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Happy Tuesday Friends!

Ya’ll know I love a good auction! This past summer my family headed to an auction less than 10 minutes from my house and I found some gorgeous vintage outdoor light fixtures. And even better? They are copper! Copper is having a moment in the design industry. I’m seeing it everywhere. I have some small touches of copper in my kitchen and it warms the space up so much. So when I saw these fixtures (thanks to my husband’s good eye) I knew I had to have them.

But the trick with auctions is….it’s an auction. Is it just me or are auctions extremely nerve wracking? To bid or not to bid? Is that person just being a turd and jacking up the price (let’s be honest, those people exist) or are they legitimately going to keep going until they get this baby? And sometimes the auctioneers are less than cooperative, mmmkay? But that is kind of what makes auctions fun, isn’t it?! The thrill of the hunt!

Vintage Copper Lighting

As you can see, I won the bid! I was so excited to get all 5 fixtures for one price. It remains yet to be seen where the other four will go, but my hubby got a little more wiring practice and got this one up for me! (If you missed it, Aaron is my professional handyman and wired a few more fixtures for me that you can see in my modern farmhouse chandelier post. He’s a keeper. 😉 )

Looking for beautiful modern farmhouse outdoor lighting? Add some warmth to your space with some copper accents! I've rounded up some of the best copper outdoor lights for you.

I just love how it changed the space from the previous run of the mill lighting we had. After we brought them home I wanted to do a little research on them and couldn’t find any duplicates. I wish I knew how old they are! But what matters is I love them. And while I was researching I came across these beauties. So I thought I’d link them up for you since it isn’t every day that we all stumble upon vintage copper light fixtures at auctions. 😉

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Do you love how copper has infiltrated the design world? Copper is so warm and adds a lovely farmhouse style to your home. I've rounded up five outdoor copper lights for you, along with a special surprise!


Outdoor Copper Light Fixtures

Click the link to the corresponding number for more details!

  1. One Light Outdoor Wall Lantern: Weathered Copper Finish
  2. Classic Sconce- Metal Bell
  3. Breakwater Bay Barn Light
  4. Progress Lighting Wall Lantern
  5. Sea Gull Lighting Flush Mount

Copper Pendants

And while we’re add it – I gave you a little taste of a copper pendant I found when I was researching modern farmhouse lighting in my last post. (Make sure to check that one out for some gorgeous chandeliers.) And now I want to give you a few more indoor copper lighting options I found! Look out Aaron….I may need to replace my kitchen pendants in the near future. 😉

Shopping for a modern farmhouse chandelier? I've rounded up 7 chandeliers under $175 for you.

  1. Industrial Nautical Style Single Pendant
  2. Westinghouse Mini Pendant
  3. Hammered Copper Pendant
  4. Hammered Copper Dome Pendant
  5. Vintage Industrial Wall Sconce
  6. Neo Industrial Barn Cage Pendant
  7. Vintage Industrial Edison Glass Pendant

And there you have it! Some copper lighting options that I loooove. Which one is your favorite? Leave me a comment below! I love hearing from ya’ll. And, as you can see, I’ve fall-i-fied (yes…that is a word) my front porch! Full reveal coming at ya next.

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Do you love how copper has infiltrated the design world? Copper is so warm and adds a lovely farmhouse style to your home. I've rounded up five outdoor copper lights for you, along with a special surprise! Looking for a modern farmhouse look with the addition of copper? Copper brings warmth to any space and what better way to add it than lighting? I've rounded up 7 copper lighting options under $175.

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