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How to Hang a Chandelier over a Skylight with a Pendant Light Kit

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After two years of searching for a way to hang a light over my skylight with no electical, I found a solution! Here’s how to use a pendant light kit to install lighting for less than $30!

Dining room chandelier.

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Pendant Light Kit

When we first renovated our dining room, we were given a quote by an electrician to have electrical run to the ceiling to add two pendant lights on either side of our skylight. Let’s just say, we have lived without overhead lighting for 2 years.

Pendant light in the dining room.

I had toyed with the idea of revisiting this update over the last few months, however the cost just didn’t justify the means. There were a few other obstacles beyond cost as well.

  • A small crawl space and wood ceilings made it a difficult DIY project.
  • Two pendants rather than one wasn’t my desired outcome.
  • The skylight was centered over our dining table, making it impossible to run electrical “in the air”.

Then, one day I decided that I was just going to make this work! I found a can light conversion kit and convinced my husband to install it for me. The plan was to find a swag chandelier and wire it into the one can light in this space.

Then, I found this pendant light kit and fell in love with the modern boho pendant light shade. Soooo….I went on the hunt again for a way to convert the can light into a plug instead!

Can Light Conversion Kit to an Outlet

This plan was 100 times easier!! It doesn’t require any wiring skills. Nothing needed to be removed from the can light and reconfigured. It is literally just a screw in adapter, a pendant light kit, and a bar!

The Process

All you need for this project is a can light near the location you want to hang your light.

Pendant light kit.

First, use this screw in adapter to convert your can light into an outlet. It simply screws in like a light bulb.

Next, secure a wood bar (I painted mine black) inside your skylight. I simply nailed mine into the wood trim.

Hanging a pendant light from a skylight.

This will also work perfectly on a normal ceiling! Just secure a hook into your ceiling in the location you want your light to hang.

And finally, plug your swag pendant light kit into the newly converted can outlet. Once you’ve done this you will wrap the cord around your bar (or drape it on your hook) and adjust it until it is the right height.

Choose the Light Kit that Matches Your Ceiling

How to convert a can light to a pendant light.

Add the shade, and you are done! I tacked my cord up tight to the ceiling, however, you can choose to swag it like a traditional swag chandelier.

I am also highly considering a ceiling medallion to polish off the way the cord looks coming out of the can light. I just need to find the right size to cover my recessed lighting ring which also has a big enough center hole to fit the plug through!

How Is the Light Operated?

When I did this project live in my Instagram stories, the number one question I received was, “How do you reach the light switch on the ceiling?”

That is the beauty of this method! I don’t have to!

Since the can light is converted to a plug, I simply leave the cord switch in the On position and then operate the light using the wall switch that operates the can light!

Dining room pendant light kit.
Shop This Look

By using this makeshift can light conversion kit method, I now have a fully operational dining room chandelier. And it only cost me $30!

The beauty of this method is that I can also swap out the pendant light shade whenever I want. If I tire of this style, I simply need to find a new one that fits the cord kit.

Pendant light adapter tutorial.

Full Dining Room Makeover

I love that this project was SO simple, required no electrical wiring, and only cost me $30. It was all a part of my 2 Day, $290 dining room makeover and I think this pendant steals the show.

It’s like jewelry for my dining room. 🙂

I hope this simple tutorial is helpful to you! I was so excited to find a simple solution for a problem that I had overcomplicated the last 2 years!

I love that this method will also work for any location that has can lights. So tell me, what room is about to get some ceiling jewelry in your home?

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After years of searching for a way to hang a light over my skylight with no electical, I found a solution! Here's how to use a pendant light kit to install lighting for less than $30!


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