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How to Use Plants as Decor to Decorate for Spring

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The simplest way to decorate for spring is to use plants as decor. They are vibrant, a beautiful pop of color and appropriate as we head into a time when creation comes back to life. However, plants aren’t decor! They are living things and do need to be treated that way for them to survive indoors. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be used as decor with that in mind. So, here are the top things to consider so plants thrive as spring decor!

How to Use Plants as Decor to Decorate for Spring

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Today I’m also joining some talented bloggers, hosted by Marty at A Stroll Thru Life, each sharing their spring homes with you! If you’re joining me from Monica at Monica Wants It, thanks for stopping by! You can see links to all the articles at the end of this post.

How to Use Plants as Decor to Decorate for Spring

Decorating for spring has to be one of my favorite things! After a long winter here in Michigan, I can’t wait for the flowers to start coming up outside, the temperatures to warm up and to see color replace dingy snow. However, I tend to focus my time outside once the snow melts, so my spring decor indoors can easily be neglected. That’s why I love to use plants as spring decor!

Houseplants have become a slight obsession for me. I’m always on the lookout for new and interesting looking plants that I think I might be able to keep alive. I’m up to over two dozen indoor plants, and I’ve learned a lot along the way! You can find some resources for how to care for indoor plants in the articles at the end of this post.

How to Use Plants as Decor to Decorate for Spring

And, if you’re a beginner to the world of houseplants, I’ve created a free printable to help guide you. Download this freebie showing you the best beginner indoor plants and how to care for them now!

How do you use plants to decorate?

Using plants to decorate is very simple, in theory. Simply buy plants that you love and place them on display. Right?


Using plants as decor is simple, but not quite that simple. There are several elements you need to consider so that your indoor plants can survive as decor. Otherwise, you will have shriveling brown blobs and, let’s be honest, that doesn’t exactly scream spring.

Dining room decorated for spring.

What Plants are Used for Decoration?

Let’s start with the best plants to use for decoration. There are hundreds of plant species that make beautiful indoor plants. Succulents, aloe, and other tropical plants do well in warm climates. Certain tree species, like ficus and figs, are statement makers. And then, of course, hanging plants are a great option as well.

Watering indoor plants in a sink

However, you should choose plants as decor based on your plant lady level. Beginners will do best with easy care plants and then you can work your way up to the more difficult to care for plants. Most nurseries show difficulty levels on their plant tags so be on the lookout for those care guides to decide what to use.

If you are brand new to the idea of keeping plants indoors, here are some foolproof plants that I love and will thrive no matter where you live. You can shop them online via the affiliate images below.

  • ZZ Plant
  • Snake Plant
  • Pothos
  • Ivy
  • Philodendron
  • Monstera
  • Peperomia

How do I beautify my house with plants?

Now, let’s get to how to decorate with plants so that they both thrive and serve as beautiful decor! There are several things to consider when it comes to choosing houseplants:

  1. Plant type
  2. Placement
    • Sunlight
    • Temperature/humidity
    • Size

Next, you need to consider elements of design once you’ve chosen your plants:

  1. Room style
  2. Functionality
  3. Accessibility
  4. Visual impact

Choosing Houseplants as Decor

Like I mentioned above, choosing the right plant for your level of expertise will go a long way in sustainable plant decor. Yes, plants die sometimes, and that is nothing to fret about. However, buying 5 new plants and having them all die in the first month is simply a waste of money and time. So choosing the right houseplants as decor is the first step to success!

You’ll want to consider placement of your plants before you buy them. For example, I have a wall in my basement where I have a grouping of different types of plants.

Plants as decor in a basement.

Prior to plant shopping, I knew that I wanted to have plants on both sides of the sofa. On the right, the plants would be in direct sunlight, with fluctuating temperatures and humidities as it is right next to a sliding door. On the left, the plants would be in indirect sunlight with a steady temperature and a larger space to occupy.

Monstera in a basement

Knowing this, I chose to place my monstera on the left so it had lots of room to grow since they are rapid and sprawling growers. It also needs indirect sunlight and does beautifully at a consistent temperature.

Then, on the right, I chose a grouping of some of my hardiest plants. Snake plants, pothos and philodendron can easily withstand the changes in temperature and light. My kangaroo fern does well here too, but needs a higher frequency watering schedule due to being in direct light.

So as I placed each of these plants, I considered the amount of sunlight they would receive, the temperature and humidity levels they do best at, and how much room they need to grow.

Low light plants like ivy and rubber trees would most likely do well on the left side of the sofa with the monstera, but not the right side. So these are all things to consider when choosing a plant as decor.

How to Decorate with Plants

Elements of Design + How to Incorporate Plants as Decor

Once you’ve scoped out the different types of plants you might want to incorporate into your home, you’ll want to consider certain elements of design.

I use lots of plant decoration in my living room because it is central to our home. It has lots of natural light and plenty of room to add plants.

Living room with plants as decor.
Living Room Sources

My fiddle leaf fig is the statement maker in this space, and then I like to add in smaller plants on table tops, cabinets, and the fireplace mantel.

Cabinet with plants as decor

When using plants as decor, take into consideration the style of the room, functionality and accessibility in the space and the visual impact you’re looking for. For example, tropical plants tend to have a more playful vibe than ivys or ficus, which lean more sophisticated. So if you have a formal living room, you may want to avoid succulents or tropical plants.

Similarly, you need to keep functionality and accessibility in mind. You don’t want to put plants in a space that you can’t access to water or that would be in the way of living in the space. Large plants should be tucked out of the way so they don’t get bumped and jostled, and smaller plants should be placed where you can easily water them (rather than high on a shelf, for instance).

Dining room with plants.

And lastly, you want to consider the visual impact you desire. Some plants are made to stick out, like the monstera or other large houseplants. They make a statement in a room and serve as a focal point.

Smaller plants, like trailing philodendrons or peperomia, show off glossy leaves for a pretty and petite statement. They serve more as a decor accent rather than a show stopper. So as you plan, determine how you want your plants to serve as part of the overall design of a room.

How do you decorate with a greenery?

If you’re anything like I used to be, the thought of taking care of houseplants might feel overwhelming. That’s where greenery and faux plants come in! You can easily decorate with faux greens and florals to get a similar look in your home without the extra step of caring for live plants.

In my dining room, I love using greenery as a garland to bring some life to this space.

Greenery as decor in a dining room

The houseplants are all real, however the garland and tulips are my absolute favorite faux foliage and florals. They are SO realistic and even feel real to the touch. And it is easier than ever to find faux greenery that is realistic as houseplants become a more significant home decor trend in department stores.

Dining Room Sources

Spring dining room design

How will you use plants as decor?

Your next step is to determine how you will use plants as spring decor! And even better, using plants as decor spans the seasons. So you can enjoy them for as long as they are kept alive and thriving no matter the season. I hope this article has been helpful to you as you design your home with plants this spring.

Creeping fig in a window

Houseplant Sources

And if you’re looking for any of the names of my houseplants, I have them all identified for you in this Instagram reel. Make sure to follow me on Instagram for daily projects and behind the scenes looks at projects!

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How to Use Plants as Decor to Decorate for Spring

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  1. Absolutely agree on house plants as decor. However, and this is a big however, my cat is too curious for me to have houseplants where I’d want them to be located and then there’s that “shriveling brown blob” thing you mentioned : )
    I’ve really got the perfect killer touch and that’s unfortunate.

  2. This plant lady level zero person truly appreciates all your great tips and advice! Right now I’ve been sticking with faux plants because … well … I’m plant lady level zero! lol!

    Your home is stunning and the plants add so much Spring freshness to your decor!

    🙂 Linda

  3. I just love all of your plants – you’re so lucky you are so good with them and know so much, thanks for sharing your tips! I have a black thumb, which is very embarrassing to admit! I just bought some hydrangea plants and I really hope I can keep them alive! Your home is gorgeous! Happy Spring! xo

  4. Thanks so much for sharing all of your plant lady/plant decor wisdom with the rest of us! I love plants as a statement maker and overall decor accessory, yet it is not easy to know where to place what. Lucky for us that you have laid it all out for all to understand!!!!!

  5. Your home is so pretty! I love to decorate with house plants too! I used to be awful at keeping them alive but now I think I’ve worked it out. I love all of your tips – all beginner plant ladies should read this before shooting off to the garden centre!

  6. This is a great post on how to use and choose plants. Packed full of tons of information. I always admire all of your plants and how beautiful they look in your home. Thanks so much for joining the tour this season, always love to visit your place.

  7. Love all your beautiful plants! Beautiful tour Sarah! I’m definitely also only decorating with plants for spring this year.

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