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20 Boy Cave Ideas for Teens and Pre-Teens 2024

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We’ve all heard of the man cave. But what about that tender age for our boys who’ve entered their pre-teen and teen years? Let’s create an awesome teenage man cave with these 20 boy cave ideas for teens and pre-teens!

20 Boy Cave Ideas for Teens and Pre-Teens

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Boy’s Bedroom Ideas

One of the things I was most excited about in our new house is getting to design the kids’ rooms. However, this time around, my son wanted to design his own space!

In our last home, his room was almost triple the size of this space with some very unique design elements. So he had the challenge of turning this small room into something just as special.

Empty bedroom with white walls.
Blank Slate

He did a great job with his teen room design and I took a day and put it into action.

Boy's bedroom with brick wallpaper

His boy’s room decor ideas are classic and straightforward. I love that it isn’t too themed and will grow with him as his interests change deeper into his teen years.

Brick wallpaper in a boy cave bedroom

Plus, he has a small bedroom so we didn’t have a lot of space to work with. His boy’s bedroom ideas for small rooms packs a lot of personality into a tight space.

Boy's room decor ideas with desk and shelving.

We kept the boy’s wall decor to a minimum and just let the brick wallpaper make a statement on it’s own. However, there is plenty of room above the bed to add artwork or wall decor later if he finds something he loves.

Then, I styled his desk for homework along with a simple storage cabinet for his trophies and favorite sports memorabilia.

Boy's bedroom with a cross plaque.

On the other side of the room I displayed the sword that he made with his grandpa.

It’s a small room, but there are touches here and there of things that are special to him! It has everything he needs to hang out, sleep and do homework.


Boy’s Bedroom Ideas for the Sports Enthusiast

My son is more into sports and outdoorsman activities than anything else. Here are some of the boy’s bedroom ideas we implemented, plus a few more for the sports enthusiast.

Over the door basketball hoop as boy cave ideas.
  1. Over the door basketball hoop
  2. Sports ball wall mounted display
  3. Sport Artwork
  4. Workout station
Football display hoops.

Boy’s Bedroom Ideas for Small Rooms

For those with a tight space like mine, here are some boy’s small bedroom ideas that will give you storage, style and functionality!

Daybed in a boy's bedroom.
  1. Clamp light
  2. Daybed with dresser storage
  3. Storage cabinet with open shelving and hidden storage
  4. Homework desk and attached bookshelves
  5. Blackout bamboo shades so curtains aren’t in the way
  6. Display shelves mounted to the wall
  7. Hat display/storage
  8. Shoe display
  9. Skateboard display

Boy Cave Ideas For the Gamer

If you have a gamer in the family, here are some specific set ups for additional teenage bedroom ideas.

  1. Gaming station
  2. Gaming chair
  3. Gamer neon lights
  4. Arcade neon lights

Teenage Man Cave Hang Out Ideas

If you have a larger area to work with, try adding a few extras. Soft seating for when friends come over, plus a combo game table, will make your boy cave the hang out spot of the neighborhood.

Boy's bedroom with daybed and area rug.
  1. Soft seating/futon/bean bag chairs
  2. Soft area rug
  3. 10 in 1 Game Table

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Maybe your son is into music, reading, sci-fi, movies, or art instead. It’s so simple to swap in your child’s interests into a space with some simple character and basic elements like we did in Owen’s room.

See how to install peel and stick wallpaper in this tutorial.

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  1. Can you share any hints about his interests or design preferences? Or are you keeping it a complete secret until the big reveal? Either way, I’m definitely here for the journey! Keep us posted on his progress and share some photos when it’s finished. I can’t wait to see his vision come to life in this smaller, cozier space!

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