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DIY Small Wood Projects to Use As Decor

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Small wood projects are a great way to decorate your home affordably! Use this tutorial, with video, to learn how to make a DIY wood centerpiece styled for fall!

Small wood projects are a great way to decorate your home affordably! Use this tutorial, with video, to learn how to make a DIY wood centerpiece!

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Seasonal Simplicity Fall DIYs

Joining me today are some amazingly talented bloggers each sharing their own DIY project for fall, hosted by sweet Krista from The Happy Housie. Make sure to visit each of their projects linked at the bottom of this tutorial.

Small wood project ideas

DIY Small Wood Project for Fall

As I gathered ideas for my fall decor, I came across a simple wood project in Marshalls. I almost bought it because I loved the simplicity and versatility of it. Then I thought, I bet I could make that! This is the piece I found in the store for reference.

DIY Wood centerpiece inspiration

Their product was priced at $30, which is still a fairly reasonable price. But guess how much I made mine for? $5!! Woot!

Scrap Wood Projects

Here is the simple written tutorial. Make sure to follow me on YouTube as well to watch the video tutorial for all you visual learners!

Easy Wood Project Tutorial

First, take note that this small wood project tutorial can be altered to fit your needs! Measurements can be changed to make your DIY centerpiece taller or shorter and wider or skinnier. The measurements listed are what I used and create a fairly substantial sized piece.


I used 2x2x8 furring strips. This is cheap wood, it has lots of knots and “character” and isn’t all that straight. However, it is cheap! If you want a cleaner look then I’d recommend using 2x2x8 select pine.

Alternately, you could also use scrap wood for this project! You simply need to have enough to match the measurements of the finished piece.

DIY Wood Centerpiece Materials List

One of the beautiful options for this project is that you have the ability to have your wood cut at a home improvement store. Many stores offer this service for free or a very small charge.

Materials for Easy Wood Project

So, if you don’t have a saw at home, take the measurements listed above with you into the store and have it all pre-cut before you ever arrive home!

Measure, Cut, Sand, Assemble

There are really only four steps to this simple project. That’s exactly why I love small wood projects, simplicity! Five steps, if you want to stain or paint it.

Furring strips

First, if you are doing your own cutting, then measure your furring strips. You need:

  • (4) 8″
  • (4) 18″
  • (4) 5″
  • Optional for the bottom: 2″x15″x7 7/8″

Cut along your measurements to create the pieces needed to build your centerpiece.

Scrap wood project ideas

Once you’ve cut all your pieces, sand down each edge to smooth out any rough edges. This will give your piece a more finished look.

Sanding wood

Next, assemble your frame, starting with the base. I used a nail gun with 2″ finish nails. If you don’t have access to a nail gun then a good ol’ hammer and nails will work as well.

You’re basically just creating two rectangles on top and bottom with pillars in the middle.

Assembled framework

After you’ve assembled the base, add the four corner pillars. Finish by building the top and then nailing it onto the pillars.

Small wood projects are a great way to decorate your home affordably! Use this tutorial, with video, to learn how to make a DIY wood centerpiece!

You can see here that I added a base to the middle of my project. This is entirely optional, but I think it will help if you plan to use it for multiple decor ideas. It will elevate whatever you place inside and creates a flush bottom.

I used a 2×10 piece cut to size to create this. You can use whatever type of wood you have available!

Stain or Paint

The last step is also completely optional! I chose to stain my piece to give it a finished look. I used Early American stain I had left over from the DIY kitchen shelves I built.

You can choose your favorite stain or paint color to match your preference!

Stained Simple Wood Project

My favorite way to apply stain is to use an old cut up white t-shirt from my husband’s t-shirt graveyard. It wipes on really nicely without lint!

Video Tutorial

YouTube video

Fall Table Decor

Now, all that’s left to do is style your centerpiece! This easy wood project can be used for fall table decor, (truly, it can be styled as a table centerpiece for any season), candle holder, piled with pumpkins or fall foliage, filled with hurricane vases like the inspiration piece was…etc.

The options for styling this versatile piece are only limited by your imagination!

Fall kitchen decor ideas

As an example, I styled it two ways for fall on my kitchen island. I think it will eventually end up on my entryway console table to use in my fall decor. I can definitely see myself adding round vases (dollar stores have great options!) and affordable pillar candles.

Fall kitchen decor ideas

This was such a fun project! When I considered things to build with wood I never really thought of an actual decor piece. However, I’m so glad I tried it!

The entire project took about an hour and would have taken much less time if I’d had the wood pre-cut at the store.

I hope that this project inspires you to try some simple building projects! It’s much less intimidating than it looks and this is a great starter project for someone not familiar with building.

Fall decor ideas
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If you create this piece I’d LOVE to see how you style it! Make sure to tag me on Instagram and show me your completed project!

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Small wood projects are a great way to decorate your home affordably! Use this tutorial, with video, to learn how to make a DIY wood centerpiece!


  1. Awesome writing!
    Totally agree with you, Wood is a great natural insulator which means there will be significantly less heat lost from your home than with brick, concrete or stone.

  2. Sarah, this is so easy, and so beautiful! I’ve pinned this to hopefully do this season (great for any seasonal decor… Christmas anyone?) I don’t know if you link-up at any parties, but we would love to have you join us at Tuesday Turn About this coming week… we open at 5pm CST. Hope to see you there!

  3. Kudos to you for choosing to DIY this pretty centerpiece! It looks fantastic and just a good as the original. plus you can dress it up for any holiday! The boy mom in me had to mention that you were photobombed by a nerf gun dart in your last photo lol. That is so my life…love it! 🙂 XO

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