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How to Mix Metals in Bathroom Finishes

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My modern organic bathroom design is highly impacted by mix metal finishes! When I created my mood board, I knew I didn’t want a monochromatic look. So I decided to add interest with mixed metals. Learn how to mix metals in bathroom finishes with these three simple tips.

How to Mix Metals in Bathroom Finishes

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How to Mix Metals in Bathroom Finishes

Guest Bathroom Finishes

If you missed it, make sure to check out my design board for our guest bathroom remodel. When I am doing a large remodel, I start with a simple mood board. This helps collect my thoughts into one space, visually, so that it is easier to see the big picture design.

One important thing to note in larger remodels is that designs rarely go 100% as planned. As you’ll see from my original mood board, I ended up changing a few things along the way that just didn’t feel right in the actual space.

Before photo of bathroom
Before Photo of Our Guest Bath

One of those items was the design for our new bathroom faucets. Another was the knobs and pulls for the cabinetry. And a big change was the final color for the vanity.

Having flexibility in design is important so that your end result is 100% what you want, even if it wasn’t your original plan!

bathroom vanity with mixed metal bathroom finishes

If you ever feel like you have no idea where to start in design, make sure to sign up for my free three module course on how to design your haven!

Today I’ll be sharing 3 simple tips for how to design your guest bathroom finishes.

What is the best finish for bathroom fixtures?

There are so many beautiful bathroom finishes to choose from. Many people prefer to keep their metal finishes all the same color. This can be a beautiful design statement which allows the finishes to be less of a focal point and blend in with the design.

bathroom vanity mirrors

Choosing one subdued finish for bathroom fixtures, rather than mixed metals, gives room for another element to take center stage. Conversely, if you choose a bold finish, it can be the star of the show! It all depends on what elements you choose and how they coordinate with each other for your final design.

The main bathroom finishes available are:

  • Chrome or Polished Chrome
  • Satin Nickel, Brushed Nickel or Polished Nickel
  • Copper
  • Oil-Rubbed Bronze or Bronze
  • Brass, Antique Brass, Satin Brass, Polished Brass, Lacquered Brass
  • Mixed metals
  • Matte black, Satin Black, Gloss Black
  • Gold, Antique Gold
Lifestyle shot of using bathroom

Though many designers have a favorite preference for bathroom finishes, I do not believe there is a “best” finish! Each finish option has its benefits and draw backs as far as durability, longevity, trendiness, ease of cleaning and design aesthetic.

The best finish for bathroom fixtures is the finish that you love and fits into your overall design plan!

What is the trend in bathroom faucet finishes?

When I revealed my mixed metal bathroom design I received a lot of comments about mixing brass and chrome. Some loved it and some were skeptical. And that is 100% ok! Most of us are designing for our own homes, rather than a client’s space. So your design is a very personal choice and I fully believe that you should be designing for your family, rather than trends.

The only guarantee about trends is that they will eventually pass away. Shiny brass was once a very popular trend that we now deem from “the 90s”. It feels dated to some. But I would bet that it will eventually become popular again!

Polished nickel faucet

Bathroom finishes that have been trending the last few years are black, copper and brass. Nickel and chrome seem to be resurging after a stint of popularity in the early 2000s, and now mixed metals are “on trend”.

Which brings us to my post today!

3 Tips for How to Mix Metals in Bathroom Finishes

First of all, is it ok to mix metals in the bathroom? Absolutely!

The mindset that all bathroom finishes need to be the same color or finish should be tossed out the door. Like I said above, keeping all finishes the same color can certainly be a wise design decision, but it isn’t a rule!

I love the look of mix metal bathroom finishes, as you can clearly see in my recent bathroom remodel.

Green bathroom vanity with mixed metal finishes

So here are three tips for how to mix metal finishes in your bathroom design! (Though, these tips can be useful in any room in your home!)

1. Stick to 2 Main Color Families

The first step to creating a cohesive looking design with more than one bathroom finish is to stick to 2 main color families. A color family is simply, one of the above bathroom finishes. In my case, I chose brass and nickel.

Bathroom vanity with double sinks

Let’s take a look at my bathroom vanity. There are actually four different metal finishes in this space. However, there are only two color families.

  1. Nickel
    • Polished Nickel (Faucets & Towel Bars)
  2. Brass
    • Antique Brass (Mirrors)
    • Satin Brass (Knobs & Pulls)
    • Brushed Brass (Lighting)

Keeping your mixed metal design to two color families brings an entire space together so that it doesn’t feel overwhelming.

Bathroom shower stall

While I have four metal finishes in my bathroom, it still feels cohesive because they are in two main color families. Conversely, if I were to have four completely different color families (Ex: black, gold, chrome, oil rubbed bronze) it would feel chaotic and pieced together.

2. Mix Warm and Cool Tone Metals

The next tip is to mix warm and cool tone metals together. Warm tone metals are brass, gold, copper and oil-rubbed bronze. Cooler tone metals are chrome, nickel and black.

Satin brass cabinet pulls

My warmer tone metals are brass and the cooler tones are nickel. This creates a beautiful balance which compliments each other, rather than competing.

3. Design Mixed Metals Throughout a Room

The last tip for mixing metals in bathroom finishes is to keep the look moving through an entire room.

Tiled shower in powder room

If you want to mix metals, then do so consistently. In my guest bathroom we have one room that holds the shower and toilet, separated from the vanity room by a pocket door.

As you can see, I brought my mixed metal (brass and nickel) into the shower room as well. This helps the room as a whole feel like the mixed metals are intentional.

Satin brass cabinet pulls

On the other hand, if I were to design all the brass in the vanity room and all the nickel in the shower room, it would feel like two completely different spaces. By mixing your metals throughout an entire space you are bringing the room together in one complete and intentional design.

Guest Bathroom Source Details

I hope that these tips for how to mix metal bathroom finishes have been helpful! Our guest bathroom remodel was so fun to design and I will have more posts coming soon with the following details:

  • Shower Renovation Cost
  • Designing a Full Height Quartz Backsplash

In the meantime, here are my bathroom sources! A huge thanks to my partners in this bathroom renovation: Signature Hardware, Atlas Concorde USA, and Lakeside Surfaces.

Bathroom vanity with quartz countertops.

Shop decorative items via the images below.

Toilet and shower stall

Shop bathroom essentials via the images below!

Bathroom vanity mirror

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Flowers by a bathroom sink

Thanks for stopping by the blog today! Leave me a comment with your favorite mixed metal combination!

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  1. Hi, I’ve redone my bathroom and went with all modern chrome hardware for the shower. My vanity faucet is a modern chrome too. But I couldn’t resist bringing in a modern brass mirror and light fixture against a teal accent wall. Is that OK? It’s just a mix of two types of metal.

  2. HI! love your site! I’m doing a mini update on my very small bathroom! I’d like to change out my bathroom sink faucet, vanity lights, and cabinet hardware (small cabinet just one knob). Creamy warm beige tiles and walls, and deep navy cabinet. Behind the vanity is almost a full wall unframed mirror where vanity sconces are installed on the mirror.

    My shower hardware is all brushed nickel (not being replaced). I’d love to introduce champagne bronze or brushed brass because I love how it looks with dark navy. Can I do that on the sink faucet and vanity lights? Or is it better to stick with brushed nickel on the faucet to keep it consistent with the bath? Help! Thank you!

    1. You can definitely mix those in! I would do a brushed brass on the faucets and light fixtures for sure. The single cabinet knob could go either way since it’s a small addition.

  3. Is it possible to do 2 different finishes for the bathroom fixtures? Meaning the sink faucets are in a brushed nickel, and the shower faucets are in a black in the same collection? Reason being the countertops are black and it looks strange with the black faucets because they don’t stand out. The bathroom sconce is brushed nickel, black framed mirror and the cabinet hardware is a 2 tone handle and pull with the black and brushed nickel.

  4. I am re doing a bathroom as well. I have chrome in shower and sink faucet. I like the fresh feel. My plan was to do the vanity light and pendant light in chrome but now thinking mixed metals. Is black considered cool? Thought a chrome/black finish. My cabinet color will be SW Peppercorn. Floor tile is darker shades of grays, blues, terracotta color ( not able to change floor). Would I be better off going brass. Wall color is SW online
    Would love your input
    Thank uou

    1. Hi Jackie,
      Sounds like a fun remodel! If you’re doing chrome, I think black would be a nice option. It sounds like most of the finishes are darker and with the peppercorn cabinets, black lights would work well. You might try doing a milk glass shade to soften the look!

  5. Did you install the 3 light sconces over the mirrors upside down? The photo you share for sources goes to Amazon which shows a fixture with the shades facing down rather than up? If som- very cool idea.
    Lovely bathroom and great advice on mixing metals. Many folks already unknowingly do this – in their kitchens!

  6. Thank you so much for this article. I am struggling for finishes in my powder room. I am using brushed nickel and brass finishes. I’m finding there are many different brass finishes. I was thinking all my brass finishes have to match, but you are saying that it’s okay to use a satin brass, brushed brass, etc. in the same space. This makes me feel so much better. I am using a brushed nickel faucet and a light fixture that has both brushed nickel and a satin brass. My cabinet hardware said satin brass but it is more shiny. What do you think if I used either a brushed brass or antique brass for a round mirror and the towel bar and toilet paper holder. Brushed nickel would only be on the faucet and light fixture combo. Any other advice for matching brass would be really appreciated. Oh, and my new vanity is a midnight blue and walls will be SW Allibaster. I enjoy your blog! Thank you so much!!

    1. That sounds lovely! I’d try to stick to similar brasses. Often brushed and satin brass look very similar, so I don’t mind mixing them. But doing a shiny brass with another type of brass might be too much. Since different brands use different terminology for their brass, I’d just recommend buying a sample if you can’t see it in person and trying to match them as close as possible to the cabinet hardware. 🙂

  7. Love your blog. I’m wondering if you would mix oil rubbed bronze with satin nickel in wet room along with either shiny gold or matte gold for vanity fixtures and faucet?

  8. Hi Sarah! Beautiful bathroom, I really like the mixing of metals as well. Working on a bathroom refresh myself. Honey oak (90’s) vanity which cannot be painted (sigh) so I am incorporating matte black pulls, towel bars. Will be replacing the countertop, looking at white/cream background with faint grey veining, possibly some gold flecks to tie in the oak cabinet; chrome faucet for sink and shower. We are looking at MirrorMate to frame the mirror as it’s glued to the wall and we really don’t want the expense/hassle of all that’s involved in removing the mirror. What color frame would you go with for the mirror? Wall paint will be Revere Pewter. Thanks for your input, I always value your opinion.

  9. Your bathroom looks beautiful – so calm and stylish! Can you tell me what color the cabinets are? It looks so soothing!

  10. I like the brush nickel with the antique brass. Can you tell me what color paint your walls are? I love your niche tile choice. If you had to time the floor in a shower with your choices ( if you didn’t have a tub) would you do the floor time the same as the niche?

  11. Love this and great subject as mixed metals are all the rage:)
    We have oil rubbed bronze for all door hardware in the house and stainless steel appliances – would you incorporate brass or would it be too much? I also love black and have iron tables etc.
    I love how the bathroom turned out!

    1. Thank you so much! Brass might be tricky to mix with oil rubbed bronze since they are both warmer metals. Some finishes work together but it depends on the hue of your pieces!

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