The Best Floating Shelves for Any Budget

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Floating shelves add character and charm to any space. Make your own with my tutorial or buy online; I’ve rounded up the best floating shelves for any budget!

Floating shelves in a modern kitchen.

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Floating shelves will always have a place in my heart. I love how versatile they are.

You can use them for beautiful open storage in kitchens, pretty decor in living rooms and bedrooms, or a combination of both form and function in bathrooms! These lovely additions actually work well in any room in your home and I’m excited to share my favorites with you.

The Best Budget Friendly Floating Shelves

There are so many options available to buy floating shelves online or in store.

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However, the price can add up if you are buying custom floating shelves. To avoid a hefty price tag, I have some amazing budget friendly options for you!

Can I make my own DIY floating shelves?

Floating shelves are a great beginner DIY project. You can easily make your own in an afternoon!

If you’d like to make your own shelves, head to this tutorial where you will learn how to make single shelves or corner shelves!

Where to Buy Affordable Floating Shelves

If you aren’t a big fan of DIY, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Here are my favorite affordable options to buy shelving online or in store broken down by category.

Open shelving in a kitchen with tile backsplash.

My Top Picks

These are my top two choices overall for affordable shelving.

  1. BAMEOS: These shelves come in a set of three (or less), multiple color choices, and multiple lengths. For the price, these are a great option. Especially if you are looking for lengths longer than the standard 24″.
  2. Imperative Decor: These shelves also come in a set. I love that there is an unfinished option! While they have many beautiful pre-finished colors, sometimes finishing your shelves with a custom stain color makes all the difference. Multiple lengths and colors available.


Live edge floating shelves

If you are looking for extra character and a unique look, you can’t go wrong with a live edge.

Live edge shelving is typically on the more expensive side. However, these are some more affordable options.

  1. Set of 2 with steel brackets included
  2. Stunning craftsmanship for the price

Here are some other options of various price points.


Led floating shelves

Floating shelves with LED lighting are a great way to highlight decor.

While you can find many integrated shelves, the most affordable option is to simply add LED strips to existing shelves.


Maple, Walnut, or Oak Floating SHelves

Wood shelving is my personal favorite. White and black have their place, but the warmth of wood tones always adds something special to a space.

Kitchen range with custom shelving.

Maple, walnut and oak are my favorite to use for open shelving. Here are my top picks for affordable options in these tones.

  1. This shelf comes in walnut and oak and is an amazing price for the length!
  2. This 3 pack is an unbeatable price to get the look of a dark walnut without the price tag.
  3. This set of 2 has options for maple and oak tones for much less.


Now, while the three above are my top picks for the most affordable options, I would consider saving up for the below alternatives. These shelves have a more polished, high end look. This is ideal when adding wood shelves rather than painted.

  1. Five classic wood tones, real wood
  2. Wood veneer in 5 colors with a variety of lengths and depths


Here are some additional runners up that are beautiful options!


Reclaimed wood floating shelves

Reclaimed wood adds a ton of texture and a rustic appeal to a room. Here are some great options to choose from.

  1. Comes in both oiled and unfinished options
  2. Comes in stained, oiled and unfinished, with steel L brackets


Another option I always go to for affordable reclaimed wood is Facebook marketplace. There is always someone selling reclaimed lumber and a few quick cuts can turn them into beautiful shelving!

Floating shelves for the bathroom

Adding shelving to the bathroom is a great way to serve both form and function. If you are struggling to decorate your bathroom, grab these bathroom decorating tips!

Here are some shelving options that will work well in a bathroom.


Thin floating shelf

If you are looking for a thinner style, consider these options.

View of a dining room.

Beyond the traditional 8″ deep shelf, you can also consider thinner picture ledges and more unique displays!


Best Custom Shelving Option

While I love saving money and purchasing pre-made for the expediency it offers, sometimes custom is just the best route to take to get what will serve you best.

If that is the case, I’m always an advocate for shopping local. Google “custom woodworking near me” or “local cabinet maker near me” to find a craftsman in your area.

All of my floating shelves in our last kitchen, as well as in our new kitchen, were made by our cabinet maker during the kitchen remodels.

However, if you want to build your own online, this is an amazing option.

You can create custom-cut-to-order shelves to your specific dimensions and thickness, wood species, stain color or paint, and shape. Click the wood species you love below to see all the stain options.


What is the rule for Spacing floating shelves?

I truly love a long, single open shelf. If it is substantial enough, then one is often enough.

However, if you are looking for multiples, the best spacing is 11-18 inches apart.

You want to consider what you’ll be putting on your shelving. For instance, an 8×10 picture frame needs at least 11″ between shelves to fit. With that said, don’t go any farther apart than 18″ or the shelves won’t look cohesive and like a unit.

Can you put heavy things on floating shelves?

Every shelf will have its own weight capacity. A general rule of thumb is to simply look at the manufacturer’s directions as there will be a difference between solid wood, MDF, and more cheaply made shelving.

Dining room buffet with shelving above.

However, the real deciding factor in weight capacity will be how you mount your shelves. Mounting into studs is the best way to ensure a stable shelf. And using proper brackets for your shelf style is second most important.

Only store heavy items like dishes or pottery on shelving that is mounted into studs with steal brackets.

This is the most highly recommended floating shelf bracket at an affordable cost.

Are floating shelves still a trend?

Perhaps as an interior design and home decor blog I’m supposed to care about trends. However, I simply do not.

Open shelving in a kitchen.

Trends come and go, as we see in fashion and interior design decade after decade. However, functional storage that serves as a beautiful backdrop for decor is fairly timeless.

If you love the look of floating shelves, and they serve a purpose for you, then they are on trend.

If you want to make sure you get the most longevity out of them, I’d recommend sticking to a medium to light tone wood shelf as it is most classic.

More Decorating Tips

Thanks for stopping by the blog today! I hope you found this round up of affordable floating shelves helpful as you decorate your own home.

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