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25 Best Fall and Winter Fashion and Decor Essentials

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Fall and winter are two of my favorite seasons to decorate for. There are so many festivities, traditions and gatherings to look forward to! So today, I wanted to break down fall and winter decorating and make it super simple for all my minimalist friends. Here are my top 25 best fall and winter decor essentials!

25 Best Fall and Winter Fashion and Decor Essentials

Plus, a little cozy sweater recommendations for ya as well.

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Fall Decor Essentials

It always amazes me how quickly you can decorate a room for a specific season with just a few simple swaps.

Hydrangeas on an antique cabinet.
Fave Faux Hydrangeas (Multiple Colors Available)

If you’re looking for detailed fall decorating tips, make sure to check out these posts below.

However, if you just want a few basic fall decor essentials, here are my top picks!

Favorite fall decor essentials.
Living room with velvet sofa.

Take a look at the below images for examples of how full my pillow inserts look inside a 24×24 pillow cover.

And here are two colors of my favorite classic pillow color. Coming soon, a new look in the bedroom!

Now personally, I don’t think pumpkins are a decor essential for fall. You can see how I decorate for fall without pumpkins in this article. However, many people love adding this classic and traditional fall decor essential.

Fall Decorating Faves

You can find my favorite faux pumpkins, plus more of my favorite fall decor, in my Fall Idea List.

Fall Fashion Essentials

Now, home decor will always be where my heart lies. But, a girl likes to be cozy and comfy too. Here’s my super simple go-to list of fall sweaters. These are going on 3 years and still look like the day they were purchased!

Favorite fall fashion essentials.

I’ll always gravitate to a cozy sweater. Pair with my favorite no-pinch leggings, tummy tuck jeggings, or boyfriend jeans!

Shop my fave fall fashion

Perfect for layering; Dress up or dress down with different pant pairings.

You can shop my favorite fashion anytime in my Amazon Storefront.

Winter Decor Essentials

Christmas is hands-down my favorite season to decorate. There are so many joyful traditions and fond memories to celebrate with the simple act of putting up Christmas decor.

Stone fireplace decorated with christmas decor essentials.
Shown: Flameless taper candles, norfolk pine garland

Over the years, my style has evolved and transformed. Each year is has been a little different and it’s so fun looking back to each season. You can browse all my Christmas decorating posts in detail in my archives.

However, every year I come back to some of the same items. Amazing faux greenery, candles, and lighting go a long way mixed into other decor that is more style-specific.

These are my go-to winter and Christmas decor essentials that are perfect for any style home.

Christmas and winter decor essentials.
Norfolk pine branches in a vase.
Shown: Norfolk pine branches and taper candle holder
Winter artwork displayed in a gallery.
Shown: Winter artwork gallery

See More Decor Essentials

Much of my personal home decor is vintage, antique or thrifted. However, when it’s not, Amazon is a go-to source for my decor essentials.

Make sure to hit Follow on my Amazon Storefront to access all my favorites broken down by category anytime from the Amazon app.

If you’re looking for more home decor essentials, check out these posts next.

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