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Tile Shower Renovation Cost Break Down

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Do you need to know how much it costs to remodel a shower? Gathering information is so important before striking out on a remodel. Bathroom renovation costs are so hard to nail down because every single decision you make, from the products you choose to how they are installed, factor into your final cost! There are many different types of shower remodels, and they can cost anywhere from $300-$15,000 and up! So today I’ll be sharing some of the different types of shower remodels and what you can expect to pay. Plus, here is our tile shower renovation cost break down from our transformed bathroom!

Tile shower renovation cost

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How much does it cost to remodel a shower?

That is the question! While it would be ideal to have a one-size-fits-all answer, it is simply not realistic. A lot of factors play into the cost to redo a shower.

  • Materials used
  • If structural changes are necessary
  • Prefab v. custom
  • Changing the layout? Does plumbing need to be moved?
  • Tub v. shower stall
  • Door & Fixture choice
  • Size of the shower
  • DIY v. Hired Labor
  • Permits
  • Geographic area
  • What you may uncover that needs to be repaired after removing the old shower/tub.
shower before remodel

The shower renovation cost for our project is what I would call mid-tier. We chose to do a custom tile shower and tub combo to replace the prefabricated shower surround. We also chose to hire out the labor rather than doing it ourselves, and that is where the majority of the budget went! Let’s dive into a few different shower remodel options so you can get a better idea of the average cost of a shower remodel.


Prefabricated showers are the most affordable option. There are many varieties, sizes and styles to choose from. However, the are all essentially a similar model of either plastic, fiberglass or acrylic manufactured shower kits in a standard size.

prefabricated shower kit

These are much simpler to install than custom showers or tile as they are assembled, rather than being built by hand. This is what our shower was prior to our bathroom remodel. Above, you can see that removal includes lots of cutting as it’s difficult to get an entire unit out in one piece!

Though many factors are involved, including labor prices, an average cost for prefab kits is around $1,000.

Tub and Shower Combination

Another type of shower remodel is a tub/shower combination. This is the version we chose during our bathroom remodel. I wanted to keep the tub as it is the only one in our home and the kiddos (and me ;)) love bath time!

Tub and shower combination

If you choose a tub/shower combination you have choices on how to finish the shower walls. We chose to tile them, however you can also buy shower wall inserts in various styles and price points.

Again, many factors need to be taken into consideration, however average prices for this combination range from $4,000-$8,000.

Walk In Shower

The final option for a shower remodel is a walk in shower. This is ideal for those who have no need for a tub, or for greater accessibility. Walk in showers are often considered luxury showers and carry the highest price point. These can range from $6,000-$15,000 depending on size, labor, materials and finishes.

My Shower Remodel Cost

My shower remodel happened to occur during the spring of 2021 when labor and lumber prices have skyrocketed. If I had done the same remodel a year and a half ago, the price may have been less. This is just one example of how many different factors will impact your remodel! So let’s break down my shower renovation cost.

Labor Cost to Install Shower

While most of my home improvement projects are DIY, I decided to hire the bathroom renovation out to licensed contractors. Plumbing, framing and tile installation are all skills that I would have had to develop through the project as they are new to me. And frankly, I didn’t want to fumble through a project that puts our family down a bathroom!

Removed prefab shower kit

If you choose to DIY your shower renovation you will save A LOT of money. However, it simply isn’t an option for some! So here are the labor costs for my shower renovation.

Disclaimer: these are labor costs for my geographic location, in the middle of a pandemic, from contractors that we know and trust! We could have chosen to use contractors who gave us lower bids, however sometimes you get what you pay for. I highly recommend vetting your contractors thoroughly and working with licensed and insured professionals.

shower renovation cost with niche


  • Demolition of existing shower
  • Removal and disposal of all materials
  • Shower framing
  • Insulation (I had him add extra insulation around the tub due to it being on an exterior wall. Gotta keep those baths warm!)
  • Tub installation
  • Re-drywall ceiling and portions of walls due to removing the existing bulkhead
  • Shower wall installation to prep for tile
  • Trim work and other extra carpentry related tasks
reframing shower walls.

Working hand in hand with our carpenter, plumber fees also need to be considered. We had to move one vent pipe, as well as reconfigure where the shower head and tub faucet were located. He also set our toilet after finding cracks in the toilet itself and seals.


  • Relocate vent pipes
  • Relocate shower fixtures
  • Toilet Installation
  • Sink plumbing

Cost to tile a shower

Next, is the cost to install a tile shower.

Tile shower being installed

Our tile guy, Perry. (Perry the Tiler. AKA Tyler Perry.) Did a fantastic job installing both the floors and the shower tile. All our tile for our bathroom remodel was sourced from my partner in this project, Atlas Concorde USA.

Tile shower installation progress

Our total labor fees for the entire bathroom included demolition of the existing floor tile, as well as reinstallation of the floor tile. For the shower alone, plus mortar and other materials (excluding the tile itself) his fee was $1,500. It took him a full week to do all of the demolition and installation working solo.

In talking with many of my Instagram followers, this price is considered extremely high and extremely low, depending on where they were from across the country! Geography plays a huge role in labor prices, so make sure to get multiple quotes if you are hiring for a project.

shower renovation cost for tile

Didn’t the shower turn out so beautiful?! I can’t get over how high-end it feels with this beautiful porcelain tile and oversized soaker tub.

Carrara marble Tile shower stall

Shower Renovation Cost: Materials

So far, just for labor, our total for the shower is at $4,800. This should give you a good picture of areas where you can cut costs if you choose to do demolition and installation yourself. DIY is a huge money saver, as long as you know what you’re doing!

On the other hand, a botched DIY plumbing or tile installation job could end up costing you more down the road! So keep that in mind as you weigh pros and cons for DIY v. professional installation.

Renovated tile shower

Next up in the shower renovation cost calculations is materials. This is another area where the materials and finishes you choose will greatly impact your total cost. Pre-fab kits are significantly cheaper than tile. And some tile is significantly cheaper than other tile!

Our tile costs for the actual material was:

  • 4 sq ft-Reflex 2×2 mosaic Night – $70
  • 85 sq ft- Eon Carrara 12×24 – $435
  • 26 linear feet- Eon Carrara Bullnose – $150

However, shipping and agency fees are billed on top of that to clients, which adds approximately $800 to the total cost.

The best way to determine your tile costs is simply to measure your square feet, add 10-15% overage for cuts, and then determine your tile cost based on your tile supplier’s pricing.

Additionally, we purchased our extra wide 36″ tub for about $500, and our rainfall shower kit, provided by Signature Hardware, costs $449.

Lumber, cement board, mortar, grout and other miscellaneous material costs were all included in our labor costs above.

Total Shower Renovation Cost

All in, our shower renovation cost came to approximately $7,200. This is right in that mid-tier level for a shower and tub combination. This is certainly my dream shower! The one area we chose to save money in was the shower door. Many tub/shower combinations these days have glass shower doors. There are many options available and they do look high end.

However, with our toilet location being so close to the tub, a curtain works just as well for us! And saved us hundreds of dollars.

Toilet in a renovated bathroom

Shower Decor and Details

Since our new shower tile is my favorite feature, I wanted to be able to show it off without seeing ugly product bottles. Swooping the shower curtain to the side lets the tile shine and a quick project with my Cricut transformed our shampoo and conditioner products into pieces of decor!

Shampoo bottles in a shower niche

You can see a quick video on how I created this look on my Instagram!


You can find all of my favorite bathroom essentials, including the shower curtain, soap containers and curtain rod in my Amazon Storefront!

Bathroom vanity with mirrors and lighting

Make sure and head next to see the vanity side of our bathroom remodel! The before and after is one of my favorites and all the details are shared in this article.

You can also learn more about how to design a full height quartz backsplash in this article.

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Thanks so much for stopping by the blog today. I hope that this article on shower renovation cost is helpful to you as you plan your own shower remodel! Investing in updated bathrooms is one of the top home improvements you can make and one you are sure to enjoy.

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Tile Shower Renovation Cost Break Down
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  1. My bathroom remodel led to other changes and I haven’t recalculated how much the bathroom itself cost. Originally the door into my master bath was less than 23″ wide. The entry had a 6′ slider on one side and a closet on the other. We couldn’t widen the doorway without removing the closet and slider. The room was taken down to the studs. The slider was changed to a single French door with built-in shades. Most of the closet was used to enlarge the shower. My new shower is 8′ long and has a bench. An unexpected expense was having to replace the old iron drain pipe under the shower floor. I saved money by not relocating the toilet or sink plumping. The new toilet and pedestal sink match and along with the marble-look tile, add a high-end look to the room. I replaced the small bathroom door with a 48″ barn door. I love the new look and having an accessible bathroom means I can stay in my home even if someday need to use a walker.

  2. Sarah, What a beautiful renovation. Any design thoughts to using cultured marble on the shower wall instead of tile? I don’t want to deal with the grout lines and it seems cultured marble has come a long way. Speaking of recipes crock pot recipes, heart healthy recipes are great…………….Thanks Marjorie

    1. Thank you Marjorie! I think cultured marble has pros and cons, just like any man made (or natural) material. It can certainly be a great option. When I’m choosing materials, I just make a list of all the pros and cons of each material + cost and timeline. Then I use that to assess what best meets the needs of our family. There is likely no perfect option, so I just go for the one that gets the closest!

  3. Your shower and tub look fabulous! Great design with great fixtures makes it all mesh so well together.

  4. Hi Sarah, great site. I am so confused. We want to have a walk in shower installed and remove the existing jetted tub. The walls above have Corian to protect from dampness from a bathroom above about 1/4 of the size of the shower. I do not want the Corian removed to install the walk in. We have been given prices in the 6-9 thousand range. We only want a shower.
    This seems extremely high . The tile below the Corian is wet bed tile original to the house.
    We are ready to give up. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you

    1. Hi Gale, Unfortunately every renovation is different! Your geography, the contractors you’ve requested bids from, material costs, difficulty of the project…etc will all impact the final price. You may want to get a few more bids or wait until material costs have come down. Best of luck to you!

  5. I like your bathroom remodel. What color tile is the floor tile? The link you have to the website give 4 colors and I can’t tell if you used the color “Bright” or “Mercury”.

  6. I’m in the middle of a master bath remodel. The contractor took the room down to the studs and took out a closet to enlarge the shower. The new flooring is 12×24 porcelain tile that looks like marble. The shower floor is a matching mosaic tile. The walls are a very pale gray subway tile that will go to the ceiling. We left the toilet and sink in their existing positions but I’m getting a new pedestal sink and a matching toilet. Total cost is at least 3 times the cost of your shower remodel but the bathroom will be larger than it was and the finishes are more elegant than they were. It’s taking forever but I’m going to love it when everything is finished!

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