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5 Rustic Farmhouse Centerpieces Anyone Can Make

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Rustic farmhouse centerpieces are always fun to put together on a dining table, coffee table or buffet. I prefer centerpieces that have lots of personality, but are easy to pick up and move when needed.

Today, we are going to learn how to build rustic farmhouse centerpieces one piece at a time! In the end, it will give you five easy to make centerpieces!

Sunflowers with a rustic farmhouse centerpiece.

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What is Rustic Farmhouse Style?

Before we build our centerpieces, what is rustic farmhouse style?

Rustic farmhouse style decor is a combination of rustic decor and farmhouse style design. You can learn all about these varying decor styles in my YouTube series on how to define and implement your design style!

YouTube video

Rustic style leans heavily on things like hand-hewn beams, reclaimed woods, natural fibers and distressed finishes. There are also usually repurposed elements, such as feeding troughs turned into decor.

Farmhouse style is heavily cozy, well worn, lived-in, and plays on lighter neutral colors. It also includes an appreciation for vintage or antique items.

5 Rustic Farmhouse Centerpieces Anyone Can Make

When you combine the two styles, you achieve a look that is slightly more polished than rustic style on its own.

How to Build Rustic Farmhouse Centerpieces from the Table Up

With that definition in mind, let’s build some rustic farmhouse centerpieces!

Each step is essentially a “layer” to your centerpiece. Depending on how elaborate you like your centerpieces to be, you can choose to stop or continue building after each layer.

Dining room table decor

In the end, your centerpiece will be full, like mine! However, keep in mind that you can incorporate any pieces you like or already own. Mixing and matching is the fun part about making your own table centerpiece.

1. Base Layer of Rustic Farmhouse Centerpieces

First, start with a base layer.

This can look many different ways. Some easy base layers you might already have on hand could include:

  • Runner
  • Table cloth
  • Scarf
  • Bread board
  • Placemats
  • Garland or wreath
  • Mirrors

Essentially, you’re looking for any flat surface that you can use as a defining boundary for your centerpiece. I will be using a bread board.

If you’d like some examples of other base layers, make sure to check out the different centerpieces I’ve done in years past with this same method!

  1. Mirror and Wreath: Christmas centerpiece or Thanksgiving Centerpiece
  2. Scarf and Runner: How to Create a Candelabra Centerpiece
  3. Garland: Cozy Christmas Tablescape
  4. Runners or Placemats: How to Make Your Everyday Dining Experience Special

2. Group Like Items

Next, gather 3 like items to group together in a collection. This is where it will be personalized to the decor you love or already have on hand. Some examples of decor that fits the rustic farmhouse style would be (but isn’t limited to):

  • Ironstone
  • Vintage bottles
  • Demijohns
  • Pottery
  • Jugs
  • Crocks
  • Books
  • Wood carvings

For my centerpiece, I’m using my small collection of vintage demijohns.

The key to this step is to add height and size variation. As you can see, I had to elevate one of the bottles so that it creates three different heights. This helps draw the eye to the collection without it looking bland.

3. Can’t go wrong with flowers

Next, I love to add in flowers or greenery. This will look different for everyone since there is such a big variety to choose from!

I pulled sunflowers right from my garden for this addition.

Adding sunflowers to a centerpiece.

However, you can choose your favorite fresh flowers, faux flowers, or simple greenery stems.

I think this step is important to bring some life to the centerpiece. Alternatively to the ideas above, you can also just add your favorite house plant to the centerpiece!

I have tons of tips, tricks and helpful advice on caring for houseplants in this post.

4. Add in Seasonal Accents

The last step to building rustic farmhouse centerpieces depends on the season.

For this centerpiece, I’m using fall decor. However, you can easily swap out any seasonal decor in this step and mix it in with the non-seasonal items.

For a simple fall accent, I added a ceramic pumpkin to my centerpiece.

Fall table centerpiece.
Final fall rustic farmhouse centerpiece.

And that’s it! When you break down each step into manageable sections, it is easy to see how a centerpiece comes together.

Rustic farmhouse centerpieces in a dining room.

Rustic Farmhouse Buffet Decor

Quickly, here are some other visual examples of pulling together tabletop decor in rustic farmhouse style on my buffet.

My buffet is a great spot to decorate with rustic farmhouse decor. I like to make multiple smaller groupings across the buffet and shelf using the same design rules that we just talked about.

  • Group like items
  • Vary heights and sizes
  • Add in greenery or florals
Buffet decorated for fall.
Shelf and buffet styled for fall.

More Rustic Farmhouse Centerpiece Ideas

Of course, you can always make your centerpiece extremely simple with just a vase of flowers!

Sunflowers on a dining table.

That’s what I love about this method. You are building from the ground up and can stop at any point.

Dining room rustic farmhouse buffet.

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I hope that this post has been helpful to give you ideas on how to build your own rustic farmhouse centerpieces! Thanks so much for stopping by the blog today.

You can see how this space came together visually on YouTube as well!

YouTube video

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