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How to Modernize A Double Loft Bed with Paint

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Modern bunk beds are trending, so I was excited to finally transform Owen’s oak bunk beds! Owen’s room had so much character built in by the previous owners of our home. However, it felt drab and dark with dark colors and low light. See how easy it is to modernize a double loft bed with paint!

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How to Modernize A Double Loft Bed with Paint

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Modernizing A Double Loft Bed with Paint

Owen’s room is one of the coolest spaces in our home. His oak bunk beds offer tons of space and fit wonderfully with the layout of his bedroom. They also will make great loft beds for adults once he is older and has friends over.

The problem was, his room felt like a dungeon.

Dark and drab bedroom.

Even with four windows in his room, it still felt dark and drab. I attribute this to very dark wall colors and loads of wood tones!

Studio Color Interior Advanced Paint + Primer by Rust-Oleum

My solution: Paint! It’s paint every time. 😉

I am so excited to partner with Rust-Oleum to remodel his room with their new Studio Color Interior Advanced Paint + Primer line available exclusively at Walmart. This pre-mixed paint comes in 18 interior colors and simplifies the decision making process immensely.

Studio Color Wall Paint

I loved the 8×8 samples that are available in store to test out the color in your space without having to buy a sample. Plus, the colors are streamlined and developed by designers, so they are much simpler to choose!

I love that the white is white. Black is black. No second guessing from 50 different white and black options.

Boy’s Room Design Plan

I decided to brighten Owen’s entire room by using White on the walls. This helps reflect the natural light that comes in organically.

Then, I wanted to define the loft beds with Black. Rather than painting the attached bookshelf in Black or White to blend in, I used Birchwood to help it stand alone without being overpowering.

Before photo of a boy's loft bed.
Double loft beds modernized with paint.

How to Paint Adjoining Pieces

One of the biggest questions I got from my Instagram community as they watched this project unfold in stories was, “How do you paint adjoining pieces and get clean lines?”

Boys room before.
Boys room after remodel.

The answer is, lots of practice. Plus, my trusty angled brush and quality paint! Studio Color Interior Advanced Paint + Primer glides on so well for a smooth finish and exceptional coverage.

Clean paint lines for adjoining pieces.

Two coats of paint is all it took on the double loft bed, which I was so happy with! I thought for sure it would take multiple coats to cover that dark wood and was pleasantly surprised by the coverage.

Rarely do I use painter’s tape and prefer a slow and steady hand. Plus, it is easy to go back and do some touch ups at the end for areas that got wiggly!

Bookshelf painted taupe.

Choosing Paint Sheens

While painting Owen’s room, I made sure to choose the right paint sheen for each part of the project.

Loft bed railing.

For furniture, doors and trim, I typically use a semi-gloss. It offers extra durability for high traffic areas.

For the bookshelf and loft, I used Rust-Oleum’s semi-gloss sheen.

Boys room bookshelf painted.

For the walls and shiplap, which you can find the tutorial for here, I used eggshell. I always prefer eggshell on walls as opposed to flat for a bit more durability and ease of cleaning.

White shiplap in a boys room.

Boys Room Reveal

I can’t wait to fully finish styling Owen’s room!

Double loft beds painted in modern colors.

I plan to add a daybed below the lofts that he can use for sleeping and also as a “couch”. He prefers to sleep on the ground, even though he has these amazing lofts, so adding another bed will help to create a cozy environment down below.

Loft beds for adults.

The loft beds are amazing for sleepovers and guests, so we are so glad to have them! Stay tuned for more details on how his room styling progresses!

{UPDATE} You can find the shiplap tutorial and Owen’s new bedroom decor in this post!

Stay Connected

Thanks so much for stopping by the blog today! Rust-Oleum’s Studio Color Interior Advanced Paint + Primer was the perfect solution to creating a modern boys room! What do you think of how his room is coming along?

Boys room design with loft beds.
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  1. So very beautiful! Did you have to sand down the book shelf and loft before painting it black? I just went to Walmart for this very paint so I can redo my kids wooden bunkbeds! Thanks for all of the helpful info!!

  2. So beautiful! Did you have to sand down the book shelf and loft before painting it black? I just went to Walmart for this very paint so I can redo my kids wooden bunkbeds! Thanks for all of the helpful info!!

  3. Thank you for the tour. I loved it. But couldn’t find the , how to do the Ship lap. I’m thinking about putting it in my bathroom.

  4. Love this sooooo much! So much brighter and updated. New to following you and thankful to have found your blog. The scripture you share is so meaningful to me and a reminder (during the tricky time in life that I find myself in) that God is sovereign and has a plan for me.

  5. Wow Sarah, what a transformation! It looks fantastic. I love the wood tones mixed in and its so bright now. He must be so excited. Nice job…again! 😉

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