15 Creative Ways for How to Use Potpourri 

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Learning how to use potpourri is so simple! While I love the cozy glow of a burning candle, I’m not a huge fan of burning them all day just for scent. My simple solution to keeping my home smelling fresh 24/7: potpourri.

Learn 15 creative ways to use potpourri, plus a complete beginner’s guide answering all your FAQs.

Living room with velvet sofa.

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how to make potpourri

If you’ve never made potpourri before, it is a very simple process.

How to use potpourri in a bowl.

Of course, you can also purchase potpourri from many sources if you don’t want to make your own. Here are a few favorites.


DIY Potpourri

If you’d like to try your hand at homemade potpourri, here are the simple steps.

Potpourri bowl with dried flowers.
  • Choose what scents you want to incorporate. Certain smells complement each other best and bring about a seasonal atmosphere. Here are a few ideas to start your brainstorming:
    • Summer: citrus, fresh herbs, lavender
    • Fall: cinnamon, clove, apple
    • Winter: pine, cranberry, cinnamon
    • Spring: florals, rose, eucalyptus
15 Creative Ways for How to Use Potpourri 
  • Then, dry the items you want to include in your potpourri. This article is a great resource for additives you may want to include.
  • Add all of your dried ingredients to a bowl and mix in 8-10 drops of your choice of essential oil. Pair this scent with the natural scents already in your bowl as the essential oil will be the most powerful scent in your mixture. You want them to complement each other.
  • Stir well and place on display, or add them to sachets and store around your house.
  • Stir or shake the contents once a week to refresh the smell!
Rose petal potpourri.

stovetop potpourri

Another type of potpourri is a simmer pot.

This stove top air freshener is more of a one-time use potpourri, but you can sometimes pull two days out of it.

Fall simmer pot

It is best done when you have fruit or other scraps that you’d rather use than throw away.

You can grab my favorite simmer pot recipe in this article, which also offers a potpourri crock pot option.

how to use potpourri

The best potpourri for use around the house is dried. So, while I love my simmer pots, the majority of the uses for potpourri will reflect a dried potpourri option.

Potpourri with linens and a mortar and pestle.

Here are 15 ways for how to use potpourri that think outside the box!

  • Simmer pot on the stove
  • Air freshener in a car
  • Linen closet (or tucked into blanket storage) to keep bedding and towels fresh
folded blankets under a table.
  • Dresser drawers to avoid mustiness
  • Pantry to combat food smells
  • Bathroom…you know why
  • Sports Bag
  • Tied to doorknobs in bedrooms (the motion of opening and shutting the door will release a fresh smell)
  • As decor on a coffee or console table
  • Musty storage rooms
  • Keep suitcases smelling good when not in use
  • At the entryway as a first scent for guests
  • Given out as party favors or a thank you gift
  • Teacher gifts
  • As part of a wellness/self care gift basket for your loved one

Alternative options for infusing scent in your home

If you’d rather create your own scents in your home that you can see an immediate impact from, consider these additional options.

Diffuse Essential Oils

Diffusing essential oils is a great way to customize the scents in your home. Simply choose your favorites and turn on your diffuser.

Shop some favorite diffusers and wax warmers:

Wax Warmers

Another alternative is wax potpourri. Wax warmers release scent as the wax melts, similar to a candle, but without the flame.

You’ll Also Enjoy…

I hope this post gives you some fresh ideas for how to use potpourri in your home and as a gift!

Table centerpiece.

I love that this option is a set and forget to keep your home smelling fresh for weeks. Plus, it’s all natural and doesn’t emit harmful chemicals*.

(*When making your own. If you purchase, make sure to read the ingredients for preservatives and more.)

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  1. Your creativity in incorporating potpourri into DIY projects, like the potpourri-filled candles, is truly inspiring. It transforms a simple candle into a sensory experience, making any space feel warm and inviting.

    Thank you for sharing these imaginative ways to use potpourri. Your blog has become my go-to for creative and stylish home decor ideas!

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