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10 Decorative Options for a Fake Fireplace Insert

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Faux fireplace mantels add character to any home! My faux mantel tutorial is one of the most popular DIYs on my blog. But what should go inside them? I’ve finally brainstormed some possibilities! Here are 10 decorative options for a fake fireplace insert.

10 Decorative Options for a Fake Fireplace Insert

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Faux Fireplace Mantel

Last February I built a DIY faux fireplace mantel as a part of my guest bedroom remodel. It added some character and warmth to create a welcoming experience for our guests, but I never fully finished it.

Faux fireplace mantel

You can see how I built it in this DIY fireplace mantel tutorial.

I had a few ideas for the hole in the middle where a fireplace insert would traditionally go. I had thought about adding an electric fireplace insert, but in the end, I started other projects and forgot about it!

Until, so many of my readers asked me, “So what should I do in the middle?”

Since I still haven’t finalized what I want to do for my fake fireplace insert, I thought it would be fun to put up some ideas in the meantime!

The next ideas are photoshopped to give you an idea of what each option would look like.

I’d love for your vote in the comments on which one I should choose!

10 Decorative Fake Fireplace Insert Options

The general thought process behind building my faux mantel was that it be temporary and easy to remove. So with that in mind, here are 10 options to dress up a faux fireplace that are both easy to install and easily removable!

Faux fireplace insert mock up

Fake Fireplace Insert Options

Peel & Stick Brick

The majority of the options I’ll be sharing are peel and stick options. These are ideal for any beginner DIYer, or for those who want a temporary solution.

In reality, you could take any of these options and use the real materials as well! If you like the brick look, but want it to be authentic, then sub in real brick!

Grey wash brick insert.

Option 1: Grey Wash Peel and Stick Brick Wall Panel

Authentic looking brick fireplace insert.

Option 2: Washed Faux Brick Wallpaper

White brick insert

Option 3: White Brick

Red brick fireplace insert.

Option 4: Distressed Red Brick

Remember, these are all temporary solutions! If you love the look of brick, but want a more permanent solution, try installing these beautiful thin brick flats! You can leave them natural or paint them to your preference.

I also found several brick panels that are raised for a more realistic look. Check them out below!

Wood Accents

If you want to have a little more flexibility, you can create your own patterns using wood accents!

Chevron wood pattern

Option 5: Peel and Stick Chevron

Reclaimed Wood insert

Option 6: Peel and Stick Reclaimed Wood

Bead board insert

Option 7: Bead board Panel

Wood slice fireplace inserts

Option 8: Create a wood slice insert like my friend Lauren did from Blesser House! She has a full tutorial on her blog if you want to make your own.

Or, if you want to buy one, they also come pre-made now!


Personally, I’m leaning towards a stone look. There are many peel and stick stone wallpapers, but I also think it would be worthwhile to invest a bit more to get the real thing!

Black marble stone insert

Option 9: Black Marble Wall and Floor Tile (get the look with peel and stick here)

Cararra marble fake fireplace insert

Option 10: Carrara Marble Porcelain Tile (get the look with peel and stick here)

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Even though this faux fireplace is meant to be temporary, it can still be beautiful! Now I need your help to decide. Which option do you like best? What would you put in your own home?

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  1. Option 8, wood circles is my favorite. I’m not sure I am a fan of any of the other options. But it’ll be amazing whatever you do.

  2. The first thing I thought of is exactly what you showed in your #8 option. That’s a personal opinion of what I would put there, so you do you and I’m positive it will turn out like everything things else you do – a real experience with a beautiful outcome.

    You’ve got this!

  3. I love the brick options. I think choosing a color would just depend on the decor in the room and mood you want to go with.

  4. I like your wood accent or wood slices options. If your mantle was deeper, I think the others might also work well, but since it has a limited depth, the others (on screen, anyway) don’t look real at all to me, so therefore I like the wood accent or wood slices much better. Just my opinion!

  5. For the Fireplace, I would go with brick and put a stand up fireplace screen in front of it to give it more of a natural fireplace look and feel.

  6. I like all the ideas – my fav is Lauren’s – but I really like the black faux marble but ONLY if there’s a plain black square inside it to look like the hole where the wood would go. Would give it dimension and look more “normal” and not so faux. I’d consider that for ANY of those brick or marble peels and sticks.

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