10 Best Exterior Black Paint Colors to Upgrade a Home Exterior

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Are you searching for black exterior house paint that will help modernize your home? When we did our home exterior makeover, I wanted to take our quaint country house and make it feel more impactful. So we chose a black exterior paint that would take our exterior remodeling project to the next level. This is the best exterior black paint to upgrade your home exterior!

Best black exterior paint color for a modern home.

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Exterior Paint Colors With Brick

The first item I needed to take into consideration with my search for exterior black paint was that it needed to coordinate with our brick. Finding examples of exterior house colors with brick accents was difficult because most brick homes these days are painted!

Before photo of home exterior.

Our natural brick is a lighter color, so I didn’t need to compete with a red brick. Instead, I was able to work with our natural stone for a house exterior that doesn’t fall flat or feel too dark.

Before of home exterior.

For our exterior home remodel, one of my goals was to make the brick pop.

The existing light sage green exterior paint color created a quaint country home vibe. It blended together so that the brick didn’t really stand out.

Snowy exterior.

The brick and black house exterior combination balances light and dark so well, so I knew that a black exterior was the way to go for our wood siding. This makes the brick stand out and become a design focal point, rather than an afterthought.

Black home exterior with brick.

What do you think of our black and brick home exterior now?

After photo with brick and black exterior.

Tour our Home Exterior and Land

If you’re new to Grace In My Space, let me introduce you to our home!

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My Choice for Best Exterior Black Paint

Part of the process of finding the best exterior black paint was doing a lot of scrolling on Pinterest for inspiration. However, the most important part was buying actual samples and painting them on our wood siding.

Black home exterior with brick accents.

In the end, I decided to paint our exterior siding in the color Graphite by Benjamin Moore.

Graphite is a very versatile color. In bright daylight it reads a dark grey. In shadows it pulls true black without overt undertones. It is a softer black that works perfectly with my country house.

Back patio.

It gave my home a modern dark house exterior vibe without feeling stark, contemporary or unwelcoming.

We decided to install black windows the year before we painted our home exterior and I love how they look with the siding color. It makes our black and brick house look like it has black trim for a subtle variation.

Dark exterior house colors.

Top 10 Best Black Exterior Paint Colors

Additionally, here are 10 more black exterior paint colors you should consider as you test out samples for your home exterior.

10 Best Exterior Black Paint Colors to Upgrade a Home Exterior
  1. Graphite Benjamin Moore
  2. Iron Ore Sherwin Williams
  3. Black Magic Sherwin Williams
  4. Tricorn Black Sherwin Williams (which you can see in our deck transformation here)
  5. Soot Benjamin Moore
  6. Black Beauty Benjamin Moore
  7. Ebony Field Valspar
  8. Wrought Iron Benjamin Moore
  9. Mopboard Black Benjamin Moore
  10. Blackboard Magnolia Home

Our Experience Choosing a Paint Color

Now, if you were following along with me on the home exterior remodel on Instagram, you may remember that we ran into some issues with the paint color.

Originally, I thought I did my due diligence in picking my exterior color.

  • I tested multiple samples.
  • The painting company’s designer come out and went over colors with me.
  • I studied images of the paint color I wanted.

And yet, things still went awry.

Back home exterior.

A full day into the painting process on our wood siding, I came out to see the progress and found a very different color than I had originally chosen. The entire back of the house was painted deep black with a glossy finish.

This finish picked up every single wood grain in our wood siding and made it look like charred wood.

While charred wood is an actual exterior weatherproofing method, it was not the finish I was going for!

The image below shows the top exterior in Graphite (fixed) and the bottom in the original color that was incorrect. See what a drastic difference it made!

Exterior color discrepancy.

After much discussion with the paint company and paint store, we determined that the issue came from this series of events.

  1. The paint company was using Sherwin Williams exterior paint. So when I purchased my sample I went to a Lowes because they sell SW. Lowes gave me a color match to Benjamin Moore Graphite with the HGTV Home by Sherwin Williams Paint: First issue.
  2. The paint company went to a different store to purchase the paint using Sherwin Williams Duration Exterior Paint in the color Graphite pulled from their system: Second Issue.

Turns out, there is a series of issues with getting a sample color in a paint brand that is different than the one you will use for the final result. Additionally, each paint store has slightly different calibrations for their paint machines. So getting a sample from one store and the paint from another, will result in a slightly different color.

This is why most painting companies recommend combining gallons of paint prior to painting so you get a true color across an entire large space.

Tips for Picking a Black Exterior Paint Color

So, here are a few tips for choosing an exterior paint color:

  • If you’re working with a painting company, ask them to provide you with sample paint.
  • If you’re painting yourself, get samples in the paint you will be using and from the same store you will be purchasing from.
  • Combine gallons of paint into a 5 gallon bucket to ensure the color remains true.
  • Consider the sheen of your paint. Glossy paint will pick up every defect in siding or wood grain in wood siding.

Patio with deck.

In the end, the painting company I worked with was wonderful to correct the problem. They color matched their paint to my original color and chose a low-lustre finish rather than satin.

They repainted the back of the house and it is now what I truly envisioned for our home.

You can learn more about our outdoor entertaining areas in this post.

Best Exterior Paint for Wood Siding

While interviewing with painting companies, a common theme for their choice of best exterior house paint was to use Sherwin Williams exterior paint.

Front exterior elevation.

For our home, we used Duration Exterior Acrylic Latex. For our barn, we used SuperPaint Exterior Acrylic Latex as it’s a paint and primer in one.

When I was designing the way our home exterior remodel would look, I was drawn to a black and white house exterior. However, I didn’t want to paint the brick white.

To achieve the look I wanted while keeping the brick natural, I decided to use the white paint on the barn. They coordinate so well together. I brought the Graphite color to the barn doors so that it would feel intentional.

Exterior house and barn.

If you’re looking for the best white exterior paint, make sure to check out this article with my favorites!

Average Cost to Paint a House Exterior

Obviously, one of the biggest considerations for an exterior paint color remodel is the cost to paint the exterior of house.

Exterior doors.

In Michigan (during a pandemic with labor and paint shortages) we received bids from $5,000 to $15,000 to paint our large home and pole barn. Our bids included doors, windows and garage doors.

Since this was two large buildings, you can easily cut this bid in half for one home to range from $2,500-$7,500.

Back elevation with black exterior paint.

This price was higher than a typical average due to the world’s events at the time. In fact, the paint shortages were so immense that our painters were limited on how much paint they could buy at once. Thankfully, we were able to get what we needed over time.

Depending on your geographic region, this price will vary. This article may be helpful to you.

Additionally, the average price to paint the exterior of your house will be significantly less if you do it yourself. You can easily save thousands of dollars by putting the sweat equity into your exterior remodel project.

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Front entry.

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  1. Question about painting the gutters: is it holding up? What did you do to prepare them for painting? We have a brown house with cream trim and just put on black gutters as we plan to paint the trim black instead of cream as it is now. I want to paint the back gutters because they are in good shape and do not need to be replaced. Am I understanding you went with SW graphite for color choice?

  2. We painted our up north cottage BM Wrought Iron 18 months ago and love it. It’s a soft black and a big improvement from the pale yellow it was.

  3. I loved your house so much that we painted our house black, too. Now, I learned that while Sherwin Williams will tell you that you have to choose from the colors in their brochure if you’re painting vinyl siding – they can actually mix up any color you desire. We learned this after the fact. We went with the darkest color which is close to Graphite and painted the brick Dover white. The trim is the same color as the house. Our painters said it was their favorite paint of the year and we noticed our “neighbors” – down the road and around the corner are painting their house black, too :). And we all owe you a great big THANK YOU!!!!! Your ports are such an inspiration! Oh, I painted our deck afterwards and just LOVE our “new” house ❤️❤️

  4. I love the transformation and the color looks beautiful with the original brick. I do feel a bit that the roof color doesn’t coordinate as much with the colors as it is red/orangy/brown? And the dark color looks great with the window trim!

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