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5 Simple Bed Styling Ideas For Everyday Bed Making

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Daily bed making doesn’t need to be complicated to be beautiful. If you want the polished look of a made bed without fussing daily with tons of layers and pillows, then this is for you! Learn these simple bed styling ideas using only 4 pieces to get 5 different looks.

Let’s make daily bed making simpler!

5 Simple Bed Styling Ideas For Everyday Bed Making

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How Do You Style a Simple Bed?

Simple bed styling is the key to a tidy bedroom. The simple act of making the bed pulls together a bedroom quickly so it doesn’t look messy and cluttered.

However, beds don’t need to have tons of layers of pillows to get a polished look.

5 Simple Bed Styling Ideas For Everyday Bed Making

Rather, it’s all about practicality and choosing key pieces that will work together multiple ways. All you need for daily simple bed styling is:

  • Sheet set
  • Comforter or duvet
  • Throw blanket
  • Simple shams
  • Sleeping pillows

How Can I make My Bed Look Better Without Pillows?

Most people love the look of layered throw pillows on a bed, but don’t love the idea of storing them each night and setting them out each morning.

Woman making a bed

Luckily, there are a few ways to make a bed look better without the addition of decorative pillows.

  • Create a complementary color palette between sheets, comforter and throw blankets
  • Use a variety of mix and match materials for interest
    • Linen or cotton for organic vibes
    • Down for softness
    • Sateen for shine
    • Velvet for warmth, etc.
  • Use nubby textures for visual appeal and tactile interest
  • Add a playful pattern through the main comforter or duvet
  • Double up on layered comforters for a thick, full look
  • Use full size sleeping pillows (same size as your sham) to layer as part of the decorative accents

5 Simple Bed Styling Ideas Using 4 Pieces

I’m excited to show you 5 different ways to style a simple bed that can be made easily on a daily basis. These ideas all utilize the same 4 pieces in a variety of ways to give you some inspiration for how to combine different bedding.

Waffle weave bedding for simple bed styling.

Look 1: Waffle Weave

The first look is very simple with a beautiful waffle weave duvet cover/sham set.

I love this duvet insert because it not only has corner ties, but also ties in the center of all four sides. This makes it stay put inside your duvet cover no matter how much tossing and turning is going on!

Duvet insert with ties.

This look keeps the sleeping pillows behind the shams to serve as a way to prop them up. Utilizing a coordinating duvet/sham set helps the bed look polished. All it needs is a simple throw blanket folded neatly at the end of the bed.

Waffle weave bedding with throw blanket.

Personally, I always like to have my main comforter and an additional throw blanket. I sleep cold while my husband sleeps hot, so I always need the throw blanket for myself while he only uses the comforter.

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Look 2: Waffle Weave + Pattern

For a simple elevation of the previous look, add a fun pattern!

Floral comforter on a bed.

This floral comforter can actually be used to create two different looks since it is reversible.

Simple bed styling with double comforter.

Keep it neutral with the white side or add a pop of color with green (11 alternate colors available!)

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Look 3: Pattern Play

Look three lets pattern take center stage.

Floral bedding with cream pillows.

I swapped the main comforter from the waffle weave to the sage side of the reversible floral bedding comforter set.

To warm it up even more, I added these deliciously soft viscose (from bamboo) cream pillowcases in addition to the main shams. These also come in 14 colors and 4 pillow sizes.

I like to use these for sleeping pillow covers because of how silky they are. Perfect to help with healthy hair to have less breakage.

Look 4: Pattern + Layers

For an even more interesting look, layer on one or two textured blankets. Playing with texture and pattern can go a long way with keeping simple bed styling interesting.

Sateen pillow case with bedding.

By now, you’ve seen all four of these pieces in a variety of styling options.

Simple bed made with multiple layers of bedding.

Add them all together and you have a beautifully versatile bed where you can easily add or remove any layer depending on your needs.

Look 5: Highly Textured Simple Bed Styling

The final look has a couple of new pieces added.

Girl's bedroom with textured comforter.

This beautiful tufted boho duvet cover adds loads of beautiful texture. It also comes in 17 colors! I love that it is textured enough that it also has pattern and can stand alone easily. There is nothing boring about it.

Girl's bedroom with simple bed styling.

Pair it with the waffle weave blanket, or make it even more cozy with a warmer fleece option if you like additional layers.

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Additionally, I love using these pillows for my sham pillows! While they have four different firmness options for sleeping pillows, I always get the soft option for shams because they are extra thick and fluffy to fill out the sham covers.

More Bedroom Inspiration

I hope these simple bed styling tips were helpful as you think of ways to simplify your daily bed making. These looks are perfect for spring, but most options are also season-less to be used year round.

Main bedroom with made bed.

I love that these versatile pieces from Bedsure come in so many colors and sizes. You’re sure to find exactly what you need for your space! Check out all that Bedsure has to offer.


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  1. I love the way you created a different look using the same bedding in different ways. It’s amazing how adding or changing the position of a blanket can make such a difference. I love the layered look.

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