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8 Easy DIY Christmas Candle Centerpiece Ideas

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Creating a DIY Christmas candle centerpiece is the best way to decorate for the holidays in a pinch!

Today, I’m excited to share how to make 8 simple Christmas centerpieces that are perfect for your holiday table, coffee table, buffet, entry table or kitchen island!

Candle centerpiece in front of a Christmas tree.

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8 Simple DIY Christmas Candle Centerpiece Ideas

Each year, I share many different ways to use candles in my Christmas decor.

DIY Christmas candle centerpiece on a dining table.

After all, is there anything cozier than a flickering candle? As time has gone on, I’ve adjusted when and where I use real candles versus battery operated candles. However, each candle centerpiece I’m sharing today can be created in mere minutes and is a beautiful addition to any table.

8 Easy DIY Christmas Candle Centerpiece Ideas

How do you make a simple Christmas centerpiece?

The absolute simplest way to make a DIY Christmas candle centerpiece is with pillar candles and an evergreen wreath.

This year, I shared this idea with my social community and they loved that it can be accomplished in under a minute.

YouTube video

Simply group three large pillar candles at varying heights in the center of your table. Then, place a wreath around them! That’s it.

You can use evergreen wreaths for a simple classic look or an elaborate wreath with all the accents for a fancier candle centerpiece.

How do I make a budget Christmas centerpiece?

If you’re looking for ways to make a budget friendly Christmas centerpiece, try these ideas.

Upcycle or repurpose thrift store candles

Thrift store Christmas tree candle in a centerpiece.

Last year I found this Christmas tree candle at the thrift store for 25 cents! I took some joint compound to it to make it look like snow and made it a part of my kitchen island centerpiece.

You can learn more about how I created this pine tree candle here.

Make Your Own Wood Centerpiece Candle Holder

I’ve also created a variety of DIY candle holders over the years.

It’s as easy as grabbing a piece of wood with at least one flat side, and a spade drill bit.

DIY candleholder.

You can create these wood candle holders to be any shape or size, and to hold as many or as little candlesticks as you like. You can see the whole tablescape above in this post.

This year, my son found a log in the woods. He shaved down two sides so it would be flat, and then I used a spade bit to drill the holes for taper candles.

DIY Christmas candle centerpiece with painted candles.

For a fun twist, I tried my hand at painting the candles. They certainly aren’t perfect, but it was still a fun way to dress up a simple candle. Next time, I’ll find a smaller paint brush to be able to create more delicate details.

Painted candles.

This was a totally free centerpiece since we used left over candles and a log from the yard.

More Christmas Candle centerpiece Ideas

Now that I’ve shared my favorite 4 ways to create a candle centerpiece, here are 4 more ideas.

  1. Simple pillar grouping with floral accents
  2. Layered taper candlesticks along an island or buffet
  3. Large bowl with greenery and pillar candles
  4. Single candlestick with greenery
Group of pillar candles on a dining table.

In this year’s Christmas tablescape I used a simple marble cheeseboard as the foundation to a grouping of pillar candles. I tucked in a single floral accent and some pine cones and it’s done!

Simple candle centerpiece.
Christmas table setting.

If you’re looking for something a bit more elaborate for your Christmas candle centerpiece, then spread out layered taper candles.

Taper candle centerpiece on a kitchen island.

Placing taper candles down the length of a table or island creates a romantic effect with very little effort.

If you want to create a DIY Christmas candle centerpiece for a coffee table or entry table, try this idea.

Fill a large bowl (ironstone is my favorite option) with various sized pillar candles. Then, tuck some greenery in around the edges.

Christmas tree in a living room.

I’ve used real candles for this in the past, but would recommend battery operated candles since bowls can make the pillar candles tippy.

Lastly, create a simple candle centerpiece with a single candle.

Single candle on a console table.

I love how easy this is to add just a touch of holiday decor, that will also span into the winter months easily.

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I hope that these 8 ideas for easy DIY Christmas candle centerpieces have sparked some creativity for you!

If you’re looking for more Christmas decorations, make sure to check out all of my styling tips this year.

Thanks so much for stopping by the blog today!

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