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15 Summer Home Decorating Ideas 2024

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Decorating for summer is my favorite. It is simple, quick, and unfussy. Today, I’m excited to share my summer home tour with you! Keep reading to learn 15 simple summer home decorating ideas to put into action today.

Summer floral arrangement in a living room.

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30 Summer Home Tours to Enjoy

Joining me today are 30 bloggers each sharing their own beautiful summer home decorating ideas! A huge thanks goes to Marty from A Stroll Thru Life for organizing such talented designers and bloggers to share with us today. If you’re joining me from Christy’s tour from Our Southern Home, thank you so much for stopping by! Christy’s home is such an inspiration for summer decorating.

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After you are finished with my tour, make sure and head next to see how Doreen’s summer decor came together over at Hymns and Verses. And, you can also find all 30 tours linked at the bottom of this post.

15 Summer Home Decorating Ideas

This year, my summer decor ideas are all about simplicity. After a few months of remodeling, I find myself craving simplicity. As I considered how I wanted to decorate for summer, I kept being pulled to removing decor rather than adding it.

So, today I’m sharing some very simple summer home decorating ideas that anyone can do. These don’t depend on having a similar design style as mine. Anyone can implement these ideas to freshen your home for summer.

1. Simplify and Declutter

The first step to simple summer decor ideas is removing the visual weight.

Simple entryway summer decor.

After the winter and spring season full of cozy layers, summer can feel sparse at first. However, once you’ve decluttered and simplified, give yourself time to adjust before adding decor back in. You’ll likely find that the simplicity becomes like a breath of fresh air!

2. Use Practical Items as Summer Home Decor

Right alongside my first tip comes the incorporation of practical items AS decor. This helps reduce the clutter.

Many people stow away items like blankets and books, only to be brought out when needed. In my opinion, those items we use everyday should be easily accessible. So why not use them as decor?

Summer home decorating ideas in a living room.

Hang or fold blankets out in the open or display books as coffee table decor. Then you will create a beautiful display without adding more traditional summer decor.

3. Summer Home Decorating with Plants

Obviously, plants are a big part of outdoor decorating. You can tour our 38 acre property in this video if you want to explore how we use our land!

YouTube video

But indoors, plants are just as important! They bring freshness and life to a home. You can check out some very easy beginner plants with my free download if you’re new to plant care.

4. Bring in Cuttings for Fresh Arrangements

If you don’t want to commit to long-term indoor plants, try adding a fresh arrangement!

Summer home decorating with fresh flowers.

The immediate focal point in this room becomes the flower arrangement I cut from my quince. It’s simple, fast and free!

If you don’t have flowering plants, don’t overlook tree clippings or even pretty weeds. Queen Anne’s Lace is technically a weed, but even weeds can be beautiful when grouped in a dramatic bundle!

5. Lighten Your Color Palette

Another way to change up your summer home decorating is through a fresh color palette.

Open concept living room

Whether you change your wall color, re-paint furniture, or just freshen up pillows, a softer color palette feels fresh and light for summer. This doesn’t mean everything has to be white. But softer colors tend to open up a space and give breathing room.

6. Use Happy Bold Accent Colors

Once you’ve lightened the majority of your color palette, it gives space to pop in happier and bolder colors.

  • Coral
  • Yellow
  • Tangerine
  • Lime Green
  • Pink
  • Red

Summer home decorating pillows in a bedroom.

These colors are fun accents for smaller pieces like pillows, dishes and linens. They will immediately bring a fun atmosphere to your room! You can shop my bedding here.

7. Soften Textures

Another option for summer decorating is to soften your textures.

Transitioning from heavy wools to light linen blankets not only makes sense practically, but also softens a room visually.

Dining room with plants.

I also like to soften textures like woven baskets and wood tones. Thick, nubby baskets get swapped out for a softer weave. And rustic dark woods can be swapped for smoother and lighter wood tones.

8. Minimize Layers

One way to create a cozy atmosphere is to add layers. I especially love to do this in the fall and winter.

However, come spring and summer, I am ready to ditch the layers for a more minimal look.

Modern living room with sofas.

I love simplifying my table decor in the living room for summer. I also fold up the majority of my blankets so only one is hanging. It feels fresh, but still cozy.

9. Lighten Window Coverings

Another option for simple summer decor is to lighten your window coverings. If you have heavy drapes, opt for cotton or linen instead.

Stone fireplace.

It can also be as simple as a color change, from a darker tone curtain to a more neutral option.

10. Create Indoor/Outdoor Living

Here in Michigan, summers are the best time of year. We finally escape the cold and dry out from the spring.

I love to create indoor/outdoor living by opening up the windows and doors. You don’t have to have a full-blown sliding wall to get the same feeling! Pop open your window over the kitchen sink, slide open a slider or crack the front door.

Summer home decorating living room ideas.

Just feeling that breeze is enough to freshen your home.

11. Add Nature Inspired Art

Another tip to create a summery feeling home is to use nature inspired art.

Botanical art in a living room.

I do that with botanical art and landscapes. I prefer art that is nature inspired year round as well!

You can shop my botanical art and landscapes by clicking the images below. Use code GRACEINMYSPACE for 15% off the wood landscape art at Joyfully Said Signs.

Summer botanical art.

12. Rearrange Furniture for Summer Entertaining

One free option for summer home decorating is simply rearranging furniture. Similarly, you can also swap decor from room to room for a fresh look.

YouTube video

After our flooring update I redecorated my entire house with this method and gave it a whole new look. I love reusing items in a new and different way!

13. Have Relaxing Reading at the Ready

Summer is supposed to be about slowing down and smelling the roses. So why not have relaxing reading materials quick at hand?

Living room coffee table.

14. Create a Summer Reading Nook

You can take it one step further and actually create a reading nook!

Whether that is something you physically build, or a temporary reading corner, creating this intentional space will beckon you to rest. This is a great option for kids as well to carve out a quiet time space for the summer.

15. Set Up a Summer Game Station

However, summer is also for fun! So be intentional about setting up a summer game station.

If your family likes board games, create a game table. If they like outdoor games, have everything organized for easy access in the garage. There’s always room for game night.

You can also learn 20 low-budget ways to create an outdoor living atmosphere in your home!

Quick Look: Summer Home Decorating Ideas

Let’s quickly summarize these 15 simple ideas for summer home decorating.

  1. Simplify and declutter
  2. Use practical items as decor
  3. Incorporate plants
  4. Bring in cuttings for fresh arrangements
  5. Lighten your main color palette
  6. Use happy bold colors as accents
  7. Use softer textures
  8. Minimize layers
  9. Lighten window coverings
  10. Open the windows and doors for indoor/outdoor living
  11. Add botanical or landscape artwork
  12. Rearrange furniture for summer entertaining
  13. Have books/magazines at the ready
  14. Create a summer reading nook
  15. Set up a summer game station

However, the best tip of all: don’t sweat it. Summer is the easiest season to decorate for because it is more about removing decor than adding it. Enjoy the space for what it is and enjoy beautiful weather while you can.

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15 Summer Home Decorating Ideas

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  1. Home should always be relaxing because this is the only place we feel secure, contented, and happy. Thank you for posting content that gives me ideas that may add to my home. I also love the summer season, so I am excited to add some of your ideas to my house.

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