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5 Ways to Use Battery Fairy Lights

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Battery fairy lights are my new favorite find to create cozy and magical spaces! The soft glow, the shimmering twinkle and the cozy atmosphere they create are all perfect for the colder months. Here are 5 ways to use fairy lights in your Christmas decor!

5 Ways to Use Battery Fairy Lights

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5 Ways to Use Battery Fairy Lights in Christmas Decor

The winter season is upon us and with it comes a deep desire to feel cozy. This year our fireplace is out of commission, so I was longing for that warm glow. I came across these battery fairy lights, which you can shop here, and went a little wild with them.

5 Ways to Use Battery Fairy Lights

I feel a little like Oprah. Fairy lights for the living room, fairy lights for the mantel, fairy lights for the kitchen, fairy lights for everyone!!

They are just so easy to use and I love that the wire is moldable so I can place it wherever I need to.

Here are 5 ways I’ve used them this year to create a little magic with my Christmas decor!

1. Fairy Lights on Shelving

Magical fairy lights on a kitchen shelf.

While I love the glow of a real candle or fire, I do not trust them to be left lit without me in the room.

After our house fire, I am extremely careful about fire. Since I won’t be lighting these candles in our kitchen daily, I added some twinkle lights to the mix! They create a beautiful soft glow.

I’ll be sharing each space in our home decorated for Christmas in the next two weeks! Make sure to subscribe to the blog to be notified when these posts come out with all the details!

2. Creating a Glowing Mantel Without A Plug

I always love the look of a lit mantel garland, however, our barn beam mantel doesn’t have electricity run to it.

Mantel lit with fairy lights

Using battery operated twinkle lights solved the problem! This is the first year in 14 years of marriage I’ll enjoy a lighted mantel and I’ve been loving it!

You can see how I made this large tree artwork in this DIY post!

3. Elevated Glow with Mercury Glass and Fairy Lights

One of my favorite ways to create a magical glow is to layer mercury glass or a mirror underneath of lights.

Mercury glass lit with lights.

The glass or mirror reflects the light from the fairy lights as well as the Christmas tree and creates such a soft glow in the evenings.

I simply intertwined my fairy lights into the glass ornaments and then wound it across this antique glass I found.

4. Create Magical Stars

I’ve already shared this project on the blog, but my Christmas star display is one of my favorites!

Christmas star display

Rather than having unsightly cords hanging down, ruining the magic, I used battery fairy lights! I love that they twinkle on their own so it mimics the glimmer of real stars.

5. Backlight a Garland to Frame Interior Windows

The last way I have used lights this year is to backlight a garland in my living room! These ones are actually icicle lights because I was able to hide the cord in the drapes! But battery fairy lights would work perfectly for this application if you don’t have a plug nearby!

Backlight garland Christmas decor

I think it frames the window so beautifully. Plus, it is a show stopper from the outside at night!

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I hope that these 5 simple ways to use battery fairy lights inspires to you create a magical glow in your own home this year! I’ll be continuing to use these into the winter time to keep that magic alive.

One additional way I might use them is to add some twinkle glow to the interior of my Christmas tree too! Mixing twinkle lights into regular tree lights is sure to be a beautiful addition!

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5 Ways to Use Battery Fairy Lights

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