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How to Decorate a Green Accent Wall in the Bedroom

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Decorating a green accent wall in the bedroom is quite simple! I’ve had my green accent wall in our bedroom since we moved in 2018 and have loved seeing the dark green accent wall trend explode since then! While some feel it can be difficult to decorate with such a bold color, I find that it actually makes it fairly simple! Here are three elements to consider when designing your colorful bedroom accent wall.

Green accent wall in a bedroom.

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Are Accent Walls Outdated?

Before we dive too deep, I think the burning question for all of us in 2022 is, are accent walls outdated? We see trends come and go every year and no one wants to invest time and money into a style that will feel dated by next year. I get it!

I see accent walls staying popular for years to come. It is the WAY that accent walls are designed that tends to change with trends. First shiplap had it’s explosion, then board and batten, then skinny lap, and now we are heading into more transitional wainscoting and sophisticated looks. However, none of those feel outdated because they are a timeless design.

You can see a more modern take on a simple accent wall design that I added in our basement below.

Basement leather sofa with accent wall.

{Shopping source: My custom sign I designed in our basement and the Daydream Believer sign in my bedroom are both from Joyfully Said! You can use code GRACEINMYSPACE for 15% off their signs.}

On the other hand, overly graphic looks (chevron, angular wood accents or sponge painting, for example) is very trendy. You may see an accent wall with that type of design and say, “That was installed in 2019 and it shows.” But a wood wall treatment can stand the test of time!

So as you plan out how you want to incorporate a green accent wall in your bedroom, or somewhere else in your home, make sure to invest some thought into how long it will stay “in-style” and if you’re going to want to update it in the near future.

All of that to say, if you love it, then it really doesn’t matter if it is on-trend! Your home, your design rules.

Which Wall Is Usually the Accent Wall?

Since you’re reading this article, I would venture the guess that you have or want to add an accent wall in your bedroom. A green one, probably. 😉

If you haven’t yet designed your space, you may wonder which wall is usually the accent wall. There are two differing viewpoints on this from a design standpoint. I don’t feel that either is wrong. Rather, it depends on your own unique situation and the purpose you have for the room.

  1. It is the wall you see upon entrance into the room
  2. It is the wall where the main piece of furniture is situated
How to Decorate a Green Accent Wall in the Bedroom

In my situation, the wall I chose for my bedroom accent wall is both of those things! It is the first wall you see when entering the room, and it is where our bed is located. For a bedroom, I recommend using an accent wall on the wall your bed will be situated. However, you can also create one for a seating area, small office space, or any other purposeful space you want to highlight.

Bottom line: the accent wall will become the focal point of the room. So whatever space you want to elevate will be where you install an accent.

How do You Decorate a Room with Green Accent Walls?

I love decorating my bedroom for the simple fact that my dark green accent wall IS the decor! It is such a striking color that it provides a beautiful backdrop to make everything in front of it stand out. Here are a few FAQs on my green accent wall in the bedroom.

What Color Green is Best for a Bedroom?

There are SO many beautiful green paint colors available.

My bedroom is painted in the color Regal Leaf by Magnolia Home Paints.

Many think it is a forest green accent wall, but it actually has softer undertones that change with the light.

Dark green accent wall in Regal Leaf

Here are a few of my other favorite moody greens.

  • Isle of Pines: Sherwin Williams
  • Moss Cottage: Dunn Edwards
  • Vintage Vogue: Benjamin Moore
  • Shade Grown: Sherwin Williams
  • Rainy Afternoon: Benjamine Moore
  • Ripe Olive: Sherwin Williams
Samples of different green paint colors.

When I started to design our upcoming guest bathroom project I knew I wanted to use a deep green on the bathroom cabinets. So I have studied these colors deeply and have come to one conclusion: what the paint looks like on a sample or in someone else’s home is NOT what it will look like in yours!

I can’t stress it enough that you should buy a sample size in a few different colors and paint them on the wall you want to create a green accent wall on. Let them dry with two coats, watch them as the sun hits them differently throughout the day, and compare them to the furnishings that will be on the wall to see how they look together.

Once you see them in real life, in your home’s lighting, then you can make an informed decision!

What type of accent walls are there?

Next, I get asked all the time how we installed our modern board and batten. You can find the tutorial for our bedroom board and batten here. Adding accent walls is a fairly beginner DIY project, depending on the complexity of your design.

It can be as simple as painting one wall a contrasting color. Or as detailed as putting up complicated moulding. Here are a few different types of accent wall installations I have tutorials for in my home!

And there are many more options available as well! Any design your mind can dream up can be created as an accent wall!

If you’re looking for help decorating, you will benefit from my free e-course on beginner interior design! It helps you reframe your mindset towards design so it becomes purposeful and actionable! Sign up below for this free course!

What coordinating colors go with green accent walls?

So let’s get to the decorating portion of this article! More often than not, people get stumped on how to combine colors when using a bold color on the walls. For me, it is actually freeing!

Using a bold color on the walls lets me keep the rest of my decor fairly neutral. Plain even! White looks crisp against a dark green, creams look extra creamy, pinks pop like a flower petal against a stem. It doesn’t take much to decorate a green room because it makes a statement all on its own.

However, if you like more color than whites, creams, greys and browns, you can do that too! Green is actually fairly neutral as far as colors go. It is a color of nature, like blue, so it matches well with most colors. I love how a dark green pairs with navy blue, pinks, yellows, and purples.

Cozy reading corner.

In my office design, which sits off of our bedroom, I will be adding navy blue accents that complement our green wall. I can’t wait for that room to come together!

What color furniture goes with a dark green accent wall?

Similarly, furnishings can be very versatile too! In a bedroom specifically, any of these colors would be a beautiful contrast to a green wall for your headboard and nightstands.

  • Black
  • White
  • Cream
  • Grey
  • Dark wood tones
  • Medium wood tones
Medium wood tones with a green accent wall.

I’ve had cream and grey headboards against this green wall and they both look beautiful! I’ve been spying a wood bed frame for the next time we switch things up in here! You can see my green accent wall in the bedroom styled with different colors for different seasons by browsing these posts!

Ideas for Smaller Decor Accents in a Bedroom

Beyond the furniture and wall color, I like to add minimal smaller accents to the bedroom. Metal tones work beautifully with dark green walls, especially brass! Since I have a large bed on a small wall, our nightstands are super tiny. To save table-top space, I added these brass sconces to the wall in lieu of lamps.

Bed made with neutral bedding and pillows.

And for me, nothing says cozy like live plants! So most of my “decor” is actually a plant or two. If you’re new to indoor plants, I have a great guide available for my subscribers. You can sign up below to download your free guide on best beginner plants and how to care for them!

Beyond that, pillows and bedding make the biggest design statement in our bedroom. I love to add layers of cozy textiles for our cold Michigan climate. In addition to the practicality of throw blankets and comforters, the layering adds a lot of depth and design to the room. You can find my bedding and pillows linked via the images below!

Bedroom corner chair.

On the opposite side of our bedroom, I have created a cozy reading corner with some favorite photos from our travels to Portugal. It’s amazing what a small space can offer when you’re intentional about designing it for a purpose!

Reading chair with cozy blankets.

Smaller decor items like frames and neutral artwork is so easy to incorporate into a bedroom with bold color. I like to add dark green accents, like this cozy minky blanket, to bring the green out on the other side of the room. You can find the other shoppable items linked below!

Stay Connected

I hope this article on how to decorate with a green accent wall in the bedroom has been helpful to you!

You can tour the rest of my home for inspiration and sources on my virtual home tour!

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  1. What a beautiful space. The wall behind my bed is similar in that it has a door to the right of the bed (well actually, 2 doors next to each other – 1 for the walk in and then the bedroom door). I was thinking of only doing the panelling and green paint behind the bed portion of the wall and doing the section of the wall with the doors the same colour as the rest of the bedroom. Would this be odd? Maybe I should carry the colour right across the wall like you have? Thanks!

    1. Unless there is a visible break in the wall above the door header, I think I would carry the color across the entire wall. But you could always start with your plan and see how you like it! Maybe you will love it!

    1. I prefer eggshell because it is a good mix of practicality! The shinier the finish the more you’ll see imperfections in the wall. The duller the finish, the harder it is to clean. But any finish would be beautiful.

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