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10 Best Faux Florals for Realistic Spring and Summer Bouquets

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High quality artificial flowers are hard to come by. Plastic petals, off-colored leaves, and poor stem design can be spotted a mile away. That’s why I’ve sourced the best faux florals for realistic seasonal bouquets that last forever!

The best faux florals being held by a woman.

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Sourcing High Quality Artificial Flowers

I love a bouquet of fresh flowers as much as the next girl. However, I really love a bouquet that never wilts, fades or stinks!

That’s why I’ve invested in high quality artificial flowers over the years. Each year I invest in one new bouquet. This helps spread out the cost and slowly build up my stash over time.

Woman sitting on a sofa.

Purchasing beautiful faux florals is a great investment since they will look brand new for years to come. Most of mine are at least 5 years old, and still look as beautiful as they day they were purchased.

The key to using them year after year is knowing what to look for. These are the elements to look for, and avoid, to ensure your artificial floral stems and bushes look realistic.

  • Look for:
    • Real touch petals
    • Correct stem and leaf color
    • Correct leaf veining and shape
  • Avoid:
    • Overly vibrant petal color
    • Incorrect sizing
    • Unbendable stems

Real Touch Petals

Avoid plastic or papery petals. Instead, search keywords like “silk” or “real touch” for the best faux florals that even feel real.

Hydrangeas on a console table.

Correct Stem and Leaf Color

One item that screams fake a mile away is overly vibrant green leaves and stems. Look in nature. Most stems and leaves are not neon green. Opt for more subdued greens with slight color variation.

Leaf Veining and Shape

Real leaves do have veins. However, many faux florals take their veining too far. It can quickly become unrealistic if the veining patterns are overt. Similarly, the leaf shapes should be correct, but not all identical.

Look for stems with multiple sized and shaped leaves to give it a more realistic look.

Overly Vibrant Petals

Flowers like fuchsia, poppies and some tulips are often very vibrant in color. However, the majority of florals are more subdued in color.

Avoid overly vibrant petals that border on unrealistic and instead opt for a calmer color.

Flower Head Sizing

One dead giveaway of a fake flower is incorrect sizing.

Yes, a giant tulip takes up more space in a vase, but where do you see that in nature? Choose faux florals that are sized correctly according to what you’d find in nature.

Unbendable Stems

The most unrealistic faux flower stems will have a plastic stem that has no texture to it and is not bendable. These are the hardest to arrange in a vase due to the fact that you can’t mold them as needed.

Try to find stems that have some detail, can be bent to shape, and are long enough to create tall arrangements when needed.

Where to Buy the Best Faux Florals

There are a few retail locations that I always default to when buying the best faux florals.

10 Best Faux Florals

My top 10 best faux florals can be used for spring or summer seasonal decor.

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All it takes is a vase and a bundle of these gorgeous stems to make a statement in the room.

If you want a more up close visual of each of these items, watch my YouTube video where I show you how I style each bouquet.

You can shop each faux floral directly via the image box below. I’ve also linked alternative purchasing options if the first source is sold out.

Alternative Hydrangea Source | Alternate 2

Hydrangea faux floral on a console table.

Shop a Variety of Real Touch Tulips

Tulips on a kitchen shelf.


Poppies are whimsical and vibrant.

These stems even have the prickly hairs a real poppy would offer. Add just a few to a vase for a whimsy feel. Or, load it up with two dozen for a striking display.

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Alternate With Color Variations

Poppy faux florals on a coffee table.

Cherry Blossom

I love that these stems are so large that they appear as though you’ve recently cut them from a tree.

Add two to a tall vase for a freshly cut look.

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Alternative Cherry Blossom Source

Irish Moss Berries

These are wild and wiry and I wouldn’t have them any other way.

Mold these irish moss berries to any shape needed for an interesting and unique display.

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Alternate 1 | Alternate 2 | Alternate 3

Mini Blossom Stem

These petite blossoms are best displayed in a large grouping.

The more the merrier to make a simple and impactful bouquet.

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Alternate 1 | Alternate 2

Bouquet of the best faux floral stems on a fireplace.

Alternate Snowball

Purple Variety | Pale Lavender Variety

Lilacs on a shelf.

Alternate 1 | Alternate 2


Is there any flower as classic and timeless as the rose?

In my opinion, the rose is best mixed with a variety of other florals for stunning interest.

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More Seasonal Decorating Ideas

Thanks so much for stopping by the blog today! I hope that seeing the 10 best faux florals styled in my home has been helpful to you.

If you are looking for more warm seasonal decorating ideas, make sure to check out these articles next!

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