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How to Style Fall Porch Decor in 10 Minutes

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Fall porch decor is my favorite! It is simple, effortless, affordable and impactful. Even better, it is fast! Learn how to style your fall front porch in 10 minutes or less.

Fall front porch decor with pumpkins and mums.

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Style Your Fall Porch Decor in 10 Minutes

It is so simple to create a welcoming environment as you enter your home! So often people neglect decorating their front porch for the seasons because they focus on the interior of their home. However, curb appeal adds a lot of value to a home. Not only aesthetically, but also emotionally.

When you walk up to a well decorated home exterior, it gives you a sense for the homeowner’s personality. I love being able to offer a welcoming entrance to my guests. But even more, I love being greeted by a beautiful front porch when I come home each day!

Fall porch decor ideas.

Here are some simple tips for styling your front porch for fall in 10 minutes!

Use Natural Fall Porch Decor

90% of my fall porch decor is natural. Real pumpkins, real mums, and existing perennials and annuals that are hanging on from summer are the key elements to a festive fall porch.

Double doors with fall decor.

Honestly, I rarely deviate from these fall decor staples. Even though my front porch looks similar each year, it is still interesting. Here are a few ways you can change up the style of your front porch without changing the type of decor you’re using.

  1. Create color schemes: Alternate years of styling with neutral plants and pumpkins versus colorful ones.
  2. Pick a theme: Add in cornstalks and/or hay bails for a harvest fall decor feeling versus a more simplified arrangement like I’ve done this year.
  3. Go Big: Rather than piling and layering natural elements like I’ve done, choose one statement pumpkin and one large planter. This works especially well if you have a small front porch.

Helpful Tip for Pumpkins and Mums

If you’re using real pumpkins, it is helpful to give them a bleach bath for about 20 minutes. This removes any existing mold and dirt to help them last longer.

Pumpkins for fall porch decor.

And as for mums, they love water. Something I’m not very good at providing to my outdoor planters! Ha! If your mums fade too quickly, try planting them directly into the ground rather than in a planter.

Add Door Decor

The next step after layering your natural elements is to adorn your door. A plain front door can still be beautiful, but I love to layer wreaths. You can see how I made these fall wreaths for free in this tutorial!

Walkway to a front door.

Wreaths or another type of door decor dress up the space so quickly. Just pop a wreath or two onto a hanger and call it good!

Layer Welcome Mats

The last step to creating a welcoming fall front porch is to layer welcome mats. I’ve rounded up some of my favorites for you below! Laying a mat that takes up the full width of your front door area helps it feel more expansive. Then, add a smaller welcome mat that is your style!

Shop Outdoor Mats
Welcome mat for fall

I hope that these very simple ideas are helpful as you style your front porch for fall! It really is as simple as layering a few natural elements, plopping down a welcome mat, and calling it good!

The most time intensive part of this type of porch decor is carrying the pumpkins from your car to the porch! And maybe watering the plants…I did happen to find these spheres that mimic mums if you want an even more effortless option!

More Fall Decor Ideas

If you’re looking for more ideas for simple fall decor, make sure to check out my fall decorating posts this year! I’ve been particularly focused on simplified fall decor for 2020. I think we all need a little grace and simplicity this year.

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Outdoor fall decor ideas.
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How to Decorate Your Fall Front Porch in 10 Minutes

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