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Charming Garden Party Table Setting in 7 Steps

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Creating a charming garden party table setting can be accomplished in 7 simple steps. A beautiful garden surrounding your table takes most of the work out of decorating, allowing you to focus on the table setting itself.

Hydrangeas with a garden party table setting in the background.

You’ve already put the hard work into your garden. Now, design a charming table for your garden party with these easy elements.

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7 Steps to a Garden Party Table Setting

The work and effort that goes into building a beautiful garden deserves to be enjoyed. I’m delighted to partner with Wayfair today to design a beautiful table setting to invite your friends and families to enjoy alongside you.

Charming Garden Party Table Setting in 7 Steps
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Creating a garden party table setting that is charming and romanticized can be accomplished with these seven simple elements.

  1. Foundation: Tables for all budgets.
  2. Charm: Beautiful table linens.
  3. Layers: Charming dishes.
  4. Glitz: Glasses that showcase pretty drinks.
  5. Etiquette: Keep it proper with napkins that add color and character.
  6. Comfort: Create a cozy space with seating.
  7. Satisfaction: Visually appealing food that tickles the taste buds.

Tables for All Budgets

The majority of home owners build gardens on the perimeter of property lines.

This can lead to a space that isn’t conducive to leaving an outdoor dining table set up permanently. Thankfully, you don’t have to have a permanent outdoor table to enjoy a garden party!

Folding table with garden party table setting.

I love utilizing a simple folding table that is easy to transport and store for get-togethers. Wayfair offers a large variety of budget-friendly folding tables in all shapes and sizes.

The benefit of using folding tables is that they are easy to transport and set up, no matter where your garden is. Simply cover with a beautiful table cloth, and your guests will never know that they aren’t enjoying a permanent outdoor dining table.

However, if you have the space and have planned accordingly, set up a permanent outdoor dining table to enjoy nightly. These tables offer a charming complement to your garden with lovely detailing.


Table Linens to Compliment the Garden

Whether you choose a temporary folding table or a beautiful outdoor table, the next step to a garden party table setting is the linens.

Table linens for a garden party.

I’ve selected some absolutely stunning high quality linens from Wayfair.


While I chose to keep my table linen classic and understated with a charming scalloped hem, there are hundreds of beautiful patterns to choose from.

Scalloped hem table cloth.

I also love using floral table linens for a garden party since it enhances the overall theme. Plus, colorful table cloths delight the eye and bring a high-end decorated appeal to the table setting.

Add Layers with Table Setting Dishes

Once the foundation is laid, your actual table setting will include beautiful dishes.

I’m practical by nature, so I love to use dishes that also make sense for everyday use.

Scalloped edge dish set.

These French Perle Scalloped dishes are the perfect pairing. A light blue with adorable detailing adds a lovely appeal to an otherwise plain dish set. Perfect for daily use, yet easy to dress up for a fun event like a garden party.

If you prefer to add more color and pattern to your table setting, these dish sets and serving ware from Wayfair are attractive options as well.


Adding Glitz and Glamour

Next, your glassware can serve up some glitz and glamour one of two ways.

  1. Clear glassware in interesting shapes that allows the drink itself to become the design.
  2. Glamorous glassware that steals the show and conceals the drink.

As you can see, I prefer a classic drink ware set that I can use whether I’m serving brunch or dinner.

Pitcher of lemonade with dishes.

If you want to take it one step further, add some glitz with these fluted acrylic glasses that can withstand an accidental bump onto the ground.

Classy Etiquette

Etiquette is important for a garden party.

While these parties can be anything from upscale and classy to casual and laid back, no one wants to be searching for a way to keep clean.

I love utilizing linen napkins that serve double duty as both a practical help to my guests, and also a form of decor.

Cloth napkins folded on a garden party table setting.

Wayfair offers so many beautiful cloth napkins that can make a statement with a simple folding technique or napkin ring.


I chose these beautiful napkins because of their oversized dimensions and pretty pattern. The larger size also allows me to use them as part of a table centerpiece. This works well to help dress up my non-patterned table cloth.

There’s Always a Seat at the Table

Comfort should also be top of mind for your garden party table setting.

If you don’t have a permanent outdoor table and chair set, then invest in a set of attractive folding chairs.

Folding chairs at an outdoor table.

Easy to set up. Easy to store. Yet still beautiful!

I’ve rounded up some of my favorite folding chairs from Wayfair that are budget friendly and perfectly charming, no matter how many guests you have.


Visually Appealing Food

My method to creating a garden party table setting is very simple. However, when paired with good food that is visually appealing, it’s really all you need!

Choose foods that are simple to prepare, simple to serve and relatively clean to eat.

As a host, you’ll thank yourself for keeping it easy so you can enjoy the party too. And your guests will be grateful to enjoy delicious food that doesn’t leave them heading for the sink to wash up.

Here are some of my favorite recipes to serve in an outdoor setting:

Garden Party Table Centerpieces

Of course, it goes without saying that your table should display flowers.

Preferably from your own garden, as that delivers a special level of satisfaction for your guests to enjoy.

Garden party table setting for four.

Depending on the amount of people you’re seating, one standout centerpiece could suffice.

Or, decorate the length of the table with multiple quaint floral arrangements.

I also snipped some wild sweet pea from our fields to tuck into the napkins for a little something extra.

More Garden Resources

I hope that you find the perfect combination of beautiful pieces from Wayfair to create the garden party table setting of your dreams!

Thanks so much for stopping by the blog today. Enjoy more gardening resources linked for you below!

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~ Sarah

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