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Neutral Fall Decor Ideas for the Entryway

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Early fall is a beautiful season to decorate for! It is one of my favorite times of year because the weather is still warm enough to enjoy during the day, but we get to cozy up in the evenings. Today, I’ll share three quick tips for how to use neutral fall decor in the entryway to transition the seasons easily!

Neutral Fall Decor Ideas for the Entryway

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Neutral Fall Entryway Decor

September is a month that often causes struggles for those who want to decorate for fall, but don’t want to pull out the pumpkins quite yet. It is a transitional month, and those are honestly my favorite kind!

I love that subtle fall decor changes can still make a big difference to a space. Often, we think that a complete overhaul needs to occur in order for the feeling of a room to change. On the contrary, I find that a few simple swaps does the trick!

Simple entryway styled for fall.

Add a Subtle Fall Color While Keeping it Neutral

If you love fall, but don’t love reds and oranges, then keep it neutral by adding a subtle fall color!

Browns, creams, light grey and tans are great neutral colors to add to your fall decor. They bring in warmth without adding harsh colors.

Adding browns to fall decor.

They also allow you to mix and match with existing summer decor. I love this light blue/grey pillow that I used for the summertime. It mixes so nicely with browns and creams so you aren’t having to completely buy new accents each season.

Think of Texture as another Design Element

Another often overlooked part of neutral fall decor is adding texture. Texture is an incredible design element that isn’t thought of when most plan out their decorating. However, it adds so much to a room and is a must-have element for cozy fall design.

Neutral fall decor using texture.

The obvious ways to add texture would be through textiles. Chunky blankets, nubby pillows, soft rugs, and woven baskets are usually the top decor accents on people’s shopping lists.

However, don’t overlook natural elements like dried grasses, wood accents (bowls or planters), or natural beads.

Wood bowl with beads

Think Outside the Flat Surface

A final tip for incorporating neutral fall decor into your entryway is to think outside the flat surface. Typically, we focus on walls, table tops and floors when decorating.

Fall grasses

However, that can easily lead to boring design!

Layer Layer Layer

Decorating in layers takes neutral fall decor that can easily look bland, and makes it interesting!

I layered dried grass overtop my entryway mirror rather than placing it in a traditional vase.

This might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I like to use decor accents in non-traditional ways. If nothing else, it is a great conversation starter and way to use some creative energy.

Fall entryway decor ideas.

Shop my Fall Entryway Decor

I hope these three tips for incorporating neutral fall decor into your home this month are helpful! You can click the affiliate links or images below to shop my entryway!

Cozy textures for fall.
  1. Chunky brown and white woven throw blanket with tassels.
  2. Light grey muslin thrown blanket.
  3. Beige 22″x22″ Pillow
  4. Use code GRACE15 to get 15% off pillows at With Lavender and Grace (leather pillow)

Neutral fall decor entryway ideas.

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Thanks so much for stopping by the blog today! It is always a joy to share ideas with you as you create your own haven!

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Neutral Fall Decor Ideas for the Entryway
Neutral Fall Decor Ideas for the Entryway


  1. I follow you and I love your style. Any ideas for incorporating some farmhouse elements in my traditional home?
    I can’t redo everything (too costly) but I would love some tips on how to bring some of that design into my home.

    1. Yes! Just start with a few transitional pieces. You can slowly add in farmhouse elements with a new piece of furniture or some simple accents and over time your style will gradually transition.

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