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How to Create a Cozy Home With Layers

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Do you love the hygge home movement? Learn how to create a cozy home using layers, textures, and warm tones. I’m excited to share my front room furnishings that help create a cozy home we love, plus a bonus tip at the end!

Do you love the hygge home movement? Learn how to create a cozy home using layers, textures, and warm tones. Front room furnishings for a cozy home to love!

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Creating a Cozy Home | The Hygge Movement

Over the last several years, the Hygge movement has grown more and more popular. This Danish lifestyle movement is all about creating a cozy and contented environment.

Personally, feeling cozy in my home is very important! I always want my family to be comfortable, comforted, and contented in our cozy home. That is part of what makes my home a haven.

Cozy couch decor.

So, I’m excited to share some of the ways that I create a cozy home with my front room furnishings! These steps can be altered to fit any room in your home.

It’s all about walking through the process of layering your home for comfort and functionality.

Start with a Solid Foundation

When designing a cozy home, I always start with the foundation of a room.

Just like a Christian must build their life on the solid foundation of Christ, and just like a house must be built on solid ground, a hygge home should be built on a soft and cozy floor.

How’d you like those analogies? I’m sure I could expound upon them but I’ll let my Monday Musings of Grace do that for me.

Cozy rug for a hygge home.

Whether you have carpeted floor or a hard surface topped with area rugs, make sure to begin your cozy home design with something soft underfoot.

I’ve shared some of my favorite family-friendly affordable rug sources in this post.

An area rug sets the tone for a room and serves to designate zones in open concept homes. It’s also an easy way to add personality to your home with thousands of designs, textures, and colors available.

Layer Furniture

The next step in creating a cozy home is to layer comfortable furniture. I believe there is a time and a place for structured and formal furniture, but in my home, I want it to be comfortable first and foremost.

Cozy home furniture pieces.

Luckily, these days there are many affordable options for large pieces of furniture that are both pretty and practical.

I prefer to have at least two varying seating options in a main living space for optimal comfort.

This allows people with different comfort levels to choose what works best for them. Some prefer a more structured chair over a cushy couch. So, I like to provide both options!

The next larger piece of furniture that helps create a cozy home is a coffee table or shelving. This gives you a place to place candles, magazines, plants, drinks/food, or other comfort materials within easy reach.

How to Create a Cozy Home with Layers

I found my oversized coffee table used and shared how I transformed it in this DIY post. It is one of my most popular posts to date! If you have the space, I also like to add shelving to highlight your favorite home decor accents.

Add Cozy Home Accents

Once you’ve built your foundation of the room, the finish touch is to add cozy home decor accents. These are the pieces that you will most likely change out for the seasons.

Pillows and throw blankets.

I always recommend investing more in the foundation of a room than the final touches. That way, you have given yourself more leeway to keep your budget in line with seasonal updates.

Arm chair in a modern farmhouse living room.

Pillows and throw blankets are the two basic home decor accents that offer the hygge feeling of cozy. They are also the most affordable accents to switch in and out for the seasons.

However, don’t overlook warm textured baskets, comforting candles, or calming reading materials as a way to increase the coziness in your home as well.

Entryway console table.

A hygge home is less about the appearance of a home and more about the feeling you get when experiencing it. Bringing contentment into our homes is an often forgotten part of haven making!

Finish with An Attitude Alignment

This may sound like an odd way to end a post on creating a cozy home, but so much of our contentment in our homes comes from adjusting our attitude rather than buying more “stuff.”

Living room shelf decor.

Chasing trends and feeling the constant pressure to keep up with the world has become a burden to so many home owners. With the over saturation of marketing being thrown at us from every direction, it is easy to get swept up in discontentment.

So, when I begin to feel like I’ve been left in the design dust, I know it’s time for an attitude adjustment.

Modern farmhouse living room styled for winter.

Yes, being a home decor blogger immerses me in a continual rotation of “things”; however, I want to always communicate that these “things” are not the only part of creating a cozy home.

Our contentment, gratitude, and satisfaction in the way we’ve built our homes should overshadow the things we’ve built it with.

How Will You Create Your Haven?

So, my friends, how do you plan to create your haven?

Yes, I do love creating a cozy home with rugs, furniture, and home decor accents! But, I also love remembering that the attitude I express about my home plays as much of a role in contentedness as the way I style what’s in it!

I hope that this post has been helpful as you seek to love your home and create a haven for your family.

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Do you love the hygge home movement? Learn how to create a cozy home using layers, textures, and warm tones. Front room furnishings for a cozy home to love!


  1. Hello-This room is very nice and I agree that we don’t have to have seasonal things. With regards to all those pillows on the chairs and sofa: While they photograph well, can anyone really sit down comfortably on your spaces with those present? I know I wouldn’t be able to and I have been in such situation where I am visiting a friend and can’t be comfortable for the pillows hitting me in the back or having to sit awkward. As a guest, I wouldn’t presume I could take off he pillows soI don’t. Do you have any place where you display personalization, such as family photos? And we use electronics and lamps in our living space so having furniture near electrical outlets is important, meaning we couldn’t have any seating away from walls. Oh and there is the television. Many of us don’t have recreation rooms so our living spaces, such as yours, do double duty as gathering/entertainment spaces. Can you maybe address how to set a room to still feel cozy and inviting but still be used for duty other than chatting with visitors? And how do we maintain the cozy look of all those pillows yet still provide the look? I tried to imagine your space without the color pop of them and I could feel a difference. They do look cozy! In our situation, our computers are charged at our end tables where we use them for entertainment. In smaller homes, double duty is essential. Okay thanks so much!

    1. Hi Angie, First, I’d just say that everyone’s home is different. Everyone has different tastes, floor plans, preferences and needs. In my home, we use our pillows daily for comfort- they aren’t just for looks. I also don’t like lamps so have no need to arrange my furniture with them in mind. But it’s hard to write a post that will meet everyone’s needs when broadcasting it to hundreds of thousands of people with all different homes and preferences. Without seeing your space, I wouldn’t be able to give proper advice, but it sounds like you’re trying to create a multifunctional space that is also good for entertaining. I think it may be helpful to you to send you to this post: https://graceinmyspace.com/interior-design-inspiration-guide/
      It’s a three part series where I talk about the process I walk through to design a space. I hope it helps you see some practical steps that may help guide you as you design your space!

  2. I stumbled across your website and its such a refreshing site to scroll through. I’m stressing beyond what I should trying to get modern farm styled wall art/decor on a large living room wall above my sectional. Would you be willing to give ideas or suggestions? I would greatly appreciate as I’m so stuck and confused on what to put there.

  3. I love your foundation analogy. Praise Him in all we do. ❤ The idea of an attitude adjustment is really helpful because it IS hard not running to the store after ever decor post. I constantly remind myself that it’s ok to not change things out for every season or holiday. Redecorating has to work with my family budget, not the industry’s trends. It’s ok to have pillows and decor vignettes for more than a couple months. Remembering to enjoy accts w/o feeling the pressure to live them is key to feeling comfortable and content in my home as is. Thanks for always encouraging that mindset!

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