My Summer Kitchen In Review

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Hey there friends,

One of my favorite spaces in my home is my kitchen. We had a house fire a few years ago and had to gut the kitchen. Redesigning this space was the ONLY part of having a house fire that was a positive experience. Let me tell you what! Someday I’ll share the fire experience, but for now I just wanted to introduce you to the heart of my home! I thought it would be fun to see how the space changed over the summer as I start to transition it to fall.

Early summer always means lots of fresh cuttings from my gardens. Unfortunately, the peonies only last a few short weeks. Thankfully I have something popping up all the time that I can plop into a vase. I’ve never been one to buy a bouquet when I can make one for free!


Fresh strawberries always make an appearance. As it should be.


Mid summer the hydrangeas steal the show. These beauties come in pink and change to a light green as the summer lingers on.



At some point this summer I finally found affordable envelope mail holders! I’ve been wanting the Magnolia version for some time but never wanted to cough up the cash. Found these beauties to replace my decade old mail holder for just $10!



But my favorite change of the summer is my redesigned gallery wall! I loved my gallery wall for a time but it started to feel cluttered and overwhelming.


So I found this super cute mug rack on clearance and knew what I wanted to do. It was super ugly when I found it for $7! A little black spray paint covered the green and brown speckled paint (yeah, I know…why?) and voila! (Ignore all my chicken scratch on those chalkboards! But I don’t know where’d I’d be without my menu board! We would eat oatmeal or pancakes every night if I didn’t plan ahead. Anyone else do a weekly menu?)

Gallery wall refresh

And now that fall is officially here (It’s this week at least. Close enough!) I have started to dry my hydrangeas and bring in some pumpkins and gourds. Which is the only way I decorate for fall in the kitchen. Simple is best in this space for me!


kitchen 1
Bring on the pumpkins!

I hope you enjoyed a quick tour! Let me know what you think! Here’s hoping Monday treated you well and that you have a blessed week!


{Season everything with love.}


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