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50+ Simple Spring Cottage Decor Ideas (2024)

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Transform your home for spring with these simple decorating ideas. The doldrum days of winter are behind us. It’s time to infuse spring into your home. I’ve rounded up 50+ simple spring cottage decor ideas for any budget!

View looking into dining room decorated for spring.

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Spring Cottage Decor Ideas

Personally, I think spring decor is the easiest and happiest transition to seasonal decor.

Add some tulips, a floral painting, and cheery colors to your textiles or dishes and call it done!

Cottage Spring Decor pinterest image
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With that said, it can be overwhelming to browse thousands of options for these spring decor staples. So I’m excited to share my favorites with you this year.

How to Shop Spring Cottage Decor

Almost every item I’ve selected to include also offers variation in the product listing.

Some have multiple colors and sizes, as you may expect for faux florals. However, most of the artwork also has several beautiful options to browse that are very different once you click into the product.

Dining room with cedar ceiling decorated for spring.

So make sure to browse a little deeper into the product listing to see the variations! Especially on the artwork I’m sharing today.

Additionally, I’m only sharing a fraction of what I’ve found in this post! For the full round up, head to my storefront linked below. There were simply too many adorable things to choose from.

If you want to browse it all in one complete round up, shop my favorites here. Make sure to hit the Follow button on my storefront as well for easy access anytime.

Cottage Kitchen and Dining Decor

Decorating for spring in the kitchen and dining room is my favorite!

These spaces often allow the most flexibility with adding pops of color and smaller pieces like artwork and simple bouquets.

Spring cottage decor in a kitchen.

This year, I found these beautiful dishes that are simple enough to also be used year round. Plus, some fun aprons and table cloths to bring in those fun pops of spring.

Bunny planter in a kitchen.

I personally have the concrete bunny planter, market baskets, floral artwork and hydrangeas. They are all amazing quality!

Spring cottage decor for the kitchen.

Spring Artwork

Artwork can make or break a space. Especially for the cottage style home.

These pieces of art are only a few options I loved. However, when you click into each listing, there are a dozen more that are just as beautiful!

So browse through each of these individual listings to find the cottage style artwork that will fit your home.

Cottage style artwork

Shop them all here

Best Faux Florals and Wreaths

What is spring cottage decor without flowers?

Faux hydrangeas on a console table.

I am extremely picky about faux flowers. If it looks fake, it goes back.

These are my all time favorite fauxs! The floral stems come in multiple colors and varieties as well.

Shop them all here

Best faux flowers for cottage spring decor.

Of course, adding live plants would be my number one suggestion.

Dining room with a vase of flowers on the table.

Make sure to browse my articles on caring for indoor house plants if you’re wanting to add some yourself!

Cottage Style Spring Decor

Now that we have the basics of florals covered, let’s curate some collections.

I love how all of these pieces work together.

Spring collection of decor.

Spring color palettes are so easy, but here’s a quick tip. If you see it in nature, then it will work in your home. Green stems, blades of grass and foliage never compete with the color of a flower petal. They always complement each other.

Similarly, blue skies go with everything. So when you are thinking spring, use greens or blues as your base and then pop in colors you would see in nature in the springtime.

Blue based spring decor.

More Spring Decorating Ideas

If you’re looking for more spring decorating inspiration, make sure to check out year’s passed in my archives as well.

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  1. Transforming your home for spring is such a refreshing and delightful way to embrace the change of seasons! Your collection of simple decorating ideas truly captures the essence of springtime charm and brings a burst of joy into any space. From vibrant floral artwork to the elegance of faux florals and wreaths, your suggestions offer something for every style and budget. I particularly appreciate your emphasis on incorporating natural elements and colors inspired by the beauty of nature. Thank you for sharing these wonderful tips and inspiring us to infuse our homes with the spirit of spring!

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