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25 Tips for How to Decorate After Christmas for Easy Winter Decor

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Winter decor can feel bland after a full house for the holidays. It can be jarring, like two extremes after all the Christmas decor comes down. But the transition to winter decor doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are 25 simple tips for how to decorate after Christmas for an easy transition.

Decorate after Christmas with pine branches.

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Decorate After Christmas with Ease

How do you usually decorate after Christmas?

Many times, people are confused on what the “protocol” is.

Kitchen cabinet with winter wreaths.

Do we jump straight to spring?

Should we decorate for the smaller holidays in January and February?

Do we leave everything undecorated for a visual break from clutter?

The answer is: yes. Yes to whatever your preference is.

Personally, I like to keep my winter decor extremely simplified for a visual break. Someone else might want to jump straight to vibrant spring colors during the grey days of January and February.

Whatever your preference, I hope that the following information is a great help as you determine how you will decorate after Christmas!

How do you transition from Christmas to winter decor?

Often I find that the transition from Christmas to winter decor is a slower and more subtle change than other seasons.

Winter decor in a bedroom.

Winter seems to have less overt decor than other seasons. Spring is a no brainer with spring flowers and lots of vibrant green. Fall is simple with leaves, moody colors or even things like hay bales for the front porch. Summer is pretty straight forward with fresh flower arrangements and bright colors.

But winter? Winter can feel drab and boring once all the Christmas decor is stripped away.

Thankfully, the transition can be very simple. Start by removing anything overtly Christmas related. Things like Santas, Christmas ornaments, reindeer, nativities, stockings and bright red elements scream holidays.

Kitchen decorated after Christmas.

Start the transition to winter decor by taking those down and storing them away. (Grab my Christmas decor storage tips here.)

Leave up cedar or pine greenery, undecorated pine trees, and even flocked wreaths at first. Once you have everything else taken away, you can live with it for awhile and see if you’d like to keep taking down greenery or start to add other decor back in.

Cedar wreath on a cabinet.

How to decorate for January and February?

Once you’ve removed the Christmas and holiday related decor, you have lots of options for decorating in January and February.

Orange garland on cabinet.

Personally, I prefer to leave the house fairly undecorated for some time. Christmas decor can feel cluttered after a month of having all the extras up. I like to give myself some time to breathe with a mostly undecorated house in January.

Console table with plant and blankets.

However, you can start to add in winter decorations whenever you like!

In February, many people like to decorate for Valentine’s Day. However, if you don’t, this is a good month to start prepping for spring decor. Start adding in small bouquets of seasonless greenery like eucalyptus.

Eucalyptus wreath over a sofa in a living room.

I also like to add in dried florals during this season. Hobby Lobby is a great resource for simple and beautiful dried florals.

Baskets for winter decor.

What decorations do you put up after Christmas?

The winter-specific decor I like to use most after Christmas is natural elements.

Pine garland with candles for decor after Christmas.
  • Cedar or pine branches in a vase
  • Birch logs
  • Rich leather accents in pillow coveres
  • Bowl of pinecones
  • Cedar wreaths
  • Live Norfolk pine tree
Norfolk pine tree used to decorate after christmas.

I find these items blend so easily into year round decor. If you’d like to go more overtly winter, add in winter artwork, snowflakes, or mini pine trees.

How do I make my house feel cozy after Christmas?

The best way to create a cozy environment in the winter months is to cover all the senses.

Cozy blanket draped over a sofa arm.
  • Candles or a cozy fire for ambiance
  • Blankets for warmth
  • Simmer pots for natural scent
  • Ambient lighting with lamps in the evening
  • Light music playing in the background
  • Delicious comfort food every once in a while for a little indulgence
Candles in a bowl.

25 Simple Tips for How to Decorate After Christmas

With all of the above said, here are some very practical and straight forward ways to decorate after Christmas!

Winter artwork for how to decorate after Christmas.
  1. Remove overly Christmas related items like Santa’s, nativities, bright reds, stockings, nutcrackers, and reindeer.
  2. Leave up simple accents like undecorated pine trees, bottle brush trees, deer or snowman figures.
  3. Add live norfolk pines to your live plants.
  4. Leave up minimalistic wire wreaths with cedar or juniper accents.
  5. Leave up winter garlands for warmth and coziness.
  6. Layer candles in groupings for added impact.
  7. Bring in pretty blankets to serve as decor and a cozy cover.
  8. Medium to dark tone baskets ground a space for pretty storage.
  9. Add in darker wood tones with antique finds or shelf decor.
  10. Incorporate rich leather elements into pillows, vases, figurines or furniture.
  11. Arrange a vase of plain pine or cedar branches.
  12. Make natural garlands from citrus, pine cones or cedar clippings.
  13. Put a bowl of pine cones collected from the yard out as simple and free decor!
  14. Cut any remaining healthy Christmas tree branches off before disposing of the tree and pop them into a basket or outdoor planter for added greenery.
  15. Hang blankets on a wall for pretty textural elements and easy storage.
  16. Declutter and streamline as much possible for a blank slate.
  17. Keep your decor fairly neutral, using greenery as a natural accent.
  18. Add thrifted winter artwork to your walls.
  19. Create a cozy sensory experience with candles (or battery operated candles) and warm scents like vanilla.
  20. Cut some birch logs (or buy online) for a simple stack next to the front door or fireplace (even if it’s not a wood burning fireplace!)
  21. Bring in cozy textures like velvet, wool or sherpa in pillow cases and blankets.
  22. Add beautiful paper whites as a dining centerpiece.
  23. Simplify the front porch with a winter doormat and faux cedar spheres in pretty planters. (Keep white lights up all winter!)
  24. Undecorate altogether! Take this season to keep your home mostly empty of decor for a visual break and reset to the year.
  25. Skip straight to spring! Put everything you would normally use in spring decor out except for spring flowers like tulips or items like bunnies or chicks. Then they are simple to add later.
Black cabinet with decor.

More Decorating After Christmas Ideas

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  1. Hey Sarah , I’ve been reading your blog for a while now and truly enjoy following you. Your new house is exciting to follow. I’m with you on your winter look for the upcoming months. I’m having new floors ( LVP ) , put down in my house the week after Thanksgiving . I have decided to decorate alot more winter with just a touch of Christmas this year after I get the house put back together. Wow, there is alot of cleaning out going on here since I’ve got to move things from closets for the floors.
    I have a question for you. My living room has 2 walls facing , 1 wall with double windows and 1 half wall ( it use to have spindles that have been removed ) , that faces my hallway and front door. (80s ranch ). Would you recommend putting a sofa or a TVcabinet in front of the windows . I have a recliner and accent chair in this room as well.
    I appreciate any advice.

    1. Hi Gloria! I’m having a hard time picturing that layout. I’d play with the arrangement in person to see what works best for your needs. 🙂

  2. Hi Sarah! Thanks for posting. I think it is great you posted this I moved during Christmas time a few years ago. I felt so much pressure to get moved and then get everything out and be perfect. It was impossible. I felt horrible about it, but in the end went very simple and saved myself from the stress. I chose to spend that year really concentrating on making the shared space cozy and enjoyed family and friends in a low key but festive way. It was the best! I think your tips mean how to do that mean more to more people than you know!! Enjoy your new space and process!

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