts of 2019

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Do you want to see my top 10 best home styling posts of 2019? After winning the Amara Interior Blog Awards, Best Home Styling Blog this year, I’m excited to share YOUR favorites!

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Thank You for a Great 2019

It’s been such an honor to share my home with you in 2019. I’m so grateful for all who nominated me for the Amara Interior Blog Awards. It was a great privilege to be chosen as the winner of Best Home Styling Blog. So, I thought I’d share the posts that you all visited the most!

Top 10 Home Styling Posts

It’s safe to say that my kitchen remodel and main great room stole the show. It is fun to look back at how the spaces changed this year!

Here are the top 10 posts from 2019!

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Top 2 Posts of the Year

Modern Farmhouse Interior Design Style Guide

Do you want to see the top 10 best home styling posts of 2019? After winning Best Home Styling blog this year, I'm excited to share your favorites!

Not surprisingly, your favorite post of 2019 is my home style guide. This post gives you all of the paint, decor and DIY project sources for each space in my home!

Key Elements of a Modern Farmhouse Bedroom

Stop #2 is my bedroom! This post shares the key elements of a modern farmhouse bedroom.

Key elements of a modern farmhouse bedroom.

Kitchen Home Styling

The next 4 posts in the lineup are all related to our kitchen remodel! This was a huge undertaking in 2019.

Besides our whole home remodel after our house fire in our last home, this was the largest renovation we’ve tackled.

You all were such an encouragement through the entire process! I hope you enjoy looking back at the progress.

Custom Kitchen Design Plans

You can see our custom kitchen design plans in this post! This laid the foundation for three more top home styling posts this year! This is our kitchen before the remodel. Visit the post to see all the plans!

Farmhouse kitchen design plans.

Designing a Modern Farmhouse Kitchen with a Black Farmhouse Sink

The top element of our new kitchen that you all loved is our black farmhouse sink! The farmhouse, or apron front, sink is nothing new to the design world. But this beautiful black design was new to many of you!

You can see all the details of our black farmhouse sink {here}.

Modern farmhouse kitchen home styling.

Affordable Quartz that Looks Like Marble

The next post in the kitchen line up was the details on our quartz countertops. We chose these for their beauty and durability and almost a year later we still love them! They have certainly lived up to their reputation.

Quartz countertops that look like marble.

Farmhouse Kitchen Decor in the Fall

The last of your favorite kitchen posts was the simple fall decor I used to style it for the season. I love styling our kitchen and am so glad you enjoyed these simple styling tips.

Fall home styling in a farmhouse kitchen.

Living Room Home Styling

The next favorite room of 2019 was our living room/entryway. Three of my top 10 posts were in this space!

How to Get the Modern Farmhouse Look in the Living Room

Modern farmhouse home design is my go-to style. I love the simplicity that modern design brings coupled with the character of farmhouse design. Learn how to create that look in your living room with this post!

Modern farmhouse design in the living room.

Simple Summer Decorations

The next look you loved in the living room was my simple summer decor. My home styling tips for both summer and winter tend to lean to the minimalist trend, so I’m glad you enjoyed this simplified version of my living room!

Simple summer decorations in the living room.

Fall Inspired Modern Rustic Decor

The last living room look you enjoyed was this fall when I stretched my creative skills into a modern rustic style. I loved how this room felt with these design elements and plan to use more of them in the future!

Fall inspired modern rustic decor.

How to Create Spaces You Love

The last post I’m sharing today is the first post in my series on how to create spaces you love.

I’m so glad this one made my top 10! I was so excited to share this three part series with you to really dive deep into the “how-to” of home styling.

This series is like a precursor to my book, Designing a Life: From House to Haven. If you missed it, I hope it is helpful to you!

Best Home Styling Tips and Tricks

Stay Connected

Thank you for visiting my blog! I love being able to help and support those who are seeking to create their own havens!

Do you want to see the top 10 best home styling posts of 2019? After winning Best Home Styling blog this year, I'm excited to share your favorites!


  1. Sarah so many beautiful posts and spaces! It’s so hard b=fr me to choose just one so I will say that your kitchen and bedroom inspire me everyday! SO lovely and congratulations on your big award! Blessings to you and your family in 2020!

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