3 Overlooked Kitchen Cleaning Tips

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Deep cleaning your home doesn’t have to be complicated. Most of us operate best in a clean and organized space, but there are a few spaces in our kitchens we often overlook. Today I’ll be sharing three overlooked kitchen cleaning tips to start your day off right!

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Kitchen cleaning tips for a good cup of coffee.

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3 Kitchen Cleaning Tips Most People Overlook

Cleaning our kitchens is a daily practice. However, many people also tack on monthly deep cleaning checklists to keep the most used room in our homes healthy and organized. Unfortunately, there are three areas of a kitchen that most people overlook!

Learn how to effectively keep your small kitchen appliances and the focal point of your kitchen clean and healthy with these three tips!

1. Descale Your Coffee Maker

Do you start your day with a cup of coffee? I know I have to have my cup (or two or three) to get my day started. It’s more than an energy boost though. It is about enjoying a warm cup of coffee as I start my day out in a relaxing way to set the tone for my day.

When I unexpectedly run out of coffee, or far worse, the coffee maker goes kaput, it disrupts my routine. So I want to make sure I take care of my coffee maker to get the most life out of it!

Coffee maker in a farmhouse kitchen.

Did you know that regularly cleaning your coffee maker extends the life of the machine? And, it also helps your coffee taste to its fullest potential.

It has always been ironic to me that coffee pots are one of the most daily used appliances in our homes, and yet, so few regularly clean and maintain them! Here is kitchen cleaning tip #1 that is most often overlooked!

3 Overlooked Kitchen Cleaning Tips

Best Coffee Maker Cleaner

On a normal day, I would assume that you at least clean your coffee pot or carafe. But, what about the machine itself? I’ve partnered with durgol to share how to properly descale your coffee maker to maintain the health of the machine and improve the taste of your coffee.

A side effect of country living is that we have especially hard water. Limescale build up happens fast in our coffee machines, so I rely on durgol to quickly, safely and effectively clean them.

Before Durgol coffee maker cleaner.

When I do my monthly deep cleaning, I add my coffee maker descaler solution to the tank with durgol Swiss Espresso Special Descaler. One dose descales my coffee machine completely without having to do any additional cleaning. This is the best coffee pot cleaner I’ve found!

It is specially formulated to decalcify your espresso and single-serve coffee machines.

Coffee pot after cleaning

While it works its magic, I also use durgol Universal on my carafes and kettles.

Kitchen cleaning tips for best coffee maker cleaner.

durgol is so effective and, with regular maintenance, my coffee machines will continue working properly and making great coffee! You can also use durgol Universal throughout your home to descale household items like the shower head, kitchen sink, faucet and cookware.

2. De-crumb Your Toaster

The second kitchen cleaning tip I have is to ensure that you are removing the crumbs from your toaster and toaster ovens!

Not only are these a fire-hazard, but they also cause a big mess if not regularly cleaned.

Kitchen cleaning with the toaster.

Most people don’t even realize that toasters have removable crumb trays. Simply pull out the trays over the sink or trash can, empty, and return! Make sure to also look into the toaster cavity and remove any large debris that hasn’t fallen into the tray.

This one step cleaning tip will save you down the road!

3. Clean Your Cabinets

The final kitchen cleaning tip today is perhaps the most obvious, and the most overlooked! Kitchen cabinets are the focal point of any kitchen, yet so often we only wash them when the dirt is extremely noticeable.

Kitchen cabinets.

A once a week cleaning with a damp microfiber cloth is typically all that is needed for regular maintenance. However, monthly, I also like to get into all of the grooves and seams for a deep cleaning.

Kitchen cabinet cleaning.

If you’re looking for some really great non toxic cleaning cloths, this is my favorite brand. They have a ton of options, all chemical free. The kitchen, bathroom, window and polishing cloths are my favorite!

Shaker style kitchen cabinets are the most popular option in modern homes. With this style cabinetry comes a bottom lip to the drawer and cabinet faces that is notorious for collecting dust and dirt.

I use four simple steps to clean this area most effectively.

  1. First, vacuum with a small tool attachment.
  2. Then, wipe with a damp microfiber cloth.
  3. After that, use a toothpick to swipe out debris from the corners and seams.
  4. Finally, wipe one final time to remove remaining debris.

{Looking for kitchen sources? You can find all the details on my kitchen in my kitchen archives!}

Want more cleaning tips?

I hope that these three simple tips are helpful as you maintain a healthy home! If you’re looking for more cleaning and organization tips, make sure to check out my posts below!

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Durgol coffee pot cleaner.
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3 Overlooked Kitchen Cleaning Tips

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