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Hey friends!

I wanted to pop on and say THANK YOU for your support as I launch my photography shop! I’ve been so encouraged by the outpouring of support. I thought I would do a small series giving the story behind a few of my favorite prints. (And offer my readers a bit of a discount as a thank you for following along!)

First up, I wanted to share the story of Window to the Farm.

Window to the Farm
This barn sits on a Civil War homestead where I lived with my parents while I was in college. The acreage was part of a lot that was given to a solider as part of his payment for serving his country during the war. This little hobby farm brought so much joy to my parents’ lives, as well as mine.

When we first moved to the farm this barn was in rough shape. Spider webs housed every corner. The floor boards were dangerously brittle. The stalls were filled with junk from previous owners. The barnyard was rancid with years of unkept muck and manure. But that window. That window greeted the sun daily and brought beautiful light into a dark and dingy space.

Do you ever wonder what history is held in the walls of an old structure? How many animals did this barn shelter in cold Michigan winters? How many men walked its floors throwing hay bales one on top of the other? How many children lovingly watched as their parents made a living using the tools a barn provides? Is there really gold buried in its walls (as the story goes)?

I know that just in my time on the farm this barn housed bridal showers, then weddings, then baby showers. It provided my own children with hours of entertainment exploring nooks and crannies and discovering square nails, rusted cans, and old bottles. In their minds, buried treasure. It continued on with its practical purposes providing warmth for cattle and cats alike.

But in the end, it has always just been beautiful to me. It is something so simple, so worn, so plain, so utilitarian. But then there is that window. A little beauty in the midst of the daily grind. Something to bring light into a space meant for work. It may sound sappy or idealistic, but couldn’t we all use a little light in the darkness? A ray of hope even?

So there you have it. There is a little bit of me in my photos and I hope you enjoy them. I know I am certainly grateful for the daily reminder Window to the Farm brings in my own home.

If you are interested in purchasing any photos, visit my Shop page and use the discount code THANKS15 to receive 15% off your purchase through January 26. My way of saying thank you for following along on this journey.


Have a blessed day my friends,


{The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.- John 1:5}


  1. Hun that was the most beautifully written piece! Brought a tear to my eyes. That barn was one of my most favorite parts of the farm and you captured my feelings as well as yours. You have talent you have not tapped yet I think. Great things to come.

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