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Beautiful Outdoor Spaces for Entertainment & Rest

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Beautiful outdoor spaces are like a retreat in your own backyard! Living in Michigan, we try to make the most of our outdoor living once the weather warms up. We’ve lived in our home for two years and are finally making our yard into a space we enjoy. Today I’m sharing two outdoor spaces designed with purpose: entertainment and rest!

Beautiful Outdoor Spaces for Entertainment & Rest

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Beautiful Outdoor Spaces for Entertainment & Rest

Designing Outdoor Spaces with Intention

When we first moved in to our home, I wanted to use every inch of our outdoor living space. However, we were coming from 2 acres to 38 acres and with it came a ton of upkeep!

Beautiful Outdoor Spaces for Entertainment & Rest

Right out of the gate I added outdoor furniture without pausing to think about how we would use the space. I enjoyed what we did that first summer, but I quickly realized it didn’t fit our needs. You can see how I started this process in these posts:

Back patio outdoor living

Now, two years later I know our land better, I understand how we use the space, and I am ready to make our outdoor spaces practical for entertainment and rest!

Designing for Entertainment

We love to entertain in the summer time. Our property is poised for it with a stamped concrete fire pit, large back patio, large deck, and lounging area by the pond. However, in the past when we’ve entertained we have rarely used the deck or lower patio area because they weren’t designed for entertaining.

So this year, I am tackling our deck DIY style with fresh paint. That project is coming soon so make sure to subscribe to the blog to follow along on the project! I want to make it into a space we enjoy entertaining on!

In the meantime, I set up our outdoor dining area with coziness and practicality in mind.

Back patio dining area.

Outdoor Dining

The previous owners did a lot to make outdoor living feasible and enjoyable. I love that they built in this long bench. It is perfect to use with a large patio table. Plus, it adds tons of seating without having to store chairs.

Patio table and chairs.

In the past, I’ve always gone with wood tables and then regretted it because of the harsh weather elements we have. Our patio is surrounded by woods, so the patio always has sticks, leaves, and pollen dropping on it. Plus, it is heavily shaded so it does not dry quickly.

Metal patio table

I was excited to find this metal patio table that looks like real wood to help combat some of those problems! In addition, I love these cute cadiz patio chairs that come in a set of two.

Wood patio table
Patio chairs for outdoor spaces.

So, with this new all metal dining set, I am hoping the longevity and durability will be improved!

Next, I wanted to make the back patio a more welcoming space. I added this beautiful and durable outdoor rug from Well Woven Rugs. It is called Mani Oriental Medallion Indoor Outdoor Brown Flatweave Rug.

Outdoor area rug

I’ve washed it off several times and it dries so fast. Most of the time I simply blow the tree debris off with my favorite handheld leaf blower.

Back patio area rug.

If you’ve followed me for any length of time, then you know I love Well Woven Rugs! I have several of their indoor rugs as well. I’m always so happy to work with companies that are quality and offer coupon codes!

Coupon Code for You!

Make sure to use code 15GRACEINMYSPACE for 15% off your order of $75 or more at Well Woven Rugs!

Outdoor spaces designed for entertaining

The last step in setting up this dining area for entertaining is to add plants. I try to keep my potted plants to a minimum so I’m not spending hours each night watering. I find that a few simple plants can go a long way!

Here are some of my favorite planters as well.

Designing Outdoor Spaces for Rest

The next space I updated this year is the small patio by the pond. It is just big enough for a couple of loungers and it is my favorite spot to relax while the kids are fishing or swimming.

Patio area by the pond

Someday I’d like to build a pergola around this small patio, but it wasn’t in the cards this summer. Instead, we added this awesome cantilever patio umbrella from Abba.

Outdoor spaces for relaxation

It is a 10×10 and fully covers both patio loungers. I am so excited we’ve finally added shade to this area! Previously, it was so hot to sit here anytime of day. Plus, in the evenings this spot was blinding looking into the sun, so I rarely used this space for evening relaxation.

Patio umbrella

Now I can comfortably use this space morning, noon or night. Abba gifted me this umbrella and is also offering my readers a 10% off coupon code: Sy10.

Outdoor spaces for relaxation.

Intentionally Restful

You may notice that this outdoor space is very plain. My first inclination was to add some beautiful planters and outdoor pillows. However, my intent with this space is for rest.

Outdoor patio.

It is far from the house so to lug a watering can or hose down to planters would be very time consuming and laborious. The exact opposite of rest! So, I decided to let nature do the decorating and simply enjoy the views.

Outdoor patio lounge chairs

I think this will be my favorite spot this summer!

Rest patio chairs.

More Outdoor Spaces to Come

It feels good to get a few of our main outdoor spaces put together to enjoy this summer. Next on the docket is our deck and lower patio area. Stay tuned for more to come!

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Beautiful Outdoor Spaces for Entertainment & Rest


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