Stylish Office Storage Cabinets For Form & Function

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Is your work space chaotic, cluttered and otherwise unpleasant? Today I’m sharing beautiful office storage cabinets that offer both form and function to get your office beautifully organized.

Office storage cabinets

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Stylish Office Storage Cabinets to Get You Organized

I have absolutely loved having a home office. This sunroom, turned home office, is such a blessing with absolutely amazing views to enjoy. However, it was honestly looking like a trash heap.

Office storage before.

This blogging business means lots of product, lots of boxes, camera equipment galore, and the occasional yoga mat thrown in for good measure. 😉

So, since my passion is creating beautiful spaces, I decided to put a little effort into make this home office a space I actually want to work in.

Before home office.

The Goals

I set several specific goals for myself. This is always something I recommend as part of the design process. I cover the reasons for this in my book, Designing a Life: From House To Haven, where I teach 10 steps to creating a haven.

Setting short term and long term goals makes decorating and designing so much less stressful!

My goals were very simple:

  • Provide storage that can be hidden.
  • Offer open storage that can be decorated for enjoyment.
  • Be large enough office storage cabinets to fit varying heights and widths.
  • Be pretty. 😉
Office storage cabinets.

Of course it had to be pretty. But, while my goals seemed simple, I actually found it hard to find office storage cabinets that checked all the boxes.

Until I decided to get creative!

The Solution

While shopping on Joss & Main, I found this beautiful wood storage cabinet! I knew I wanted a wood finish to warm up my mostly white office. And I love the herringbone pattern!

Wood storage cabinets.

So I chose to go with two Ringgold 2 Door Storage Cabinet in the Sindoori Mango finish, and then make a tweak to help it fit my goals!

The Design Plan

I started my office refresh by flip flopping the location of my desk. You can see what this space looked like before with all my summer decor!

Vintage desk in a home office.

My vintage workbench-turned desk was previously on the opposite wall. It has been such a blessing to move it to the wall of windows! I love having a view while I work and wish I would have done it sooner!

Home office decor.

I also added some simple drop cloth curtains to up the cozy factor. I simply buy this size drop cloth and cut it in half to create two panels for $20!

Home office with drop cloth curtains.
Office wall cabinets.

Next, I built two of my new office cabinets. The first one I built with my husband and it took us two hours. The second one I built alone and it took me one hour.

Practice makes perfect or a lesson in marriage? I’ll let you decide. 😉

Office cabinets decorated with the modern farmhouse style.

As you can see, I built this beautiful cabinet differently than the directions suggest! Since I was having a hard time finding office storage cabinets that offered both hidden storage AND open storage, I decided to do it myself!

Office storage solutions.

I built the cabinet on the left according to directions. The thing I love most about this piece is that the shelves can be placed wherever you want them. This allowed me to store my tall camera equipment as well as smaller items.

Decorated Office wall cabinets.

Next, I built the cabinet on the right fully until I got to the final door. Rather than install it as directed, I placed the door all the way to the back of the cabinet. Then, I layered the shelves in front of it.

This allowed me to keep the beautiful herringbone pattern as the backdrop but still have open shelving to enjoy!

Decorated open shelving.
Home office decorations.

I just love how the warm wood tones cozy up this space! It provides so much storage and I finally feel like I can breathe in this space again!

More Office Storage Cabinets

So now that you know my methods, I thought I’d round up a few beautiful office cabinets for you to peruse! These beautiful options are all stylish and functional.

Modern farmhouse home office.

And don’t forget to look for opportunities to modify them to fit your goals!

What do you think of the new look? What space do you need some organization in? Leave me a comment and let’s chat!

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Is your work space chaotic? Today I'm sharing beautiful office storage cabinets that offer both form and function to get your office beautifully organized.


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