Amazing Grace, How Sweet the Sound

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Can you believe it is already the middle of October? I’m not ready. Not ready for winter. Not ready for the holidays. Not ready even for Halloween. Can we just talk about how hard it is to find a warm costume for a toddler girl when our typical Halloween weather is in the 40s? I mean, the winter coat has to fit UNDER the costume. Maybe I’ll just make her a marshmallow….

Anyway…today I wanted to share yet another DIY sign I made…for free. These posts might be getting old. But I keep finding inspiration from other amazing women and just have to try them myself! Pretty soon my entire house is going to be nothing but signs. “Shrug”

I’ve wanted to frame sheet music ever since seeing this beauty from my sweet friend Vanessa. (Check out her tutorial on her very own DIY project.) I just love it.

Modern Vintage Home Inspo| www.graceinmyspace.com

So at some point in time my mother-in-law was going through her old sheet music and had a stack of goodies for me to sort through. I found sheet music for one of my favorite hymns, Amazing Grace. Score! It wasn’t as big as I’d hoped for, but beggars can’t be choosers, am I right? So I snatched it up and put it somewhere that it would be “safe” for a future project like Vanessa’s. Only to completely forget that it was there. That is, until I met Rachel on Instagram! Look at all this goodness. She makes amazing poster canvas prints and a light bulb went off!

Thewoodedlane Inspo| www.graceinmyspace.com
Click for her Etsy Shop

I didn’t have a canvas but why wouldn’t sheet music work just as well? So I scoured my house trying to find that “safe” spot my music was hiding in so I could start on my own project. I knew I needed to come up with the wood, and if you remember from this project here I am inept at cutting wood. Lucky for me, we had some shims laying around from the door we installed last spring! And they happened to be the absolutely perfect size. So here I go:

Amazing Grace DIY Sign | graceinmyspace.com Amazing Grace Sign

First off, shims aren’t exactly quality wood. But a little sandpaper and some stain go a long way to making them look like they are. So just touch those puppies up and stain them your preferred color.

DIY Music Sign | www.graceinmyspace.com

One more thing, if you are using shims you will notice that one end is thicker than the other. Hence, the shim part. So just make sure that they line up nicely when you invert the sides so that you get a flush edge on both sides. Hope that makes sense…..

Once your stain is dry, attach your music, poster, picture, canvas….whatever you choose to use, to the top and bottom shim. I used hot glue because I had it on hand and am really bad about being patient and actually buying the proper materials. Hey, if it works, it works.

DIY Sheet Music Sign | www.graceinmyspace.com

Once that has dried, put the other shim on top to sandwich the music in between and glue that together. BUT FIRST! Add a step that I didn’t do and wish I would have. Choose what you want to hang this with and glue it INSIDE the two shims. I didn’t do this and so I had to attach my twine to the back of the poster. Had I sandwiched it with the music then I would have had a reversible sign! I might just tear it apart and redo that…

DIY Sheet Music Sign | www.graceinmyspace.com

And there you have it. Completed sign. $0 (for me!) made with materials lying around the house.

DIY Sheet Music Sign | www.graceinmyspace.com

And bonus, it fits perfectly in this small space left by the shelving in my new nook. You can read about that project here if you so desire!

DIY Sheet Music Sign | www.graceinmyspace.com

If you don’t want to make your own but love this style, be sure to check out The Wooded Lane! Her canvas posters are amazing!


{Amazing grace how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me. I once was lost but now am found. Was blind but now I see.}


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