Large Abstract Wall Art for the Everyday Home

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It is finally launch day! I’ve been working on this project for weeks alongside Joyfully Said Signs. It has been such a blessing to work with such a quality company and support their small business. I’m so excited to finally reveal my sign! We designed this versatile large abstract wall art with the everyday home in mind and I hope you love it.

I'm so excited to launch this collaboration with Joyfully Said Signs! We designed this versatile large abstract wall art with the everyday home in mind!

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Large Abstract Wall Art

One of the joys of design is that there are so many beautiful styles and creative perspectives. Two people can look at the same design and see something completely different, yet both love it equally!

That is what I envisioned for this sign that I designed alongside the Joyfully Said team. I wanted it to be something that was versatile enough to work with any home style.

Above all love each other deeply

And I’m so excited to launch it today because it is a special day! Aaron and I celebrate 14 years of marriage today and this wall art encapsulates our goal for our marriage.

Design Story

I’d love to know what you see when you look at this piece? My goal in designing this beautiful sign was to give people a sense of calm. To look at the abstract design and be able to see what they love.

Large Abstract wall art

I see a serene landscape, a lake on a calm morning, and depth and peace. I see modern artwork with a hint of a vintage style painting. It is so versatile and the subtle hints of green add so much to the design.

large abstract wall art in a basement

Wording Inspiration

Beyond the beautiful artwork that the Joyfully Said Sign team created from my inspiration pieces, the wording is especially important to me.

Large Abstract wall art sign design inspiration

Above All, Love Each Other Deeply

1 Peter 4:8

In this passage, Peter was talking to the church. He was giving them instruction on how they should act towards each other. Serve each other in humility. Use your gifts for the benefit of others. Speak the words of God. Serve, pray, and praise to the glory of Christ.

But, above all, love each other deeply.

Above all, love each other deeply.

Is there anything our world really needs more right now than encouragement to love each other deeply?

Basement family room.

It was important to me to create a beautifully designed sign with impactful and important words. And I love that whether you are a person of faith or not, these words encapsulate what we are called to do as humans.

Modern abstract artwork

This encouragement is universal; regardless of faith, ethnicity, age, or socioeconomic status. And I love having this beautiful piece of art displayed in our home as we raise our children with this thought in mind.

Custom sign design

Customize Your Sign

Another feature that I love about this large scale wall art is that it is customizable to suit your own personal design style.

Family room in a basement with wall art.

My sign is a 4’x2′ with a light brown frame. It fits perfectly inside the newly added feature wall in my basement family room.

You can customize your order with the following details!

  • Frame color:
    • Light brown
    • Dark brown
    • Weathered gray
  • Sizes:
    • 4’x2′
    • 36″x18″
    • 2’x1′
Large wall art.

Order Your Custom Sign Online

It is such a joy to be able to support Joyfully Said Signs through this sign launch! Whether you’re looking for large abstract wall art, or you want to order a smaller size, this beautiful abstract art is the perfect addition to your home.

Family room home decor.

I’ve loved working with Joyfully Said for a couple of years now and they are so sweet to offer 15% off to my readers!


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Joyfully said signs team

If you’d like to learn more about the inspiration behind this piece, you can check out the launch video the JSS team put together! What a gift to work with such talented women.

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Stay Connected

Thanks so much for visiting the blog today! I’d love to know what you think of the sign. If you order one for yourself (or as a gift!) please tag myself @graceinmyspace and Joyfully Said Signs @joyfullysaidsigns on Instagram so we can see it in your beautiful home!

Basement family room decor.
Sarah Signature
Large Abstract Wall Art for the Everyday Home


  1. O Wow! I really love how it blends with the rest of the room and at the same is a point in the room where you are immediately attracted To.

  2. I love this beautiful sign! We are remodeling our bedroom and we have an accent wall that same green. I struggle finding the perfect art and end up leaving my walls bare all the time.
    I love this piece and the subtle green abstract is so peaceful. The scripture is powerful and a reminder to us all right now how important it is to love one another.

  3. I love how serene this sign is, so calming. Absolutely stunning and such a wonderful reminder too ✨? I would love to display this in our family room, I have been trying to find something big enough for our wall and this would fit perfectly! Love the different wood frame options too!

  4. I love how all the soft colors blend together. It’s so calming! And calm is something we could all use right now.

  5. What a beautiful sign. New to your blog and love it! The sign is perfect for over a bed. We just redid our bedroom with another joyfully said sign and have been looking for something for directly over our bed. This sign would coordinate perfectly!

  6. I love the message, the artwork, and the overall design of this new sign! It touches my heart and brings a sense of calm, peace, and love!

  7. This sign would be perfect for the home we are remodeling. It belonged to my husbands grandparents and this was definitely what they stood for…they loved deeply! It’s what I want our family to be know for too!

  8. Happy Anniversary ? this sign is so beautiful! Love the options for wood selection and the customization. Peaceful beauty. Stay well ?

  9. WOW! I love this sign!!! It gives such a deep and powerful message. (Definitely needed in today’s world!). I felt a sense of calm when looking at the sign – like standing and looking at the ocean against the horizon – there is no ending point. What a fantastic use of color and shading. This message really hit home – we have always shared with our children to go out in the world and share love. We also include the importance of “love” when we say our grace at meals.

    Thank you for creating this sign!

  10. The sign (s) are beautiful! I love the message of yours, so very timely with everything going on and all the division. ❤️ Thank you for the opportunity!

  11. That is so beautiful!! I have a daycare & it would be a perfect place to showcase the amazing art!! Thank you for the chance to win this !! Have a super blessed day!!

  12. Sarah, Thank you so much for sharing about these Joyfully Said signs! They are absolutely beautiful! I hope you have a blessed day!

  13. Oh Sarah…I’ve not so patiently waited! ?. It’s even more beautiful than imagined. I love the verse and it’s such a timely verse for our world right now! I also love the muted colors! It’s beautiful!

  14. Sarah,
    This sign is so beautiful & impactful! Not only is the sign beautiful, but the words, Above all, love each other deeply, is my favorite part of this sign! It stirs my soul & encourages me to be a better person. To love others with every fiber of my being. Wouldn’t our world be an incredible place if we could simple & beautifully love each other just as we are! I am full and blessed today because of this amazing sign! Thank you for sharing this!

  15. Love every aspect of your new sign, especially the saying! Would love to display something so beautiful in my family room ?
    Love following your blog.

  16. Love the blending of green with the wood frame ? Going to be the perfect piece in our mud room as the first thing you see when you enter & the last thing you see as you leave the house!!

  17. What a lovely piece! It is beautiful! But what I love most is the scripture that was thoughtfully added to it. We all see so much hate and ugliness today. How wonderful to spread Gods word. And this verse reaches people who truly want it all to stop and dont know where to turn. Who may not know God.
    Well this may get them to open up God’s word for andwers. Sarah I love how you are always planting seeds. God is using you in s special way.

  18. The sign is beautiful and the message so important. Happy Anniversary. This October my husband and I will celebrate 44 years. Blessed to have a love that deepens as we grow closer together to each other and our Lord.

  19. I absolutely love the message and the look! I’ve been looking for something to put on the wall above our bed, this would be perfect…not only to look at, but a great daily reminder to both my husband and myself.

  20. Happy 14th Anniversary Sarah & Aaron! I love that you fearlessly speak the word into your community following. Love that this sign is beautiful & His spoken word!

  21. Happy Anniversary to you and your husband! What a special day to launch your beautiful sign. I love the scripture! I think we all need this reminder right now.

  22. Sarah, the artwork is gorgeous – the perfect blend of colors to create that calm feeling. And the words/verse you chose – spot.on. Love everything about this sign – congrats on putting together such a great piece!! So happy for you!

  23. I love that you told the Biblical story behind it! I love the background which reminds of the lake we live on and the peacefulness at dawn and dusk. Beautiful!

  24. I love your sign! Should I spend my gift certificate on it or hope I win. Either way it’ll be a win for me!?

  25. I’m so excited for you to be putting together these special signs. Just luv this one – it’s a winner by far.
    Wish you so much in the business

  26. There are so many things I love about this but I truly love the reminder to love others. It’s a rough world out there right now and people are angry and honestly sometimes just mean. What a way to show Christ with others by showering the unlovable with love.

  27. I love your new sign, my favorite is definitely the verse. I went back and read through 1 Peter this morning, such goodness! What a beautiful reminder! Happy Anniversary!

  28. I love this verse! What a great reminder to see this throughout the day, to love well. It looks so calm and serene with the hint of color. Love it!

  29. Oh my, I love this! I love how it looks in the basement, as well as with the dark green wall. It does exude calm, I imagine it to be looking over a hidden lake in the early morning mist/fog, it’s quiet and still. ?

  30. Omg Sarah, such a lovely sign and the meaning is so beautiful! Thank you so much for opening your heart and to remind us to LOVE! This piece is incredible and I’m sure it will impact alot of us!
    Love Sarai

  31. My son and daughter-in-law are buying their first home…this would be such a wonderful gift for them!! I already subscribe to your blog emails and have just signed up for emails at Joyfully Said Signs.

  32. This is such a beautiful piece of art with even more beautiful words displayed. I love the colors chosen and the simplicity of it. It is stunning, thank you! I would love to get this for our bedroom or living room. We are moving to an old farm house and embarking on restoring it along with our five children. Scripture and beauty displayed are two things that we want to fill our home with.

  33. LOVING everything about this sign- the colors, the meaningful words, the way that it makes me instantly exhale, relax, and refocus on what really matters.

  34. This is a great piece! I love the combination of the scripts that you used. It is very calming and it does make you feel deeply.

  35. Aesthetically, I like that the sign has more than just words…love the added abstract landscape. As far as the wording, I would love the constant reminder in my home to love one another.

  36. I LOVE this sign! I know that this was custom made for you. Is this same sign available for others to purchase?

  37. Hi Sara. First off, please let me send best wishes for you and Aaron on your 14th wedding anniversary. I hope you celebrate all week. ♥♥

    The sign you chose it so awesome – and looks GREAT in that space! You chose well. Those signs are soooo amazing.

    Thank you for the generous giveaway – oh my word, what an amazing win that would be. Woah.

    I am a subscriber on your blog! Thanks for this wonderful opportunity!!!!

  38. LOVE*LOVE*LOVE this sign! These words speak love and would give life and love to my home, that is what I love most about this sign. ~ love deeply ~

  39. I love your new sign! I was given a sneak peak of it at Joyfully Said Signs/Home when I was in today. Would love to give it to my newly engaged daughter as an engagement present. The colors are perfect neutral colors that will enhance any decor.

  40. It’s serene and beautiful! Soft colors and perfect message. I see a calm lake at daybreak.

  41. I absolutely love this sign, you did an awesome job!! I have a perfectly blank wall in my/kid’s living room, where at this time of summer they could use the reminder.

  42. The words are perfect and the art matches the feelings of the words. I love artwork and signs that bring peace to our homes in these crazy times. Our homes are a refuge and a place where we instill goods messages and lessons in our hearts. You beautiful sign reflects all those feelings.
    Beautiful job!!!

  43. That sign is so calming. I love the greens, yellows, and grays. I love your choice of scripture. Jesus loved us first and because of that love we should love others without hesitation. We need to present in people’s lives not just pass them by and smile.

  44. After going through cancer with my husband for almost 4 years. This puts into words beautifully our love through the storm. By Gods mercy and grace he is on the road to recovering after getting a stem cell transplant from his sister. Whether we get picked or not this is a sign that will grace our home. Feel your love and beauty through what you stand proudly and for in top of your beautiful home. Thank you for sharing.

  45. I love this! It expresses your style and tone of your home in every way! What a great reminder! We are currently making some (much needed) updates around our house and wall art is one of them. Lol!

  46. This is absolutely beautiful. I love the simplicity of your design and the muted colors. It’s so peaceful and keeps the focus on His word. Well done!!!

  47. I love how serene this is! I had thought about putting it in the living room, but I think our guest bedroom would be a good place too.

  48. I love the simplicity of the sign and the juxtaposition of complex emotions that it creates with the serene landscape and powerful biblical verse. It evokes an overwhelming feeling of calm and I love how pertinent the message is for today and always.

  49. I love this verse and the sign so much; the words are this verse are so timely and such a good choice! Love your blog and your heart!

  50. What I love the most about your wall art is the coloring. I am so used to signage with beautiful script either in cursive or block but this adds color which I don’t think I’ve seen before. Beautiful!!!!! Calming and peaceful!

  51. I love the sign and how it speaks truth but would be enjoyed by someone who is a Christian or not. Thanks for sharing your creativity!

  52. What a fantastic use of color and shading. This message really hit home – we have always shared with our children to go out in the world and share the love. I like that the sign has more than just words…love the added abstract landscape. As far as the wording, I would love the constant reminder in my home to love one another. Thank you so much for sharing about these Joyfully Said signs! They are absolutely beautiful! I hope you have a blessed day.
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