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How to Style Timeless Neutral Throw Pillows

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Have you ever wondered the trick to getting perfectly styled throw pillows? Today, I’d love to share how to style neutral throw pillows for a classic look and timeless appeal.

Decorating throw pillows in a modern farmhouse living room.

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Neutral Throw Pillows I Love

One of the ways I always change the look of my home is with new pillow covers for the season. It is so easy to swap out new throw pillows for each season to create a new look. However, one staple I always use is neutral throw pillows.

Lumbar throw pillow cover.

Regardless of the season, these throw pillow covers can be mixed and matched for a timeless look. So today, I’ll be sharing how to style neutral throw pillows.

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First, I wanted to share the source of these beautiful covers. All of the neutral throw pillows you see here are handmade by my favorite small shop.

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Floral neutral pillow cover.

I’ve been ordering from sweet Bianca for two years now and absolutely love the durability of her pillow covers. Make sure to check out her shop if any of these catch your eye!

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Styling Pillow Covers on Armchairs

The first look I want to chat about is how to style pillow covers on an armchair.

In my opinion, this is the easiest seating to style, and there are three easy options.

1: Double Up The Same Size

First, you can double up two 18×18 or 20×20 decorative pillows, one in front of the other.

How to style neutral pillow covers.

This is the most classic look. The key to this is to pair coordinating, but not matching, neutral pillow covers together.

Also, make sure you use good pillow inserts. I like to use Ikea inserts; or, these feather pillow inserts are also a great option if you don’t live close to an Ikea.

Using feather inserts allows you to get that “karate chop” look that is polished.

Modern farmhouse decorations.

2: 20×20 + Lumbar

The second option for an armchair is to place a 20×20 in back and a lumbar pillow in front. Personally, I love this look. I like to use this when I have a lumbar pillow that is extra pretty.

Layering throw pillows.

I feel it highlights the front pillow more when they are two different sizes.

Living room home decor.

This layering works best when your armchair is wide like mine are. If your armchair is on the smaller side, the next option may work best for you!

3. Single 20×20 or Lumbar

The final option is with a single pillow. This is the easiest look, for obvious reasons, and works best for smaller chairs.

Styling A Couch with Decorative Throw Pillows

Next, let’s focus on how to style decorative throw pillows on a couch. There are many ways that you can do this. My favorite ways are to keep it simple. Often, the less throw pillows, the better.

With neutral throw pillows, you can safely layer 4-5 pillows without it feeling cluttered and overwhelming. If you like more color, I would use less pillows.

Styling neutral throw pillows on a couch.

I’ve styled my couch throw pillows several ways in the past. You can see a few examples of varying combinations below.

My favorite method is a simple combo of 4 varying sizes.

Decorative pillows with pin stripes.

Similarly to the armchair options, I usually layer two of the same size pillows on one side, and two varying size pillows on the other.

This is easy, classic, and timeless.

Once upon a time, I had so many throw pillows out that guests didn’t know where to put them when they sat down. Queue the oversized basket for storage, and some cutting back on my part.

Modern farmhouse living room decor.

You should err on the side of simplicity. You should have open spaces on your couch without pillows for the most classic look. I definitely learned that lesson after years of over-crowding.

Neutral plaid throw pillow.

Neutral Throw Pillows Offer Easy Styling

Whether you love color or are soothed by neutrals, I always lean towards neutral throw pillows regardless of the season. It is so easy to swap in one or two pops of color amidst neutral pillows. This keeps the style simple, classic and versatile.

Modern farmhouse pillow covers.

Get The Look

All pillow covers are available here with discount code GRACE15.

I love my neutral modern farmhouse pillow covers for just that reason! I know that in the spring I can easily add in a pop of green and still be able to use what I have on hand.

This also allows me to mix and match my pillows without it feeling forced, overwhelming or chaotic.

Stay Connected

Thanks so much for stopping by the blog today! I hope that this simple tutorial on how to style neutral pillow covers was helpful to you!

For more styling tips, I’d love for you to check out my book, Designing a Life: From House to Haven! I offer an easy-to-follow 10 step guide to creating a haven, complete with a work book to help you customize it to your home.

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How to Style Neutral Throw Pillows


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