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15 Affordable Quartz that Look Like Marble

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Do you love the look of marble countertops? I certainly do! It is classic, timeless and stunning. However, I don’t love the idea of a high maintenance countertop in the workhorse of the home: the kitchen. So today I’m sharing why I chose a white quartz countertop instead. Consider quartz that looks like marble for a maintenance free and affordable marble alternative.

Do you love the look of marble countertops? Consider quartz that looks like marble for a maintenance free and affordable marble alternative. #fromhousetohaven #quartzcountertops #kitchenremodel #marblequartz

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Why Choose Quartz that Looks Like Marble?

From the beginning of this kitchen remodel I knew I wanted to install a countertop that looked like marble.

I’ve traveled to Europe several times and the marble there astounds me and became one of my favorite stones. However, I wanted a stone countertop that was durable and maintenance free.

Do you love the look of marble countertops? Consider quartz that looks like marble for a maintenance free and affordable marble alternative. #fromhousetohaven #quartzcountertops #kitchenremodel #marblequartz

That is why I chose quartz that looks like marble!

I went into the showroom at Lakeside Surfaces Inspiration Gallery in Grand Rapids, MI and loved looking at all the beautiful slabs of quartz. Quartz is one of the most durable stone countertops available. It is virtually maintenance free and comes in so many designs.

{Updated 2022: We continue to love our quartz! I’ve rounded up 7 of the best cleaners and polishes, plus pro cleaning tips, that have helped us maintain our quartz over the year! I hope they are helpful!}

Do you love the look of marble countertops? Consider quartz that looks like marble for a maintenance free and affordable marble alternative. #fromhousetohaven #quartzcountertops #kitchenremodel #marblequartz
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My husband loves the modern look of large veining and I love the look of traditional marble.

Thankfully, we had so many designs to choose from.

We chose discount quartz countertops, called Statuario Roma, in Lakeside Surfaces’ budget marbles. This white quartz is absolutely beautiful and instantly became the showpiece in our new kitchen.

As we designed the kitchen, we followed my design process to set goals for the space and compromise between our styles. If you want to learn more about my haven making process, make sure to sign up for my free e-course on design!

Do you love the look of marble countertops? Consider quartz that looks like marble for a maintenance free and affordable marble alternative. #fromhousetohaven #quartzcountertops #kitchenremodel #marblequartz

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What is the Process?

We were so happy with how quickly the process went from start to finish with our new countertops. First, they came out to template our countertops to fit our kitchen layout and cabinet design.

Do you love the look of marble countertops? Consider quartz that looks like marble for a maintenance free and affordable marble alternative. #fromhousetohaven #quartzcountertops #kitchenremodel #marblequartz

Next, I was sent a layout to approve with all of the marbling and seam details. This ensured that I knew exactly how the final product would look in our space.

Two weeks after Lakeside Surfaces came to do the templating we had our new quartz installed! Make sure to get your free quote today for your own upcoming project here.

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How Do I Care For Quartz?

We’ve been living with this beautiful quartz for several years now and I already know two things specifically that I love about it!

  1. It doesn’t stain like granite and marble.
Do you love the look of marble countertops? Consider quartz that looks like marble for a maintenance free and affordable marble alternative. #fromhousetohaven #quartzcountertops #kitchenremodel #marblequartz

Our previous kitchen had granite and often it would show watermarks after a glass was sitting on it for two long. I know marble does the same! We also had issues with red sauces and acidic foods staining our previous granite stone countertops.

With this beautiful quartz, I don’t have to worry about yearly sealing to prevent staining.

To care for quartz, all you need to do is wipe it down.

I love using these cleaning cloths for my quartz because they are gentle, chemical free and non toxic. For daily care, they are the perfect cleaning cloth!

For more extensive details, as well as how to tackle issues, check out this post on how to care for quartz safely.

2. It is timeless.

Do you love the look of marble countertops? Consider quartz that looks like marble for a maintenance free and affordable marble alternative. #fromhousetohaven #quartzcountertops #kitchenremodel #marblequartz

When I planned my kitchen design (you can see all the design plans here) I wanted to ensure that my kitchen wasn’t trendy. I wanted the design to be timeless.

That is exactly what I accomplished with my quartz that looks like marble.

You can find out all of the details for the hardware, sink and faucet that I chose in this post.

15 Quartz Countertops that Look Like Marble

If you are planning to update your kitchen countertops with quartz, there are many many options for you to choose from!

In the end, I chose Statuario Roma because it combined dramatic veining with a solid white base. It felt like the best of both worlds with Aaron’s desire for large veins and my desire for subtlety.

15 Affordable Quartz Countertops that Look Like Marble

However, if you’ve ever looked at real marble, then you know that there is no one-size-fits-all marble look! Some marble is full of variation and color. Other marbles have subtle specs and small veining.

On the other end of the spectrum, you can also find natural marbles that are not white! So often we think of marble in the white and grey categories, but marble comes in a variety of colors.

How to Choose Quartz That’s Right For You

So, how do you choose? Below I am rounding up 15 quartz countertops that look like marble, which can all be found on the Lakeside Surfaces website in more detail.

There are a few areas to consider as you select the quartz that is right for you.

  • Color
  • Pattern
  • Veining and movement
  • Finish
  • Price
  • Surrounding elements

First, let’s start with the obvious. You want to pay attention to the surrounding elements of your home where your quartz countertops will be used. If you are installing them in a kitchen, then choose a color and design style that complements your kitchen backsplash and cabinetry.

Overall, your quartz countertops that look like marble should fit into the design aesthetic that you wish to have in your house.

Quartz is an investment, so rather than choosing quartz that fits with what you have now, I recommend choosing quartz that fits with what you want long term.

What do I mean by that? I’m speaking mostly to those who want to make big changes in their home.

Perhaps you bought a fixer upper, or you simply are ready for a change. If you want to change the style of your home, then either wait to add new countertops until those updates have been made {or} choose countertops in anticipation of what is to come!

An unfortunate decision would be to purchase new quartz countertops in a style that fits your home now, but you do not love. If that happens, you will most likely regret your decision in the long run and desire to replace your countertops sooner than you should need to.

Always consider future planning and forward thinking when choosing investment pieces and long term design elements in your home!

Polished Quartz vs. Honed Quartz

Equally important is choosing the finish for the space they will be used.

Honed quartz and polished quartz are the two main finishes to choose from. Polished quartz has a higher gloss finish and beautiful shine. Honed quartz is more matte in appearance and less reflective.

Polished quartz hides finger prints and smudges best, while honed quartz shows fingerprints and imperfections like chips and cracks more visibly.

Honed quartz, on the other hand, feels more modern and up-to-date.

The sheen you choose is a preference, but also something that you should take into consideration for the traffic levels of the space.

Higher traffic areas, like a kitchen or bathroom, might do better with polished quartz to mask the remnants of daily living. Lower traffic areas, like laundry rooms, could better accommodate a honed finish.

Quartz Color

The next element to consider is the color of your quartz. Natural marbles come in many colors, but the most frequently produced quartz colors are white, cream, grey, brown, and black.

White and cream quartz colors are classic and timeless, and will offer the most flexibility when it comes to complementing elements in a room. White goes with everything!

White Quartz

Top 20 Pros and Cons of White Quartz

If you are leaning towards white quartz, make sure to read this article on all the pros and cons!

If you want to warm up a space more, the consider doing a grey or brown quartz. Grey is also a classic choice as many natural marbles have a grey undertone.

If you like more high contrast, then consider doing a black quartz. Similarly, white quartz with very dramatic black veining offers a really fun design element that stands out!

Pattern, Veining and Movement of Quartz

Just as important as color is the movement within your quartz design.

Many quartz countertops offer subtle patterns and “speckles” of movement.

In addition, you can often find completely solid quartz options with little to-no pattern at all. On the other side of the spectrum, you can find very bold veining and dramatic patterns.

This is all a personal preference. The smaller patterns with little movement tend to feel more timeless and classic while larger and bolder patterns feel more modern.

You will want to take this into consideration when looking at your space as a whole.

Do you have a country-style or traditional home? It might work best to install a more subtle pattern quartz.

Is your home more modern and contemporary? Then a bolder option might be best.

If you have a keen eye for design, you can also mix and match the styles so that your home feels eclectic!

Quartz Pricing | How Expensive Are Quartz Countertops

Now for the first thing that most people consider: how expensive are quartz countertops? The simple answer is: there is no simple answer.

You need to take many elements into consideration when determining quartz prices.

  • Style of quartz
  • Manufacturer
  • Brand name
  • Availability
  • Geographic Location
  • Installation services
  • Square footage needed

Each quartz manufacturer and brand will cost a different amount.

Just like any product, you can find budget quartz and high-end quartz and everything in between. Your geographic location also impacts pricing as some areas of the country simply cost more than others.

However, the two largest components of quartz pricing are installation fees and the amount of square footage you need. A 100 square foot kitchen will obviously cost less to install quartz countertops, for both the installation and the materials, than a 500 square foot kitchen.

Your safest bet to get reliable cost estimates is to work with a local quartz company to get a quote for your space. If you are in the West Michigan area, I’ve loved working with Lakeside Surfaces!

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Do you love the look of marble countertops? Consider quartz that looks like marble for a maintenance free and affordable marble alternative. #fromhousetohaven #quartzcountertops #kitchenremodel #marblequartz


  1. Hi Sarah, went to the warehouse today and still havent been able to pick a color. I seen your color on the full slab and its so pretty. My home is more traditional so im undecided if Albatros would be a better choice. I like the look of the veining though on the other. There was another color that was called Venatina Armada which maybe an option also. Im looking for a timeless look also. I just love the look of eveything you put together.

  2. Hi Sarah, we are currently looking for a quartz counter. my cabinets are painted the same color as yours. Ive looked at so much quartz that it has become over whelming no w. im over thinkng it all. Some whites i look at make my cabinet look yellow or dingy. Is your color quartz from the envi line? ive seen cara fina but that maybe to suttle. I also seen albatros but it didnt seem to have much veining. My kitchen is small., no island. Actually will only need 1 slab and only using half of it. Your input would be much appreciated. Let me know if the white makes them look yellow. Thanks so much.

    1. Hi Linda! In certain lighting, our cabinets do look creamy against the white. That is not something that bothers me as I like the contrast. If you are looking for a perfect match, it will be hard to find a more creamy quartz to match White Dove cabinets without the entire kitchen then looking yellow/creamy. You might instead want to repaint your cabinets to a purer white if you’re looking for a bright white!

  3. Your kitchen is beautiful. We are in the kitchen remodel process. Where did you find the large hanging cutting board and your rug runner? Stunning!

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