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Modern Bohemian Style | Summer Living Room Tour

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Do you want to learn how to get the look of a modern bohemian design style? It is such a versatile and energetic design and I’ve enjoyed bringing more boho design elements into my home over the last year. I hope you enjoy this summer home tour of my modern boho living room decor!

Modern bohemian living room design.

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Modern Bohemian Summer Living Room

My living room has seen quite a few changes over the last two years. My styled started out with a vintage farmhouse vibe. It quickly changed to a more modern farmhouse style. However now, I’ve enjoyed adding modern boho elements.

Hoya wax plant in a modern bohemian living room.

Plants are a huge part of my decor. I have many posts sharing how I care for them and which indoor plants are my favorite. They are such an easy addition to a home and really bring in those bohemian design vibes.

Velvet couch with an open entryway.

So today, I’m excited to share a few tips for how I use plants and other elements to add touches of boho design to my living room. Plus, I’ll be sharing how I’ve designed with summer in mind!

How to get the Modern Boho Look

My design style is not 100% bohemian. I have quite a few modern pieces of furniture, plus some more farmhouse style pieces as well. However, adding one statement piece of boho furniture really took the look of my living room and amplified it to a more boho feeling.

velvet couch in a modern living room.

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Add a Piece of Statement Furniture

When I chose this velvet couch from Kardiel, I wasn’t sure how it would flow with my other decor. I just knew that I loved the look of it and I have been wanting a velvet couch for a couple of years! And what a difference it made!

modern bohemian velvet couch

Even just adding a pop of color with this couch made a huge difference to the feeling of the room.

Since the rest of my decor is fairly neutral, it welcomes a dose of bold color without it feeling overwhelming.

Modern boho living room design.

I love the way the clean lines of this tufted sofa modernize the space while giving it that slightly funky boho style.

Incorporate Plants

The boho design style is grounded in lively colors, playful patterns and indoor plants.

Indoor plants in a modern bohemian living room.
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I’ve accumulated a few dozen indoor plants over the last few years and they are by far my favorite design element. Statement plants, like this monstera and fiddle leaf fig, are crucial to getting the boho look.

Fiddle leaf fig in a living room.

Of course, adding in smaller plants, including trailing vines, are important too. Plus, the smaller varieties are usually more easy to care for.

Modern bohemian living room design.

Include Playful Patterns

The final element I like to include of modern bohemian design is a playful pattern.

Boho throw pillows.

Many times people think of bohemian design and think that it must be “busy”. However, it is simple to include neutral patterns that add interest without being overwhelming by using throw pillows.

Living room decorated for summer.

Textured fabrics are also a great way to add in that funky element without going overboard.

Summer Design Elements

Now that we’ve covered the basics of what to include for modern bohemian design elements, let’s talk about summer decor!

Bouquet of bright flowers.

I typically remove more decor for summer than adding accent pieces. To me, summer deserves to be carefree and uncluttered.

Entryway designed simply.

Since our entryway is immediately connected to our living room, I always simplify that space for summer first. I removed the spring swag I created from the mirror and added my go-to summer hat to the entryway.

Summer entryway decor.

Next, I added another pop of color with fresh blooms from my quince bush.

Bouquet of quince.

As a Michigander who endures long months of cold, summer is always my favorite and I find so much joy in bringing in fresh blooms from my garden.

It’s free decor and a simple way to amplify a space!

The rest of my living room decor was already fairly season-neutral so I didn’t change much! I’ve really enjoyed the simplicity of this season.

Stay Connected

Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today! If you’re trying to incorporate more modern bohemian style into your home, then I hope this was a helpful post for you!

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Get the Modern Bohemian Style | Summer Living Room Tour


  1. I love your gorgeous boho summer living room and that sofa is fabulous!! I wish I could keep plants like you! I kill them all haha. This is all so beautiful, happy summer!

  2. Oh I agree with you, that new sofa is absolutely perfect. The color is so pretty and I love the style and shape of the sofa too. Your modern boho style is so refreshing and interesting. Not at all over the top, but more a mix of styles that are really so inviting. It’s been fun to see this room change over this past year and I am also enjoying the makeover of your guesthouse too. Thanks so much for joining the tour this season, a great post and beautiful room.

  3. I love your modern bohemian living room!!!!!!!!! That gorgeous sofa is such a pretty pop of color that I could live with for a long time. Your simple effortless style is refreshing;)

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