Personalized Mother’s Day Gift Basket

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Mother’s certainly deserve some attention and celebration! Especially at this time in our world. Today, I’ll be sharing how to personalize a Mother’s Day gift basket with this simple foundation.

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Breakfast in bed for mother's day

Mother’s Day Gift Basket Foundation

My favorite way to give a gift is to create a themed gift basket. It is so easy to personalize and bless someone with a handful of gifts that all work together towards a common theme. Mother’s day is no different!

Today, I wanted to share a very easy and foolproof gift basket foundation for Mother’s Day, which you can then take and personalize for that special momma in your life.

Mother's day gift basket idea.

Let’s start with the base. Whether you are gifting breakfast in bed or a full gift basket, a beautiful tray is the perfect base. I love when gifts are dual purpose. This reed bamboo tray set from Bed Bath & Beyond serves to both be the “wrapping” for this Mother’s Day gift basket as well as a pretty decor piece that can be used for years to come.

Modern farmhouse bedroom.

Once you have something to corral all your goodies in, it’s time to add the pampering gifts! I love to include items that are made to pamper like a luxurious skin care set and a fragrant candle.

Pampering products

Burt’s Bees is one of my favorite lotions and is such high quality. And I thought this was such a fun candle that is specifically geared towards thanking our hard working mommas. (Or mother figures! This would be a great gift for any special woman you want to celebrate.)

Next, top it off with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. I love this beautiful vase of roses. It is so realistic and is guaranteed to brighten her day for weeks to come! It comes in four different colors so make sure to pick her favorite!

Add In the Personal Touches

Once you have the beginnings of your gift basket, you can then add in the personal touches.

Mother's day gift basket with books.

For the book lover, add in a few beautiful coffee table books! These are a beautiful addition to any home and offer relaxing entertainment options.

If you want to add in some special touches for the home, make sure to check out the selection from Bed Bath & Beyond’s home department! They have a beautiful selection of decor, artwork, and furniture. Just make sure your tray is big enough. HA!

Or, perhaps you want to create a gift for a food lover! Add in some fresh herbs and special olive oils, or spices. These small additions are so easy to include for a personalized Mother’s Day gift basket!

Bed Bath & Beyond has an amazing selection of kitchenware for the chef or baker!

Gift basket for the food lover.

Never Forget Handmade Gifts

And of course, we cannot forget those gifts that are the most special! Handmade gifts.

Handmade mother's day gifts

When Addie saw me putting together this post she ran out of the room! She came back with a beautiful picture she colored that says, “I love you mom”. Best gift ever. 🙂 Do you see the little note to the right? “Fokes (focus) on this one.” LOL

She’s one smart cookie!

Perhaps a Gift for Yourself

Now, let’s be honest. How many of us moms buy ourselves a gift or two for Mother’s Day? I know I do! This year I treated myself to this cozy Brookstone robe. I love the length, and it is incredibly warm and soft. Happy Mothers’ Day to me. (Also comes in multiple colors!)

Cozy robe for Mother's Day

Stay Connected

Thanks so much for stopping by the blog today! I hope this simple Mother’s Day gift basket idea gives you inspiration to treat that special someone in your life!

One more idea for you. I’ve never met a mom who didn’t like breakfast in bed and a day (or week…month…year…let’s be generous) off of cleaning duty! And it won’t cost you a penny!

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Personalized Mother's Day Gift Basket


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