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Propagating Pothos as Simple Spring Mantel Decor

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Styling spring mantel decor can be such a simple task when we let nature steal the show! Learn how easy propagating pothos is, while letting this beautiful indoor plant serve as decor as it grows!

Styling spring mantel decor with plants is an easy task! Learn how easy propagating pothos is, while letting this indoor plant serve as decor too!

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Joining me today are some amazing bloggers sharing their own mantels or shelves for spring! A big thanks to Krista from The Happy Housie for coordinating this Seasonal Simplicity blog hop! Make sure to visit my friends’ posts linked below for more inspiration.

Propagating Pothos as Spring Mantel Decor

Modern farmhouse barn beam mantel decor.

Around the end of February I always get the itch to switch out my winter decor for a happier and more colorful look. Typically, I dress up my fireplace mantel shelf with lots of flowers or artwork.

You can see how I’ve styled my spring mantel decor in the past in this post.

Propagating Pothos as Simple Spring Mantel Decor

However, this year I ended up doing something completely different and I’m loving the simplicity!

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Tricks to Propagating Pothos Plants

While I was repotting my root bound pothos plant, I decided to also propagate it to share with friends and family. That quickly turned into a bunch of vases that needed a place to live while the roots formed.

So, I decided to turn my fireplace mantel into a growing station!

Propagating Pothos as Simple Spring Mantel Decor

It really is the perfect spot for my pothos babies to grow. It gets indirect light, is out of the way of children and pets, and it looks super pretty at the same time!

If you are interested in learning more about indoor plants, make sure to sign up for my beginner’s guide to indoor plants! I share my favorite easy indoor plants, plus how to care for them in this free download.

Snip Small Sections

The first tip for how to propagate pothos plants is to snip off small sections of the plant. I’ve seen many try to propagate pothos by cutting off long tendrils of the vine, however that doesn’t allow the plant to focus its energy on growing roots.

Instead, it is putting energy towards keeping all those leaves alive. So make sure to snip small sections with just a few leaves to start.

Growing pothos plants.

Find the Nodes

Pothos nodes are the little brown bumps that form along the vine. These are important to keep in order to grow new roots.

Spring Mantel Decor ideas.

When selecting your cutting, make sure to take a clean cut and remove any leaves below the node you want to grow from. Then, place the cutting into warm water with an inch of water above the node.

To form roots, you just need clean water! Freshen the water every few days.

Patience Is Key

Once you’ve placed your cutting into clean water, give it indirect sunlight and wait. Depending on conditions, it could take from 4-6 weeks to have enough roots to plant into soil.

You’ll want to make sure your roots have sprouted side branches before transferring to potting soil.

You can see my first propagated pothos in the smaller pot. This little beauty actually lived in a jar of water the entire winter, continuing to grow roots until I finally transplanted it!

Fireplace mantel shelf decor.

Pothos plants are surprisingly sturdy and rebound quickly.

My Favorite Pothos Plants

If you’re a beginner plant lady, make sure to check out my tips for caring for indoor plants!

And, here are my favorite varieties of pothos and philodendron.

Favorite pothos and philodendron.
  1. Marble Queen
  2. Devil’s Ivy
  3. Heart Leaf Philodendron
  4. Philodendron Brasil
  5. Silver Satin Philodendron

And here are some super cute plant holders to display as you propagate your pothos or philodendron!

Simple Spring Mantel Decor

After I propagated these lovely indoor plants I placed them all in old Ball jars and lined them up on the mantel. They make a very simple spring mantel that is vibrant and happy!

Best of all, while they serve as decor, they are also working to grow roots so I can gift them as plants in the future!

Spring mantel decor on a barn beam mantel.

To add little touches of spring to the space I also added easy-access spring blankets. I love how a lightweight blanket can serve as hearth decor while also being a pretty accent and textural detail.

Lightweight spring blanket.

Stay Connected

Thanks so much for stopping by the blog today! I hope this post on using propagated pothos as spring mantel decor was helpful to you as you prepare your own spring mantel!

Propagating pothos as spring mantel decor.

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Propagating Pothos as Simple Spring Mantel Decor


  1. I love the simplicity of your mantel. I also love your propagating tips. I LOVE pothos but never knew how to grow cuttings. Thank you for the tips!

  2. sooo gorgeous! we had a couple of huge pothos before we moved but i had to give them away… i have two small ones now that i am trying to grow so i can once again propagate! they’re my fave to propagate!

    1. Hi! Where did you buy the wood mantle? I’m trying to bring some warmth into my minimalist white and grey living room.
      Thank you!

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