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7 Design Benefits of a Moody Green Bedroom | Before and After

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Do you love a moody green bedroom? If you’ve followed along with Grace In My Space for any length of time, then you know I sure do. But beyond the intrinsic beauty of a green bedroom, did you know there are also design benefits? Learn the amazing design benefits of a moody green bedroom with this bedroom makeover, before and after.

Design Benefits of a Moody Green Bedroom | Before and After

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Past Moody Bedroom Color I’ve Used

Dark green is no stranger to my home.

Dark green accent wall in a bedroom.

In our last house, I paired a dark forest green with modern board and batten for a beautiful accent wall in our primary bedroom.

This was one of my most popular bedroom makeovers for years. I give all the credit to that beautiful dark green wall.

After four years of that color I decided to lighten the space with all white walls. Even though I love and prefer white walls in the main living spaces, I regretted it pretty much right away and missed the calming feeling the green provided for a bedroom retreat.

When we moved into our new home, I knew I wanted to bring a moody green back into our bedroom design.

I’m excited to share this bedroom makeover before and after with you today!

Empty bedroom with white walls.
New Home: Before, Blank Slate

I’ll also be sharing the amazing design benefits of using a moody green color in your bedroom. By the end of this article, I’m pretty sure you’ll be convinced.

Moody Green Bedroom Makeover

When we moved into this home, all of the bedrooms were a wonderful blank slate.

All white walls is a great starting point to have the brain space to envision a new design plan. I used this to my advantage in my son’s bedroom. He wanted brick and I took it from there!

You can see how I transformed his blank slate to a teenage man cave in this article.

Bedroom Design Plan

In the primary bedroom, I wanted to create something that was restful, cozy and easy to accomplish.

Moody green bedroom design plan

Paint works wonders to transform a room with minimal budget and effort.

I decided to create a dark green moody bedroom that not only utilizes dark green on the walls, but on the ceiling too. Painting the ceiling creates the feeling of being encapsulated.

Like a warm hug upon entering the room.

And I love how it turned out!

Before photo of empty room.
Moody green bedroom after makeover

Moody Green Bedroom Paint Colors

I am affectionately calling this “phase 1” of the bedroom makeover.

Painted green ceiling

A little paint goes a long way. Even as I was completing this bedroom makeover I kept having new ideas.

Eventually, I’d love to replace or DIY the bi-fold mirrored closet doors. I’d also love to add some wall treatments to even further elevate the moody green on the walls. And, we will also replace the dated ceiling fan with something more modern, like our last bedroom had.

All of this will come with time!

Is the Color Green Good for a Bedroom?

While there are many beautiful color options for a bedroom, I am extremely partial to green. Green is a beautiful color for a bedroom as it is refreshing and nurturing at the same time.

Moody Green Paint Colors

Ceiling: Benjamin Moore Stoneybrook
Walls: Benjamin Moore Night Train
Both color matched to Magnolia Home Paints

Moody green bedroom with painted ceiling.

I chose to do a slightly lighter moody green within the same color family on the ceiling. My goal was to avoid the room feeling dungeon-like.

An easy way to do this is to simply choose the paint chip one level lighter on your samples. I love how cozy it makes the room feel without being too dark.

Bedroom painted with green walls and ceiling.

Bedroom Makeover Details and Sources

Beyond the beautiful new paint colors, much of the items we have in our bedroom came from our last home.

Primary bedroom with king size bed.

The bed, bench, rug, curtains and artwork were all items we have had and loved for years.

The artwork is antique and the bench is one of a kind, however I’ve rounded up some similar items for you below!


Bedroom looking at a nightstand under a window.

The only items we purchased new for this space were a pair of beautiful nightstands and some fresh sheets. The rest of the decor was sourced from around our home.

You can find shoppable sources to these items below.

Gold wall mirror.
Antique wardrobe in a bedroom.

Design Benefits of a Moody Green Bedroom

There is a reason (7 actually) I chose a moody green for our bedroom.

Moody bedroom colours have so many benefits. Some of them are related to personal health and wellness and others are related to home design. Pair them together and you have a recipe for greatness!

Design Benefits of a Moody Green Bedroom | Before and After

Some of them are personal benefits, like a better sleeping environment. While others are amazing interior design benefits. Let’s walk through them quickly.

Moody green bedrooms offer the following benefits:

  1. Dark colors offer a better sleeping environment at night
  2. Green is a color of nature which evokes peace, renewal, balance and calm
  3. Green can act as a neutral, pairing well with most colors
  4. A moody green bedroom makes a dramatic statement with little effort
  5. Moody green bedroom walls make lighter decor accents pop
  6. Dark green creates a cozy atmosphere to reduce stress and improve focus
  7. Green is the perfect back drop for all seasons’ color palettes (see more below)

A moody blue bedroom would accomplish many of these same design benefits as well!

What Colors Go With Moody Green?

Green is an amazing color to pair with almost any other color.

Consider nature. Green is everywhere you look, but specifically consider a flower. Green stems and leaves match with any color petal in the rainbow.

It can also often act as a neutral. Blue has a similar quality.

When considering how to decorate for the seasons, follow this simple guide for pairing a moody green with seasonal colors.

  • Spring: Pair with pinks or yellow and light green
  • Summer: Pair with blues and light purples
  • Fall: Pair with tans, greys, mustard, burnt orange, and browns
  • Winter: Pair with neutrals
Fall bedding in a green bedroom.
Primary bedroom with moody green walls and lighter accents.

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Thanks for stopping by the blog today! I hope this example of a moody green bedroom makeover and the amazing design benefits of using green in your room was helpful to you!

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  1. It’s important to choose the specific shade of green that resonates with your personal style and the mood you want to set in your bedroom. Additionally, consider factors like lighting and the size of the room when selecting paint colors and décor. If you love the idea of a moody green bedroom, it’s a great choice for creating a comfortable and visually appealing space.

  2. It’s beautiful! Our new master bedroom doesn’t get much natural light either, so I had it painted in white, with a wood vaulted ceiling in a herringbone pattern (my contractor was an amazing carpenter!). I’ve thought for sleeping I would paint it a darker color, but just not sure yet. Not that we have the time right now, so I have time to make up my mind. Your armoire is beautiful against the green wall.

  3. Fellow Michigander here!
    Love this color! The new room looks beautiful! It’s incredible the difference paint can make.
    We will be moving in the spring and our new home doesn’t get much natural light in the master bedroom. Do you think doing a moody green without much natural light would amplify the “dungeon” feel? Or should I stick to lighter colors, such as white or cream to brighten the room?

    1. I think it’s totally up to you! My room faces west so it does get good light. It just depends on the mood you want in your room. White will be brighter, but also more stark. Dark will be darker, but can feel more calming and restful.

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