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Using Fall Bedding In A Neutral Autumn Bedroom

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Do you decorate your bedroom for autumn? I love the warmth that fall decor brings, but I like to keep it simple in the bedroom. Here are 4 tips for using fall bedding as the anchor to a beautiful and warm neutral autumn bedroom.

fall bedding decor ideas

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Fall Bedding As A Decor Anchor

I love seasonal decorating. The majority of my home is decked out for each season, however the bedroom often doesn’t make the cut. Perhaps it’s because not many people see it, so I don’t feel the need to decorate for the season. Or perhaps it’s because I like my bedroom to be kept simple and refreshing.

fall decor ideas for the bedroom

Either way, this fall I wanted to warm it up for the autumn season. Today, I want to share how to use fall bedding sets as an anchor for easy fall decor in a neutral bedroom.

Neutral Bedding Set

So often I hear people say that they are overwhelmed by the colors of fall. That’s why I chose this beautiful black and white bedding set from The Company Store. This cozy quilt has so many beautiful details and textures.

And that is my first tip for how to use bedding as the anchor for your fall decor.

neutral fall bedding set

Cozy Textures

While my fall bedding does not reflect traditional fall colors, it provides great texture and coziness. I love neutral decor and to use an overly colorful bedspread or comforter would overwhelm me in a space that is supposed to be a retreat.

black and white bedding set

Instead, I gravitate to cozy textures in the fall that physically communicate autumn and coziness to me. Sheets also play a huge part in that.

Fall bedroom decor

For fall, I chose to darken my traditionally white bed sheets with a beautiful combed cotton sateen grey sheet set. These are so silky and cozy to slip into at the end of a long day. They are the perfect base to my layers of coziness.

Layer Pillows

The next step to creating a cozy fall bedroom is to layer pillows for added comfort. Often, people express their dislike for too many pillows that seem in the way when it’s time to sleep.

black and white bed pillows

For that reason, I love that these beautiful bed pillows are sold separately so you can choose how many layers you want. The shams and euro covers also have a super cute tie closure in the back that I love.

Do you decorate your bedroom for autumn? Here are 4 tips for using fall bedding as the anchor to a beautiful and warm neutral autumn bedroom.

At the very least, I always recommend a throw pillow or two if you don’t love lots of pillow layers. These super cute embroidered pom pillows can easily transition from the bedroom to the living room too!

Add Small Pops of Color

Even though I want my fall bedroom to remain neutral, a little pop of color does go a long way. Adding a few fall stems to my bedside clearly communicates fall. And I loved the berry color of this gorgeous knit blanket.

Autumn bedding ideas

It reminds me of the berries that fall from our trees every fall and is such a warm and inviting color. So while the majority of my fall bedroom remains neutral, it is clearly decorated for fall in a simple and cozy manner.

Cozy fall bedding sets
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Creating Atmosphere

The last way I like to create a cozy fall bedroom is to create some atmosphere. Whether that is lighting a candle, closing the curtains to create a moody retreat, or just grabbing a good book to read, creating an atmosphere you want to enjoy is key!

Cozy fall bedding

Remember, you’re designing a haven, not just decorating a house!

I hope that these tips have been helpful to you as you seek to create a cozy fall retreat in your bedroom this season! Leave me a comment and let me know your favorite element of a fall bedroom.

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Happy Fall!

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Do you decorate your bedroom for autumn? Here are 4 tips for using fall bedding as the anchor to a beautiful and warm neutral autumn bedroom.

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